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breast pain

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My dd just turned 10 at the end of May.  She started breast development at age 9 1/2.  she just had breast buds and they're tender when she puts pressure on them.  but tonight she said the left one had hurt consistently during the day and still does - even when not touched.  Any thoughts about this?  is this normal in your experience?





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It seems pretty normal. DD14 *still* has that happen to her even though she started developing at 9 (I don't think they're done growing, poor girl's probably gonna be a DD cup as an adult). DD11 is an AAA, from buds to actual "booblets" as I like to call them and hers are tender most of the time, some more than others. I still get random pangs here and there. My DP had one of her breasts hurting her the other day, long enough that she was concerned but then it stopped. I asked her if she thought it was hormonal and she figured she was probably ovulating so it might have been. I have always have pain when I ovulate, which is supposedly caused by the hormonal shift, so maybe her pain was also hormonal?

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