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No, we haven't been away (*I* haven't been apart) from our 8month DS (we do travel without my husband sometimes).  We still nurse and cosleep.  But once he's night weaned (whenever that will be!), I would love LOVE at least an over night with just my husband.  


I'm super lucky that my inlaws live within walking distance and they have a super excellent rapport with DS.  I'm beyond comfortable with the idea of leaving our sweet boy with them, and I know they look forward to overnights.  (But in practice I'll probably think of DS the whole time!)  eyesroll.gif

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I would like to have a weekend or even just one full day alone with my DP before our fourth child arrives in Dec/January.  DD #3 is 2 years old and we've never been separated overnight, so I will have to find a special caregiver. .  .

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Yep! DD is 18 months now and just weaned (herself) in the past couple of weeks, but she's been night weaned since she turned 1 in Dec. In Feb, we went overnight to a hotel downtown, in April we went to Vegas for a couple nights and this coming weekend we're going to Napa. Both of our sets of parents live in town and adore DD and she loves staying with her grammas and "pop pops."


It's not really about getting away from DD, it's more about being able to go to places that aren't particularly toddler friendly. We consider

ourselves very fortunate to have such loving, awesome families that we trust with our baby. :-)



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heck yah!! I really treasure our alone time when we get it. 


We have a 10 month old, so it hasn't happened in the last 10 months and I wouldn't until we nightweaned. But typically, I've left my kids around 2 yrs old with my parents. It's always gone off without a hitch, and the kids look forward to their slumber parties with my parents. My parents usually ask if they  can come over and then we work something around their asking. Usually we just stay home and enjoy the silence ;) But we've gone away a few times. When they were 3 and 6, we went to Hawaii for a week ( dh had a business trip there!) and I hafta say, it was one of the best weeks of my life. While dh was off working, I  slept in till 10 am every morning, ate breakfast ALONE with a book every morning, and sat by the pool or beach all day with a drink ALONE, and then went out to fabulous dinners with my dh at night. It was awesome!! I came home to my children refreshed. And they had a BLAST with my parents. They kept asking when they were going to spend another 8 days with my parents again!! And my 3 year old went right back to  nursing as she had before I had left.


And while I'm in no hurry to leave my youngest right now. I know it will be wonderful and restful to leave her once she is ready. I highly recommend it :) 

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nope. but our dd is only 16 months, so i'm not desperate yet!


we don't have any family close, they are all 6 hours away. when we go to visit, someone usually offers to watch her in the evening or for a couple hours in the afternoon so we can get out. usually we are tired from travelling or busy with various family stuff when we go, so the "dates" are like an hour at the coffee shop or something. my dd's separation anxiety is getting much better, so i am forseeing a longer evening where someone else can actually feed, bath and put her to bed. 


i would love to go away on a vacation by ourselves, though not for a good long while, as while our families are responsible and loving, i don't quite trust them to follow through with our wishes... i have caught my mom trying to feed her stuff i don't want her to have, and they are definitely in the more traditional, strict parenting style. when she's a bit older and she can verbalize a bit better (and things like wanting to let her CIO at night aren't really an issue) i will feel more comfortable letting them stay longer with her. 

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ds is only almost 17 months- and lately I feel like I barely even see my dh- when he gets home from work I am so bleeping burnt out on the baby at that point that I am like- you take him! right now they are out. It is hard! we are hopiong to have a date night this weekend but those never seem to manifest somehow- ds is not easy with other caretakers- only with my parents who live many hours away. We are trying to get him comfy wth dh's fmaily who are close but no luck yet- he won't stay happily with anyone yet. On days like today where I am so bunrt out and exhausted I feel that I really need to get someone other than dh to watch ds once in a while. But I don't know who I would feel good about etcetera

and for the whole weekend? maybe when ds is older!!

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Going away for the first time since DS was born over 4 years ago TOMORROW!! We're staying two nights in a hotel and my folks are watching the kids (ages 4 yrs and DD is 19 months). Glad we're doing it now n/c I'm 20 weeks with #3.

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My husband and I went to Puerto Rico for a few days for our 5 year anniversary when my boys were 3 and 6. It was fabulous and I can't wait to do it again! We have an (almost) 1 year old now and will probably do a weekend away when she's 18 mos. or so. We're hoping to do an overnight within the next 2-3 months, but nightweaning and STTN has been temporarily derailed by teething. 

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We are going to do a weekend away in late October, just as Im finishing up weaning DD. It's to allow us a little time to ourselves before we have the new baby. We've done 6 overnights, and its gone really well, so I feel pretty confident about going away for the weekend. I'd do it sooner, but we dont have any spare time until then.
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While dh was off working, I  slept in till 10 am every morning, ate breakfast ALONE with a book every morning, and sat by the pool or beach all day with a drink ALONE, and then went out to fabulous dinners with my dh at night. It was awesome!! 

I got a kick out of reading this.  lol.gif  While I've been away from DH, I've yet to really be away from DS (for more than an afternoon).  Before I had him, I treasured, treeeeaaaaasssssuuured my alone time.  I treasure DS (of course!), but do look forward to one of these amazing weekends (I can't get ahead of myself and think *week*) with time ALONE.  :)


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No, not yet, and probably not for years. I've left her with DH, my mom, and a close friend while I ran a couple errands or went to see a movie; but I cannot fathom leaving her overnight not one, but two nights! DD is 8.5mo. 

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no not in long time. we got to go away last labor day weekend. kids were 1 3 and 5. and my mom watched the kids. but that was a miracle. so not recently and that was first time ever. so we dont think it will happen again till they r teens.

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Hubby surprised me with an overnight getaway last Friday night...it was super relaxing and 9mo ds did awesome! He drank breastmilk from a bottle, ate meals with our friends who were watching him, danced and bounced to the guitar, and listened to books read. They took videos and pics while we were gone and it looks like he had a blast :)

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