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lightheaded/ dizzy/ fatigued

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ok, i know that all these things can be common during pg anyway, but for me (this is my third pg) they seem sort of extreme. granted, everything has been extreme with this pg so far. i'm super nauseated and sick. i turned 8 weeks yesterday. anyway, the dizzy feeling and fatigue was so bad at one point yesterday i had to brace myself against the washing machine because i thought i was going to pass out. i haven't had that at all with either of my other two pgs. i thought maybe i was dehydrated so i've been drinking a lot of water, but that doesn't seem to be doing anything either. i'm on my feet a LOT, teaching a class of 11 2 year olds, and i can't tell if it's just too much for me or what. any idea what it could be? i am so ready for the 2nd tri. i don't know how much longer i can handle being sick :( . i don't need to be dizzy and stuff on top of it. blah.

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i think its pretty normal with my first pregnancy i didnt feel sick at all barley ever even felt pregnant i was full of energy and ready to go with this one i feel exactly how you described  i cant wait for it to go away either try lemon drops the real ones they seem to help me with the nausau

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Dizziness is one of the strongest symptoms I've had so far... I don't have much advice, other than to stand up slowly, stay hydrated, eat every two hours, don't get winded... the usual stuff.  I guess it's true that every pregnancy is different. ;)


As a former pre-school teacher, I can't IMAGINE having to work with rugrats during the first trimester.  Kudos to you...

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Hang in there!


I've been very lightheaded (and exhausted) too. . .not to the point of dizzy, but anytime I get up from sitting or squatting (which you do a lot with a toddler) I have to stop for a minute and let the head rush pass. And I have so little energy. . .ugh. I hope that I get the second tri burst of energy soon, b/c this is killer.

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I got dizzy frequently, to the point of bracing myself, with my last pregnancy.  I was extremely fatigued then, too.  This time I'm nauseated and lightheaded.  Luckily my symptoms have been spread out, but the nausea alone has me yearning for the second trimester this time.  Hang in there! 



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This is my 4th and I tend to get very light-headed as well.  This pregnancy, I have fainted 3 times.  It sucks.  The nausea is worse after fainting and once I found myself on the bathroom floor after throwing up and passing out in it.  I am 13 weeks now (late Dec/early Jan due date) and the dizziness has mostly passed.  


No advice, just lots of empathy.  Water and salty foods seemed to help a bit.  But mostly, I just stayed flat in bed during the worst of it.  

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I feel this way in the mornings. Like when I'm standing in the kitchen making breakfast, I will just all of a sudden feel like all of my energy has been drained all at once, and get dizzy and lightheaded and I have to go lay down because I feel like I might pass out. I talked to a midwife about it yesterday and she thinks it's a protein issue. Told me to eat a high protein snack before bed and immediately when I wake up in the morning, before I worry about the kids. She had some good ideas like keeping hard boiled eggs in the fridge, or cheese sliced into sticks so I won't have to spend any time preparing it in the morning. She also thinks I need to eat a lot more calories in general, including lots of protein throughout the day, since my toddler still nurses a ton. And of course keep up on water intake.


It hasn't made a difference today but I assume it will take a little time for things to balance out if I have deficiencies going on.

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I feel like that when I get overtired....you know, when you ignored signs of needing a nap and try to make it through the rest of the day. Well, every time I do that, I get really lightheaded and dizzy like that....also nauseous. 

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I am dealing with this as well. The other day I actually passed out when walking from one room to another. I am trying to stay hydrated and eating often. Changing positions quickly gets me into trouble, so I try to just stand for a moment before walking. It is not a great feeling and the waking up on my diningroom floor is something I don't want to repeat anytime real soon.

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so sorry to hear a lot of you are feeling the same way! glad to hear it's probably normal, though. i haven't passed out yet, but i almost did while trying to get some laundry in the dryer. lol. i feel like i remember hearing protein could help last time i was pg, so i'll try that out. most of it doesn't sound good right now though, blegh. come on 2nd tri! lol.

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It could be several things such as hypoglycemia, dehydration, inner ear issues, changes in blood pressure, anemia, etc. Once everything else is ruled out, it is most likely normal. I have experienced it with all of my pregnancies with #2 and this one being the worst. Ugh.

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Hugs to you! I can't imagine tending to all those babes right now! I am all of the things you mentioned. To help with the dizziness I just have to move slow ie going from laying down, to sit (pause), to stand (pause) to walk.  Take care of yourself!

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I have been told (in my case) that it is very normal.  With the increase in blood volume and the natural drop in blood pressure that happens mid pregnancy, light-headedness is expected.  My blood pressure tends to be very low normally and then drops really low when I am pregnant.  And low pressure means more woozy feelings.  

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I get lightheaded during pregnancy too, because my blood pressure gets so low (my normal BP is about 110/70, during my pregnancies it's often closer to 80/50!) I find that drinking plenty of water helps, and eating every few hours so low blood sugar doesn't make it worse.  I also find that changing positions slowly is helpful, although it does make me feel about 80 years old to do that.

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DDCC (I'm a Dec due date).  I get this too but have a history of actually fainting so had to see a cardiologist, etc.  For me, it is low blood pressure.  I totally crave salt and he said to eat as much as I want.  It definitely helps when I am getting dizzy and it is actually dangerous for me to limit my salt in any way.  I have a friend with the same thing.  If you find out your blood pressure is low, or even if not, I'd try eating more salty foods and see if you feel any better. 

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