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We are CDing our newborn.  We got our stuff from Nicki's diapers.  We originally got 2 dozen of the infant size prefolds (green stitching, 4-8-4, good for 7-15lbs) and 2 dozen regular size prefolds (white stitching, 4-6-4, good for 15-30 lbs), two Thirsties Duo size one, and a couple of newborn bummis and a couple of small bummies... hoping this would take us through the first year.  It's going really well.  We use a snappie with an angel fold, and haven't had any leaks despite a heavy wetter.  In fact, we had some disposables for emergencies and use when out of the house, and we've found they leak more than our cloth diapers (or maybe neither I nor DH can figure out how to disposable diaper right?).  We wind up doing laundry every 2-3 days, but sometimes have to use our regular size prefolds... which actually work surprisingly well, although it's a little bulky.


In retrospect, had we wanted to save money on all this, I think we could have just gone with the Thirsties Duos (w/snaps), which I love because there's no velcro to scratch me when BFing like with the Bummies, and are cheaper because there are fewer sizes (only two).  I got the bummis because I was worried the Thirsties would be 'one size fits noone'.  I think 4 pairs would have been more than enough.  And we probably could have skipped the infant size prefolds and just gone to the regular size (and dealt with the bulkiness, which isn't all that extreme to be honest, even on our 6 1/2 lb baby).  I like the snappie because it brings everything together and I feel more secure about leaks, but figure once he gets a bit bigger we'll just fold in thirds.  Also, if you don't want to be doing laundry every other day, get an extra dozen... it's worth it over time.


Best of luck!