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Military BAH question

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Dh just got orders to move overseas unaccompanied. They were originally accompanied but EFMP had them changed because our oldest son has autism and they decided there aren't appropriate services over there for him. We own our home in SoCal but we live about 45 minutes from the base so dh commutes. My question is what happens with our BAH. If when he PCS's we get bah based on our zip code instead of keeping the amount we're getting now we will lose about $350 a month. Things will be very, very tight for the kids and I. Is there some sort of a clause or something that protects our BAH or are we just screwed?

Thanks in advance.

ETA: I just checked the BAH and it actually looks like we will lose $450 a month.
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If he is going overseas, he should also be getting COLA as well right? Is there any chance that could offset the difference?

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The cola would offset the difference, but he's going to need that money rather than putting it in the household fund. And since the boys and I aren't going he will only be getting partial cola.
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Your BAH should stay the same. My hubby had a sailor who's mom lived in San Diego. She was considered his dependant and he recieved BAH for her. (loads more then we make up here!) Will you recieve seperation pay as well?

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Yes, we will get separation pay. The thing is we are currently getting San Diego BAH as that's where he's currently stationed but we live further north and he commutes. It works great right now but I'm concerned about the zip code issue when he leaves. I'm hoping it'll stay the same.
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It will really depend on the personnel who do his paperwork. Some will just put in San Diego since that's what the previous orders state.  But some will use your zip code. We have had it figured both ways over the past 18 years.  I would prepare for the drop though, just in case.  What exactly would he need there that wouldn't be provided by his command?  Some spending money?

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I am 99% sure that you will receive the BAH for the area in which you are living, as long as you have proof of residency there (which you do).  We were facing a similar situation about two years ago (stationed overseas, DH got IA orders and I needed to move back stateside) and I was told I could move anywhere and collect that area's BAH. 


To add to that, I know of a couple who is doing the unaccompanied overseas thing and the wife was collecting San Diego BAH and actually living in a small town in the midwest.  (So collecting the large BAH and pocketing most of it.)  PSD found out and now they owe a TON of money.


In short, I think you will be fine especially since your DH isn't stationed at San Diego anymore, his new duty station will be the overseas location.  If someone tells you no, be sure to get a second opinion.

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Thanks. I think is going to be one of those wait & see things. As for what he'll need, he will have to pay for Internet and that could be anywhere from $50-100 a month. Every base is different with that. And he'll have to have a cell phone for work. He also needs to keep his uniforms up (chevrons and such) and wash his clothes and buy the detergents and stuff for that. He has to have a haircut each week and that's usually about $10 a haircut, again, depends on the base, buy his personal hygiene things and such. Plus I'm pretty sure he doesn't want to spend an entire year sitting in the barracks and never seeing Japan. He's not going to spend a fortune I'm sure, but he will occasionally want to leave the base I would assume. So yeah, his meals and room will be covered but he will still have basic living expenses.

Separation pay will help fill the pay gap for us, but it really sucks that he's going away for a year (he hasn't even been home from deployment for 6 months!) and we have to worry about money on top of that. But that's military life I suppose. We can make our bills and such with the pay difference, but it'll be tight. So here's to hoping they let us have San Diego bah. Doubt it will happen, but here's to hoping!

Thanks for the advice ladies.
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The last couple of times dh has gone overseas there has been an internet cafe with free wifi on base.  As long as he had a laptop and could find a place to sit, he didn't pay for anything.  Hopefully something like that will be available for your dh too.

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Just asked DH, and he said that as long as you stay put where he is being deployed from it should stay the same. If you move to another location, say go home to the midwest or something then it would change. He should be able to talk to his S1 and find out for sure.

BTW we've just been back in the states about a year after being over there. There are a lot of great programs for "single" people over there to go and see a lot for pretty good prices.

I'm pretty sure I know where he is going and, yeah, there are not a lot of services.

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Thanks mrsteapot. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
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