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Leaky nipples!

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Anyone else getting wet nipples? 


Anyone else excited about it?


My nipples have been leaking slightly for at least a month now, generally just little beads of clear liquid once in a while.  It's not enough to go through my bra or shirt, and I like that I'm getting ready to breastfeed a baby.  I hope this means I'll be a good producer!  

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I am a little bit too. Nothing's leaking through yet either. I'm so excited to breastfeed babies again! I miss that part the most. I have 10+ years of BFing experience with my kids smile.gif .
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from anecdotes w. various friends, it did seem like the leakers didn't have trouble nursing. its annoying but I'd so rather deal with that than supply problems! No contest. With both my past preg I needed to wear pads by the end.

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To answer your question, I am breastfeeding so it would be impossible to tell if I was leaking milk related to pregnancy or breastfeeding.


Actually, no matter how early or late you leak as no bearing on how much breastmilk your body will produce. Breast milk is made on a supply/demand basis generally, meaning the more you nurse your baby the more your body should make. Of course there are issues that may crop up that cause women to struggle with inadequate supply but generally that's how it's "suppose" to work.


If you're at all concerned with supply the best information I can offer is to put baby to breast. Don't offer supplments (bottles, pacitifers, formula, etc) and don't watch the clock. Let your baby nurse whenever they want to nurse. Also, contrary to what some women think, pumping later in pregnancy won't make your milk come in any faster. The placenta detaching is what actually signals the breasts to begin to make milk. Like I said above, there are certain things that can impact how long it takes milk to come in (certain medications used during labor and delivery for instances) but generally your milk should come in a couple to a few days after birth regardless of whether you pump or not.

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I haven't leaked yet.. I'm excited to nurse again too. I miss it.

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Originally Posted by nicolian View Post

I haven't leaked yet.. I'm excited to nurse again too. I miss it.

Big fat ditto! I nursed for 5.5 years straight before my youngest self-weaned, and I miss it sooo much. It would break my heart if I were unable to nurse this little fellow. I am anxiously awaiting leakage, I'm sure it would put my mind at ease a bit. 

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Nice to hear everyone's stories.  KABB, thanks for all the info. I guess I know better than to assume it means I won't have any troublebreastfeeding, but I do get a nice feeling that so far the machinery is working.


I wonder if I'll need pads by the end.

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It may be a good idea to invest in some pads. It was hard for me to find a reusable pad that could handle my flow after birth. I came across Willow Pad's hemp nursing pads and fell in love. I would like to stock up on those but will probably have disposables on hand too. I think I really liked the Lanisnoh disposables pads the best. 

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Just some reassurance for the non-leakers: I am not leaking at all, but am still occasionally nursing DS, and there is still milk there. I never leaked in my pregnancy with him, either, though I did get a few flakes of dried colostrum toward the end, and while I never had a crazy abundant supply (none of that shooting milk across the room thing for me, and I never needed pads) I definitely had enough.

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I haven't started really leaking yet, but I've noticed little colostrum beads most days, especially after a hot shower. As for reusable breast pads, I've just been making my own...it's super easy (pattern/instructions here) and really cheap because I've just been cutting up old cotton t-shirts and flannels (I'm also making some with a layer of wool just in case I turn out to be a super-leaker). They're really soft and comfy and will be so easy to just throw in the wash...I'm all about convenience!

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