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Juicer recommendations?

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I am looking to purchase a juicer (esp. for juicing greens) and never having one before, I am not sure what I should be looking at and am looking for recommendations. 


Thanks so much!

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I've been researching this for ages! I'm going with this one:




the guy who runs this site has made tons of youtube videos comparing all the various models and what they are best for. That is what finally helped me decide...extremely helpful! Maybe watching a few would help you narrow things down a bit.


good luck!

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Thanks for posting that website!  I'm thinking about purchasing a juicer for juicing greens also, and I just have no idea where to start.  Might I ask what you learned when you were researching this subject?  I really am clueless about it.



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I guess the main thing I learned is that all the various juicers have their strengths and weaknesses depending on what one plans to use them for. The one I linked to above is apparently great for greens...easy to clean, squeezes all the juice out, low oxidation, etc...but it would be a very slow juicer to use if one planned on doing mainly carrots and apples, for example, as the feed chute (?) is on the smaller side and all the big chunks would have to be cut smaller before juicing. A cheaper juicer would work fine for someone who only juices on weekends or once in a while...but if you plan to juice daily then it wouldn't likely make sense as cheaper machines are often less efficient at getting juice out, which requires using more produce...not to mention cheap machines are often louder and harder to clean, etc. It all depends on what one wants to do with it! smile.gif


I like the model above, because I am a daily green juicer, I want a quieter machine that is easy to clean, I want one that makes "ice cream/sorbet" out of frozen fruit, and one that can handle wheat grass. I do believe it also does well making almond and coconut milk, so that is also a plus. thumb.gif


I hope this is helpful. Definitely spend some time with the videos...it can get a bit addictive if you like gadgets. lol

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Thanks!  I looked briefly at that link, long enough to realize that it's going to take me some time to evaluate the different juicers, lol.  In your research, did you find a chart that compares juicers?




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I believe there is a chart on that site! You can google "juicer comparison chart".

Good luck!
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