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Bajingo Babies in Bloom - TTC #1 in our 30's Graduates - Summer 2011

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thumb.gif Welcome Bajingo Juice Club Graduates! thumb.gif


This thread is an extension of TTC #1 In Our 30's.

We are the ladies of the BJC who have gotten our BFPs.

All due dates are welcome.

Are you pregnant, in your 30's, and weren't involved in the BJC?  Welcome and please join us!


Let's keep in touch during our pregnancy journeys.

The more the merrier!



Due September 2011:


27 ~ ValH, 31, BFP after 13 cycles (second cycle on Clomid), expecting a boy!


Due October 2011:


30 ~ Hykue, BFP after 4 (spread out) months trying and one miscarriage

31 ~ tank, 29, BFP after 16 months, expecting a boy!


Due November 2011:


17 ~ cristinimartini, 30, BFP after 4 months of trying (2 of charting)

21 ~ birdie.lee, 31, BFP after 12 months, expecting a delivery surprise!


Due February 2012:


01 ~ Ramzubo, 29, BFP after 6 months of trying and 1 ectopic loss

26 ~ Hokievol, 33, BFP after 3 months of trying, 6 months of charting


Due April 2012:


02 ~ RosieL, 29, BFP after 8 months and low morphology numbers



Congratulations 2011 Mamas!

Blanca78, Elonwy, Meander, LivingSky, Tear78


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Thanks, Val! blowkiss.gif

ps - 1 1/2 more days with students....are we there yet? upsidedown.gif
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Woohoo - thanks ValH for the new thread!!

So, today, we did it. We requested a change of care to a different midwife. We sat down and had lunch with our previous midwife and explained our concerns to her and she was very understanding. I think in the end a big part of the problem was simple communication skills on her end. She is very knowledgeable and very cautious (maybe a bit over cautious) but she doesn't know how to communicate her concerns without making it seem like she doesn't have any confidence in the mother. I hope our conversation and situation will help her sort that out with future mothers in her care. As for us, we will hopefully meet our new midwife next week - if we haven't already met her. There are 4 midwives in the practice and we have met one other one and talked briefly with a 3rd. So one of them will take over our care from here on out. I guess he tough part now is establishing a relationship with someone new in just a few short weeks. Still, I'm feeling a lot better (DH is as well) so I know we made the right choice.

birdie: Watching the belly move all on it's own is both absolutely enthralling and just a bit creepy. It makes me think just a bit of the Alien movies, or Spaceballs. But I could literally just sit and stare at him moving for hours. I definitely notice movement most often when I'm sitting down. I didn't start feeling him move until around 20ish weeks, so I'm jealous you can feel it so much sooner!

Anyway - tomorrow is my last day at work! WOOOHOOOO!!!! joy.gifjoy.gif
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checking in with the new thread.


livingsky that sounds like an ideal way to switch providers so late I hope it works out well for you.  I am having a similar but different issue with my midwives roight now.  I love them and they have a great reputation.  There is 3 of them and the patients see each of them equally.  The one that is on call when you go into labor is the one who will be at the birth.  I think this is a great way of doing things.  But.. one of them I feel like I don't click with.  She is new to that place but had been a midwife for a long time.  I have confidence in her attending births and all that but I just don't feel like we click personally.  The other two I feel like I had an instant connection with and can talk with them at length without aqward silences and all that.  I don't know if I should give it time or talk to her or one of the other midwives about it.  I don't want to hurt her feelings esp since we might end up with her as our support during labor you know?  I don't want to go somewhere else at all because I love this place and I love everyone there.


I felt the wolverine (baby's nickname) move for the first times while I was sitting down right after I ate.  I thought it was just because he got really happy when I ate but then realized it was my position and the fact that I could pay more attention to things going on inside my body.  Now I feel him move all the time it's so cool.  I have felt him on the outside but dp still hasn't been able to feel him.  Probably any day now he will be able to.


I also bought some clothes yesterday for wolverine.  I didn't really mean to, I just was looking around babies r us and found the coolest hoodie on clearance and then I found a jumpsuit with drums on it.  I have been looking for one forever.  My dp is a drummer and we always see stuff with guitars on it but never drums!  I also had to get him some pirate pacifiers just because they were so cool too.  I am getting out of control.  I am glad there is only one store in town that I know of that has cloth diapers or I would go crazy buying those too everytime I went out.

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Tear - Yay for only 1 1/2 more days!!!! 


Birdie - I agree with LivingSky about the Alien thing with the belly moving... I had that exact thought earlier this week when my belly was dancing and jumping all over the place!


LivingSky - That's really cool that you were able to sit down with your MW and explain your concerns and why you were changing.  That was a good way to do things.  I hope the new MW will have better communication skills!  And that's awesome that you're going to be done with work!  Enjoy your time off.


Tank - I can't resist cute clothes for our little one, either... especially if they are on sale!  Good luck with your MW situation.  Hopefully everything will work out. 


Not much going on here... I guess this is the boring part of pregnancy?  Not that I'm complaining!  I have my next check-up on Friday, looking forward to hearing the heartbeat again.  Anyone else having issues picking out a name?  Everyone keeps asking us if we've gotten a name picked out, but we're not even close.  I guess we have until we leave the hospital, so no hurry.





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Thanks for the heads up, Ram!  (I missed the switch.  Dur.)

I got to eat my lunch today instead of a bagel and some crackers!  Yeah!!!!    eat.gif   Homemade ginger tea with a little molasses in it.  Tastes like a gingersnap, wards off the nausea.  Taking 1/2 my prenatals in the morning and 1/2 at lunch probably helped, too.  Regardless, that's the plan from here on out. 


Had an email from the first midwife I'm interviewing.  They're really responsive at the birth center, guess they kind of need to be.  Lol.  I hope we like her.  DH is going, hopefully we can hear/see the heartbeat that day.  joy.gif

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Hokie - Glad you're able to keep your nausea under control today!!  I've added you to the original post... anything you want me to add (i.e. how many cycles you tried, etc.)?





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Sure!  3 months of trying, 6 of charting.  Don't know what we're having yet of course, but will find out in September!  thumb.gif

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Yay Tear for 1 more day!


Birdie: I'm sure they are very pro-intervention at my practice and I'm desperately trying to get out! Its just a little stitch in my ribcage that hurts when you breathe deep but for less than a minute. I found loads of people online with the same thing and it's most likely a strain in the muscle near the ribs.


Livingsky: Yay for no more work! It is really cool that you could explain your issues with your midwife and move on. I'm trying to switch practices and just feel like I want to disappear without confronting anyone...I'm a wimp. Are you pretty much guaranteed the midwife you choose will be there for the delivery?


Tank: Oh how fun, shopping for your wolverine (which is a really cute nickname by the way)! My b-i-l is a drummer too but he's only had girl and for some strange reason they don't think girls are drummers. I think kiddy drums are some of the best toys, maybe a little annoying sometimes, but so much fun. Our closest baby store is at least 45 minutes away so I think that will keep my shopping in check.


Val: Thanks for adding me! Did you do the baby name genie for names? A friend sent me the link and we went through a ton of the generated names. A lot were pretty bad but we did get a couple that we hadn't really thought of.


So I mentioned on the other thread that the doc wanted me to see a cardiologist for no good reason. Well today they left me a message saying they set up an appointment with one for tomorrow! I called back to say I didn't really want to do that now and the nurse pretty much called me an idiot and implied that I was going to have a heart attack tonight! I've never had a heart problem, they hooked me up to a heart monitor and it was fine. Then she said well you don't understand things change when you're pregnant, no really that hadn't occurred to me. I just hate when they try to badger you into doing things you're not comfortable with. Tomorrow I'm going to a local family doc that sometimes does ob patients and will try to beg them to take me on.

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Hokie - Got your info updated on the original post!


Ram - I haven't tried the baby name genie... I'll google that later today and see if I can find it.  I asked DH about names again this morning, and we're still stuck.  As for your doctor issues, I vote for definitely switching if they are going to be so abrasive and intervention happy.  Good luck with everything!  Are you going to keep the appointment with the cardiologist? 


I swear the baby was trying to get out last night.  He was punching, kicking, and doing who knows what else.  He actually made me say "ouch" for the first time last night.  I love that he's getting stronger, though!

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Wow, Ram, that sounds awful.  I hope the GP is willing to take you on so you can enjoy your pregnancy instead of constantly being on the defensive.   angry.gif


Tank we have a few things for the baby already, and I'm not quite 5 weeks along yet.  Lol. 


I've decided that's a great thing about having your first at 34........all your friends are done and getting rid of their stuff!  We have the crib and changing table from my stepdaughter, my brother is giving me their glider rocker, a friend of mine is giving me her cloth diapers, car seat, baby gym, and assorted other goodies, another friend is giving me their bumbo, another gave me her breast pump, and my s-i-l is giving me their high chair.  Awesome!!!!!!  biggrinbounce.gif


I told my dad last night that I'm not going to a hospital to have the baby.  He's thankfully not flipping out..........I can tell he's pondering it and my sister-in-law is going to back me up, so that will help.  She wanted to use a midwife and have a natural birth, but my nephew was breech and wouldn't turn so she wasn't "allowed".  Ugh.  My brother and her doctor talked her out of a VBAC with their second.  She started out wanting to go natural, though, and is very supportive of me doing it my way, and I'm very happy to have her help with the fam.  thumb.gif


Oh, and my stepdaughter declared the baby to be a boy this morning.  She said she just has a feeling. 



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Birdie I use fresh ginger grated with a microplane, super easy, I just grate it straight into the mug.  I add a teaspoon of molasses and pour boiling water over it, let it steep for 5-10m and strain it.  Yummy yummy.  Settled my tummy right down this morning! 

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So here's a new thing I learned yesterday!  Sex, specifically an orgasm, hurts like hell when you're pregnant!  I had no idea.  Everything I read says sex is safe.....doesn't say you have to breathe through the pain as though you're in labor.  Is this a first trimester thing or just a me thing??    confused.gif

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hokievol: I think that is different for each woman. Orgasms for me in the first and second trimester were pretty mind blowing and didnt hurt at all. Come third trimester they've backed off a bit (unfortunately!). A good friend of mine told me that the change in orgasms was actually her first pregnancy sign in each of her pregnancies. As she got later in her pregnancy she said she would actually have orgasms in her sleep quite frequently. Too bad we aren't all so lucky!!

Sex in and of itself should not hurt while you're pregnant, unless maybe you were far enough along that baby was big enough to make certain positions uncomfortable (or impossible!). If that continues to be the case for you, I would be calling my health care provider ASAP. A little bit of cramping wouldn't be unusual, but I don't think it should be so severe that you have to breathe through it.
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Yeah, I'm going to lay off for a while and talk to my midwife just to be on the safe side.  I didn't have any bleeding, so that's good, but it just didn't seem normal to me. 

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Hokie - I would definitely check with your practitioner.  I haven't had any painful experiences related to sex - quite the opposite actually.  Good luck getting that worked out! 


Anyone have any suggestions for non-meat iron sources (or good recipes)?  Had a check up today, and I am indeed anemic, as suspected.  I've gotten a supplement, but would love to be able to get more iron from my diet and ditch the pills.

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ValH: Cook with a cast iron pan? That's probably the easiest way to increase your iron intake without having to change your eating habits at all. I took iron supplements for a while and did not like how I felt on them, so I completely understand not wanting to take them!
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