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The forum tends to eat my posts when I post pictures so I figured I would post them seperately smile.gif

A couple of new Kayden pictures! From August 6th.



He weighed in at 11 lbs 3 oz this morning! He can barely fit in any of his newborn or 0-3 month clothes already. A word of warning - you might want to keep your 0-3 month old stash of clothes to a minimum and stock up on 3-6 months instead.
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Too Cute! jumpers.gif Wow look at all that hair!


Thanks for the car seat warning we'll definitely be sure to check out the fit for the car.

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LS - I'm sure you get this all the time, but wow what a mop he has! Adorable. :) 

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Oh, another car seat thing - many covertible car seats are rated down to 5 lbs but the shouldr straps ARE NOT low enough to safely strap in a newborn. The straps must come out of the back of the seat at or below the shoulders of the infant. There are some that do have low enough settings, but you really need to do your research to find out which ones they are.

We got the First Years True Fit and I absolutely adore it - but as I said it didn't fit in my car. We installed it in my truck and it's wonderful there. My car has a very narrow back seat with steeply sloped seats which makes getting anything in there at the newborn angle almost impossible. So we ended up getting a Safety First Delux 22 infant seat on sale at Walmart for about $60, and even that has to be installed behind the passenger seat and makes the passenger seat too far forward to be useable. When he's bbig enough to be in a convertible at the non-infant angle, I'm probably going to get a Sunshine Radian and hope it's narrow enough to fit in the middle of my back car seat. Here's hoping!

Pepole keep mistaking Kayden for older because of all the hair! But he comes by it honestly - I had a ton of black hair when I was born too. It went blonde within a few months, and I think Kayden's will as well smile.gif
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Peri bottle - I hadn't heard of them either until my midwife gave me one after Kayden was born. Good thing too - there was NO WAY that I was using toilet paper on my nether regions post partum! I could not believe how swollen everything was. I had heard about it but didn't really understand. Even now 4 weeks later I'm still not comfortable using toilet paper except after a BM. The swelling is gone but I'm still afraid of disturbing where the stitches were.
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Birdie – Good for you for staying on the exercising bandwagon!  I fell off that some time ago… Now I’m doing good just to get the house cleaned. 


Ram – I don’t think I really felt movement until 17-ish weeks.  I think I felt it earlier, but wasn’t sure what it was (as someone else said, it felt like gas bubbles in the early days).  It wasn’t until I saw the baby moving on the U/S and felt it at the same time that I truly put it all together.  So try not to stress, you’re perfectly normal.


LivingSky – Thanks for sharing the new baby pics!  He is just too cute, I want to pinch his little cheeks! 


Thanks for the condolences about the new pain.  I was hoping it would go away, but it seems to be getting worse.  Now it hurts when I move my right leg from the gas pedal to the brake when driving.  Considering I drive usually 3-6 hours per day for work, it kind of sucks.  I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow, so I guess I’ll ask if there’s anything I could be doing for it.  Considering that the rest of my pregnancy has been relatively symptom-free, I can definitely live with this for the next seven weeks.

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Ram - I felt one movement at about 16 weeks, it was like baby did a flip.  After that, I felt nothing at all (well, nothing recognizable) until about 19 or 20 weeks, I think.  When I went in for my u/s at 21 weeks, I had around a week of feeling baby move consistently and strongly enough that I could tell what it was.  My sister said she felt her first move at about 18 or 19 weeks.  So don't worry about it at all, really.


Val - I'm sorry about the hip pain.  It's good that you're getting so close to done, if things are going to start hurting!  I hope the doctor can give you some tips to help.


Livinsky - He's so adorable!  And people probably think he's older because of the hair and because of his huge size!


Not to contradict Livingsky, as obviously her experience is different, but my niece was in 0-3 month clothes for her first six months.  She was healthy, and within the normal range for growth, but on the slow end.  So mostly I think the best bet is just to have a few clothes from each age range and add as necessary.  I hope that is a good bet, because it's what I'm doing.


AFM:  So . . . tired.  I was really hoping for less of this.  My brain doesn't seem to function like it used to, and my body doesn't either.  So far today I've eaten, hooked up one hose to another, picked peas, and sat on the couch.  And I'm tired.  I am in awe of you ladies who are working through your pregnancies.  Maybe I could do it if I had to, I guess . . . but I'm not sure how.  I'm just hoping that you aren't as tired as me.  For your sakes.  Anyway, I'm still managing to eat well most of the time (and I keep frozen pizza on hand for when I can't).  I'm still thrilled to be pregnant, and getting more excited by the day to meet the little one, but I wasn't expecting this level of exhaustion.


I have been doing something useful, though.  I've been planning and making phone calls about getting our house insulated and our windows replaced before winter.  It's going to cost a whole lot, but MIL will help with that (she's part-owner of our property), and we really need to get it done.  Our kitchen has dropped down to nearly freezing in previous winters.  That's not okay for baby.  So we're hoping to get insulation put on the outside (to replace the NONE that we currently have), and new fancy windows with high R-values to replace our old leaky ones.  I've been doing all the organizing and phone calls, and now I'm at the dizzy.gif stage where all the estimates are done and it's SO MUCH MONEY.  But I think it will be worth it to us, and it will improve the resale value of the house probably by as much as it costs at least.  More importantly, we won't have to wrap Baby up like a mummy every year for 8 months out of the year.


My neighbors are so nice, I got a high chair (the kind that straps on top of a regular chair), a jogging-type stroller with big wheels that should work in the forest, and an exersaucer the other day.  For free, from one neighbor.  Another neighbor said she'll sell me her whole cloth diaper stash (prefolds) for $100, and then I should only need to get more covers and I'll be set.  She also has a breast pump, a swing, and a few other things that she would sell me for cheap.  My niece loved her swing to pieces, so I'm pretty excited about that (it was the only place you could put her down for more than 30 seconds that didn't make her SCREAM), and I think a breast pump might be useful so DH can do a few of the feedings once baby is past nipple-confusion age.  Feeding time is nice bonding time.  Also, another neighbor gave me a bassinet, some clothes, some blankets, and some baby towels for free.  I hadn't realized how much people like to give stuff to babies.  I'll basically just need to buy a car seat new, I think.  I already got a wrap, and my SIL wanted to get something for us so I asked for a breastfeeding pillow.  Yay for people helping out!

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Hykue - I'm sorry to hear you are so tired!  Have you had your iron checked?  I had that insane exhaustion for the first trimester, but it went away and came back briefly when I found out I was anemic.  I changed my diet some, and now I'm feeling great again!  (Well, minus the hip aches).  I still get tired if I do too much yard work or house cleaning, but in general, no complaints.  And yes, yay for free/cheap stuff for baby!  


Hope everyone has a great weekend!  We have a childbirth class Saturday morning, and our baby shower Saturday afternoon.  Exciting stuff!  

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Have any of you ladies that tried out this new "Pink or Blue Pregnancy Test" with Early DNA gender testing kit?  http://www.tellmepinkorblue.com/Pregnancy-Test-Gender-Test-Kit.php


Heard about it on the radio and then checked it out online.  A friend of mine said her daughter in law has done it but was waiting for results.  Just curious what the Bajingo Graduates were doing (if you didn't already know the gender of your baby from other means).  I was curious because when I get pregnant I am not interested in ultrasounds.

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I heard that NPR story about gender blood tests. I imagine I would do it if really cheap and accuracy numbers were well-established. But I plan on getting the 20 week ultrasound so it would be redundant. I also like the timing of finding out the gender in the second tri. Maybe it's odd, but I'd like to cross the twelve week mark before I name the little bean. It's seems that we are pretty settled on names!

I had my first weekend of public pregnancy. We went to a race (DH competes) and the whole crew knew. I didn't know they knew until later in the weekend. I bad wondered why they weren't offering me beers and kept taking stuff out of my hands! It was cute. I asked DH why he told them all, and he said because he's excited and this is the one group that is a majority of fathers (as opposed to our otherwise childless kids). It was a great race weekend.

I'm starting to feel a consistent queasiness. It's mild enough for me to question whether it's really a pregnancy symptom, which I am pleased with. I'd be fine if this was *it* for me for MS. Fingers crossed.
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I hope that's as bad as it gets for you, Rosie.  One of my best friends had that, just mild queasiness for the first trimester.  She had the easiest pregnancy of anyone I know overall, and that was basically her only symptom at all.  She got a little tired at the end, too, but that's it.


Thanks for the iron advice, Val!  I've been pretty bad as far as forgetting my prenatal, so I'll try to improve that . . . it has iron in it.


I got back my first glucose tolerance test results (well, they called me) and they were "a little high".  So now I have to go do the 12-hour-fast one.  I'm not too worried, but I was hoping that I would not have to bother.  Ah well, if I have gestational diabetes I'd rather know than not!

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wave.gif Ladies!


Valh: Hope you enjoy the shower and let me know how the childbirth classes go. We haven't decided to take an official one or not. We were thinking maybe an online course since we'll have a doula to help remind us of what we should be doing.


Hykue: Boo for high glucose numbers. Hopefully its not GD. Oh it will be so nice to be all toasty with the insulation and windows for the winter. I'm torn between getting newer, more efficient windows and keeping our old lead glass ones. We've got the super storm windows that work well, but sometimes I just want a window that opens without me fighting it.


Rosie: I can't complain too much about my m/s. I didn't throw up so that was good. I just generally felt like crap most days, but it really eased up around the 10th week so I certainly seemed to get off lucky.


So we got our doula, yay! It's kind of weird having a stranger come to the birth. We have a meeting with her in September and then one about every month till the birth. So that's about 4 or 5 meetings of about 2 hours each; hopefully we'll get to be comfortable with each other. We visited Dh's sis last weekend before his parents go back to France. It went pretty well, at least for how we usually are, so that was good. They are having a hard time with of some of our more crunchy parenting choices, the look on his sister's face when we mentioned doula was priceless. We left the cloth diaper thing out because we thought that would be too much for them, but I can't wait for Dh to explain that he wants to try EC....moon.gif naked baby bum loose in the house!

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I'm sorry, all I can imagine thinking about EC is my dogs being WAY too excited about accidents. Such a silly thought but it sticks!


I got my first baby items today. 16 brand new but super cheap FuzziBunz XS for the newborn stage (we'll switch to OS after). They are all in bright primary colors that work for either a boy or a girl. I'm SO EXCITED about the dipes. They're adorable, teeny tiny, and so so soft. Now that dream about having the baby and not being ready because we have no diapers can suck it. We're ready!   bouncy.gif





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Rosie - Fingers are crossed that the mild queasiness is all you'll get for the morning sickness.  That's about all I had, no vomiting or anything.  And yay for your first baby stuff!


Hykue - Good luck on the GD test!  When do you do the next one?  Has the iron/supplements helped your energy at all?


Ram - We really enjoyed the class.  It covered a lot of stuff we already knew from reading (stages of labor, etc.), but it also went over good positions to try to pain management/progressing labor, breathing exercises, what to expect at the hospital/different policies, etc.  All in all, I'm glad we did it.  Congrats on finding a doula!  My friend used a doula, and loved her and the extra support.


We had our baby shower this past weekend, so I've been overwhelmed with baby stuff.  I spent hours yesterday sorting through it all and figuring out what else I need to buy.  Today I have to wash everything and get it all put away, so I'll have room for more stuff after my planned weekend shopping trip.  Besides being super tired, things are going great.  I know the tiredness is just me doing too much - I've been going non-stop since last Friday, with no real end in sight... there just aren't enough hours in the day!


Hope everyone else is doing well!



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hug2.gif Aww birdie, I'm sure your are fine as long as the little one is still moving around. She should have kept her mouth shut, I'm sure it freaks you out enough without that negativity! Sending positive vibes your way.

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Hi everyone!   Sorry I've been MIA, life is just kind of ridiculous right now.  Back in December we decided to start the process of adding onto the house to make room for babies and what a nightmare that has been.  The loan process took over 100 days all by itself, and now the contractor is acting like a shithead (pardon my language).  He had, by contract with the bank, 90 days to finish the addition.  It's been 126 days and he isn't half done.  Always has some kind of excuse, hasn't shown up to the house in 2 weeks, blah blah blah.  Here's some advice........if you can, buy your houses FINISHED.  Night.  Mare.  angry.gif

Pregnancy is going better though.  The restless legs thing got WAY worse.  The DH and I couldn't sleep in the same bed for like 2 weeks because I kept kicking him involuntarily.  I started calcium/magnesium/potassium supplements and they helped some, but not entirely.  My midwife recommended Hylands Restful Legs and it's like magic.  thumbsup.gif  Gone.  Two before I go to sleep and I'm all set.  Definitely going with Hylands stuff for the baby after this experience.  Sleeping is sooooooooooo nice. 

DH is up for a new job, which we are praying for mightly.  praying.gif  I am currently carrying our benefits and we want me to go part-time after the baby comes, so unless he gets a new job with good benefits, I have to stay full time.  The concept of putting the baby I've waited so long for in daycare full time just horrifies me.  I'm sure that's at least partially irrational, but I worked in community mental health for so long and had so many patients who were SO unstable working in daycares that I just can't fathom it.  When we got pregnant we thought he was getting a job with a great company, but it fell through.  So now we wait, should know something about this one on Friday or Monday.  Oh, and if any of you are in the position of hiring people..........6 phone interviews and one in person interview is truly excessive.  Truly.  Ugh.  irked.gif

So that's the update.  I'm 12w4d, hardly ever sick, and now that the legs thing is taken care of, feeling pretty great!  I'm in the loving-hand-me-downs club with you guys, I can't believe all the stuff we've been getting.  Pure awesomeness.  All we need is a high chair, clothes, and diapers and we're all set.  Woot! 

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I am sorry you are spotting birdie.  it is probably nothing since you are 26 weeks and the baby is moving.  i have spotted every time I have had a yeast infection before I had any symptoms during this pregnancy. It was pretty scarry the first time.  Some people are just insensitive. 


good luck hokievol with your husband getting the job.  we originally thought we were going to do daycare but really with how little we both make it wouldn't be worth it so we are going to both try and go part time and have one person always be home. Hopefully it works out because we have no family here to watch him and will have to put him in an expensive unknown daycare if it doesn't.  I am hoping that one of us gets a better paying job within the first year that has different hours so we can have more money and work more.  Both of our jobs have the same hous pretty much right now with very little leway.


I am so jealous of all of you getting hand me downs.  I wish we had friends with small kids but we don't.  Not like I want to be greedy but I also don't like the idea of having all new stuff.  I would much rather have used stuff and pass it on when we are done.  It just makes sence.  I hate this consumer generation.  I was thinking of telling my friend who is throwing me a shower to write on the invites that we prefer used stuff.  We already have the 2 things we wanted new which are the car seat and the crib.


man work just keeps getting harder and harder.  between the backaches and my feet and ankles hurting starting at 1:00 everyday I am starting to think I won't make it until the end of my pregnancy working full time which sort of upsets me.  Not only do we need the extra money to save for those first few weeks but I really love my job.  it sounds silly but I don't want to miss more than one of each of my favorite clients appointments. 

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Wow, it's been way too long. I spend no time online these days, and when I am here, I read but never bother to post.

Alaric is thriving, and I am doing fine, though I live in a fog of constant tiredness. Nothing that wasn't to be expected, but that doesn't mean it's not kicking my butt. :) We're slowly settling into something like a routine--it's nice to have a semblance of predictability, even if we're coloring outside the lines most days...

At 6 1/2 weeks, Alaric is at about 10.5 lbs and starting to outgrow his newborn clothes. Most of the 0-3 fits him pretty well, though a few things still swim on him. All the brands are so different, it's hard to figure it all out. I hate all the tiny little sleeves--I have learned to deal with all the other oddities of baby clothes, but stuffing tiny wriggling fingers into tiny little tubes still defies me. DH is actually better at that, somehow.

We're still not really using our cloth much. Alaric's legs are still a bit twiggy and prone to leaking around the legholes; another pound should be more than enough to stop the gaps. Until then, I'm okay with the disposables. It is just easier right now, but I'm not willing to buy any more stash just for a couple weeks, either.

*hugs* to all you ladies--you are on my mind more often than you might think! 

(and birdie, I'm sorry about the spotting, but you're so far along now! I'm sure you and baby are perfectly fine)

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