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I was harassed in my Doctors office

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I live in Oklahoma and was nursing uncovered in my doctors office.  My doctor, his nurse practitioner, and his office manager advised me that it was making everybody uncomfortable including the doctor and that he was concerned about sexual harassment.  I was then told it would be best if I found a new doctor.


I have filed complaints with the state medical licensing board as well as the department of health.  Is there anything else I can do?  I'm LIVID about this.  I very seldom see women nurse here uncovered and I've talked to a ton of women who stop nursing before six months because they are made to feel uncomfortable in this state.  

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It's upsetting to know that a DOCTOR was discouraging you! That's horrible! I'm glad you've filed complaints, and I would spread the word to anyone that would listen to stay far away from that doctor, whether they are nursing parents or not. I would want to drive away as many of his patients as possible. If it had been me, I would have refused to leave until I was finished nursing. I would have told them I absolutely would be finding a new doctor, but I would NOT be forced to leave before I was ready.  I would also call your local legal aid to see what type of case you have. There are laws in OK that protect you:


Okla. Stat. tit. 63, § 1-234 (2004) allow a mother to breastfeed her child in any location that she is authorized to be and exempts her from the crimes and punishments listed in the penal code of the state of Oklahoma. (HB 2102) 


Here's the link to the site I found that info: http://www.ncsl.org/default.aspx?tabid=14389



Also check out this site: http://www.ok.gov/health/Child_and_Family_Health/Breastfeeding/Oklahoma_Breastfeeding_Laws/index.html

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You can contact COBA. Coalition fo Breastfeeding Advocates for Oklahoma:




Also here is the Oklahoma goverment breastfeeding page and you can contact them about the harrassment:




(Oops- Flynns Mommy already posted this page)


Since this occurred within a medical establishment maybe even try this site since they've worked with COBA and the state of OK:


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I guess the other thing would be the media, if you want that and if you can get someone that will give you some fair coverage.

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That's awful--good for you for reporting them! Care to share the name of the doc/practice? I'm in OK, too.
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You may also want to write a letter of complaint to your insurance company. When I had my first miscarriage, there was a really rude nurse. I complained to my insurance company and got a letter of apology from the office.
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WOW how incredibly horrible...
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Kudos for filing complaints. if you have an account on yealp.com, I would post an honest review there as well. I agree with the poster above, right to your insurance company. What about a nurse in with your LLL group?

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I am so sorry to hear this. How terrible. I'm in OK also. I've yet to have problems NIP, but I know many other moms here who haven't been so lucky. File every complaint you can and contact LLL for a nurse-in. What area are you in? I'm in Tulsa and I know many women who would love to help. PM me if you'd like.  This kind of thing should not happening without serious consequences. Please let me know if I can help.



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That is absolutely crazy.  I'm sorry that happened and I'm glad you are doing something about it.

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I saw an article today about a woman raising funds for a truck with a big breast on top of it that will drive to establishments and setup a place for a mom to feed their babies and protest against the injustice.  That's the first thing that comes to my mind as a way of bringing light to the discrimination you encountered (because yes I believe this was discrimination).


If you are feeling bold, how about organizing a nurse-in on the public sidewalk in front of the office?  While that may not be for everyone to do and I'm not familiar yet with all the logistics involved, it would certainly make a point and embarrass this doctor in the way he treated you.  It may even garner media attention in your area.  


Also, I don't know if you will or not but I'd certainly do what he said and get a new doctor.  My opinion is any doctor who's not supportive of breastfeeding can't take very good care of you and your children as they obviously are not helping with what I believe to be the foundation of good health: nutrition.

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Omg, what an outrage!  Were you able to get any local media coverage/apology(ies)?  So sorry this happened...that Dr. and his office should be hanging their heads in shame, not to mention ignorance....

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I'd search the doctors name online and write reviews wherever you can. I actually search doctors names off my insurance's list when we need a new doctor for something, and those with reviews seemed to match their reviews so far.

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Absolutely baffling that this would happen at your doctor's office! WTH????

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That is Horrid!  Totally unbelievable that was a Doc office.   I would organize a nurse in in his office, or outside of his office!


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