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Having a tough time making/eating protein. Anyone else?

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Although my nausea has passed for the most part (12 weeks tomorrow!) I still feel super picky about what I can eat and not eat. I am having a tough time getting enough protein. I can't imagine cooking most meat and even beans seems unappealing. Yogurt and cheese are okay. Any suggestions and I am the only who is dealing with this? I know it's super important when pregnant and I worry I am not getting enough.

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I'm the same way, and for a few weeks I was getting hardly any because I was so sick. I eat ice cream (: and if I remember I'll mix protein powder in my cereal or mix it with milk..or pasta! Pasta has a good amount of protein in it and should be easy on your stomach and won't smell when you're cooking it. 

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I can usually manage chicken, eggs are good one day ( i crave them) and then im repulsed by them the next day. I like the idea of protein powder. Sorry, probably not much help...

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I hear you.  I normally eat beans as a lot of my protein, and the sight of anything other than black beans (which are still a little iffy) makes me turn and flee right now.


When I was pregnant with my son, I couldn't handle more or less any food up until about 20 weeks, and between that and being a vegan, I had to get pretty serious about sneaking protein to myself.  I had a lot of fruit smoothies with brown rice protein powder (very easy to digest-- gentler on the stomach than soy), oatmeal with protein powder (saw this on a weight lifting forum, of all places), handfuls of nuts for snacks, glasses of unsweetened almond milk as snacks, lots of quinoa when I could stomach any grains at all... stuff like that.

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i do protein shakes like vega meal replacement a couple times per week, takes good with fruit and stuff (vanilla chai is the best flavour), nut butter, my m/w told me witth dd1's pregnancy when I was veggie and having the same issue that avacados have ok protein, baked potatoes with their skins on, 2 tbsp peanut butter, hummus...i find I couldn't eat that last time can this time. Esp the elss strong roasted red pepper hummus. Tahini and honey on toast. Quinoa is actually great for protein, easy to make into a simple warm or cold salad....try not to get too hung up on hunks of protein until you're further along and able to eat more of it...baby is so little still they are going to be ok, just try to diversify with things like the examples i gave. cheese and yogurt are fine too.

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If you're okay with soy, the kashi go lean cereals have a ton of protein in them, especially when eaten with milk.


I actually made hamburgers last night and ate one for breakfast this morning.  Cottage cheese has a ton of protein- so does keifer.

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I'm right there with you. All I want is fruit, which I guess could be worse except that the baby needs more than just fruit to grow. I'm having a really hard time getting protein too.  I've found that nut butters on toast are working okay, and red meat is sitting okay.  Fish, chicken, tofu, beans, pork etc all set off my gag reflex though, even just thinking about it.

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mozzerella cheese sticks saved me during my first pregnancy.  my midwife said Almonds are supposed to help with nausea.  i like Justin's chocolate almond butter on a nice whole grain toast too.

funny someone said all they can eat is fruit, I don't want any fruit, so I've been seriously lacking in the fresh foods dept!

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Oh my gosh yes I have had this problem! Last week the smell/sight of meat would set off the nausea big time.  I've been eating cottage cheese (big time protein, like almost as much as meat and super yummy with fruit!), almond butter, some beans... Protein powder sounds like a great idea.  If your pregnancy is going like mine, than in a few days you will be ravaged for meat and disgusted by something new. :-)


Edit to add: I almost forgot to mention: have you tried perhaps some hard boiled eggs, maybe add some to salad?

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Beansproutmama, I've been living on fruit smoothies, but I hide yogurt in them to get a protein kick. I'm usually able to get some protein down by the evening meal, but it is tough. I've also found that Annie's Soy Cheese and Macaroni goes down pretty well. It is bland and has a fair dose of protein.

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I strongly recommend protein shakes.  I've been trying one a day (coconut milk, pineapple, banana, a little spinach, protein powder, and greek yogurt and flax seed oil is my favorite), I also eat a lot of  hard-boiled eggs, cheese sticks, baked or fried tofu...  avocado has 4-5 g per fruit, quinoa has 8g per cup plus it is a good source of iron. Luckily I am tolerating meat fine but I do get sick of it pretty fast.

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 Thanks so much for all the awesome replies. I am going to get some protein powder and a few other things mentioned. I hope it goes away soon. It doesn't help that my sweetie is 9,000 miles away and he can't help me at all with groceries or cooking right now.

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