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How to deal with 'pro' vax ex

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So I have not vaxed my son but my dd had vax until she was a year and a half old. She was on antibiotics and had a bad allergic reaction. So since abx are in vax I thought 'gee maybe i shouldn't put this in her if she could be allergic to it'.

Anyways, due to the media reports on the 'measles epidemic' he flipping out because I neglect them by not vaxing and how I'll go to jail when my kids die of measles. He also says the VAERS reports are not reliable and are made up according to wikipedia?!?

So how can I talk some sense into him that a. vaccines aren't necessary and b. measles doesn't kill. He just doesn't seem to get that since she had the MMR vax (which I now regret) she doesn't need another one each time the news says there is an 'epidemic' and also I don't think the baby is even old enough Okay, this is mostly a vent but thanks for any advice!


ETA: it was really late when I originally wrote this:P

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I think that you could gently remind him that she's had the mmr vaccination.  It sounds like you know that you don't want to vaccinate, but you haven't done much research on this position.  You may need to search for more sound reasoning than the antibiotics one because I'm thinking that it's not true (someone else may know more about that.)


There's a youtube video from Gary Null speaking before a committee that is great.  Looking into pharma/gov't/medical school conflicts of interest may help (that's one of my main reasons for not vaccinating).  Did you know that even Harvard medical school allows professors to get money from pharmaceutical companies?  Pharma companies also help write textbooks for med schools.  They contribute heavily to gov't agencies such as the CDC and medical associations.  There's a lot of conflicts of interest that you can find by just searching for them. 


If he insists, you may have to compromise with him, so get some information, but don't go overboard trying to convince him of anything.  Avoid the subject as much as possible.  Find out what rights you have and get yourself a good natural-minded doctor (maybe a naturapath) who will help you should it come down to having to vaccinate. 


If he knows that this is a sticking point with you, he may cling to that power.  Having a "well, her doctor said" would really be helpful, so find a doctor that you can really talk with about these issues.



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If she's already had the MMR, then she should be fine until ages 4-6 when they do the booster shot. If she's already had the booster, then I'm not sure why he's freaking out. The first dose of MMR is usually given at 12 months, although it's not uncommon to wait until 18 months or even 2 for that. If your baby is less than a year old, then gently remind him that it's not given at her age.


I've definitely avoid talking about it if you can because if it becomes an issue he wants to force in court, chances are pretty good a court will rule in favor of the standard vaccine schedule, barring any kind of medical exemption. If you do have medical concerns about your children receiving the vaccine, I'd bring it up with their pediatrician. I'd also look into your state's vaccine exemptions and whether they qualify for a medical exemption.

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