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Val, eat spinach and broccoli - chock full of iron! Sorry to hear you're anemic, but hopefully you'll start to feel better.

hokie, I remember having that problem with my last pregnancy, and it was because my ligaments were already stretching and the orgasm pulled them even farther. I think it's totally normal, though it totally freaked me out, too. I don't know if it happened again this time since I wasn't allowed to have orgasms. I would still check in with your midwife to make sure, but I really don't think it's anything to stress about.

afm - last day of school, hello summer! yahoooooo! joy.gifsleepytime.gif
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Val:  Pumpkin seeds in the shell are supposed to be high iron.  And if you cook in cast iron, you get the most iron if it's something acidic, like tomato sauce.  Other than that, what everyone else said!


Hokie:  I think that's a variation of normal, I've heard of it happening to quite a few people, and they were fine.  Still talk to your MW about it, for sure, but don't get worked up, it's probably fine.


Birdie:  I was also SO excited when I could first feel Baby moving.  That's my nickname for the baby.  Baby.  Unique, no?  Anyway, it's happening more and more, and I really like it.


LivingSky:  Yay for being done with work!


Tear:  Yay for being done with school!


Ramzubo:  I'm so happy you're here.  It makes me smile.


AFM:  I kept meaning to post in the last thread and just never quite got there.  I even started posts a few times and then got distracted.  Anyway, things are coming along pretty well.  Everything looked good at my 21-week ultrasound.  Baby is a little bit stubborn and would not uncross her/his legs, so I still don't get to use a pronoun.  Oh well, now I'm looking forward to the surprise at the birth.  I tried to make a deal with Baby: "You can be stubborn in utero, and you can be stubborn after birth, but please don't be stubborn during birth."  I hope it works.  I was a baby who wouldn't put my head down (I wanted to "see where I was going") and thus wouldn't come out.  For 30 hours.  My sister had a short labor, really.  3 hours from the start of labor to transition.  Then 3 hours in transition.  Also because of a stubborn baby who wouldn't (or couldn't) turn her head the right way.  (She did eventually, though).  So I'm hoping that my baby will hold off on the stubborn-ness for long enough to get born without surgery!


Also, we had a hail storm that totally wiped out our garden.  I posted about it in the gardening forum here.  I put up even more pictures in my web albums, here.  I am really, really grateful that I'm pregnant this summer.  If that had happened last summer, I think I would have lost it.  This year I have a bigger goal (grow a happy healthy baby!), so it didn't hit me quite as hard.  Still, a bit of a blow.


Anyway, I did read along the previous thread, I just didn't post much.  It's always nice to hear how everyone is doing.

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Thanks for all the tips on the iron, ladies!  After discussing it with DH last night, we've decided not to take the supplements for now.  We're aiming to change my diet enough before my next appointment (in two and a half weeks) to get it better.  DH has even agreed to cook me some spinach lasagna and broccoli soup next week.  I'm all for anything that'll get him cooking, because he's really good at it, and it's less that I have to do. 


LivingSky - I hope you are enjoying no work! 


Birdie - I thought I was doing pretty good with my diet.  I eat oatmeal, brown rice, wheat bread, a lot of beans, etc.  I'm just going to eat more of it, find some snacks that have extra iron, and drink juices or eat fruit with my meals (I'm in love with homemade mango juice lately, so that's not much a sacrafice).  I'll see if I can find that book you recommended around here.  I have a ton of vegetarian cookbooks in the cabinets, I need to pull them out to see what they have in them, too.  As for the "little prarie" comment, I'm sorry to hear that people have such little class.  People need to respect your decisions and keep their opinions to themsevles.  I've been getting a lot of comments about my desire for a natural childbirth lately... actually only one person I've talked to has been supportive of it.  Now I don't bring it up anymore, and only discuss it if directly asked.  It's easier that way.  Anyway, do what feels right to you and ignore everyone else! 


Tear - Enjoy your summer!! 


Hykue - That stinks about your garden!  I don't have much of a green thumb, but is it too late to replant some stuff?  At least you have growing a baby to keep you occupied and distracted from the garden.  And good luck with baby not being stubborn durnig childbirth!  My fingers are crossed that ALL of our little ones cooperate with birth.  Yesterday was the first day my little munchkin was stubborn, with the hiding from and kicking the doppler; he also kicked a glass that I was resting on my belly while I was sitting on the couch.  Not sure why he was being so stubborn and territorial yesterday, but it made me laugh. 


Hope everyone has a good weekend!







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You guys were right, the midwife said it was normal, just maybe on the more painful end of normal.  She likened it to Braxton-Hicks.......strengthening my uterus.  *phew*  I was worried about that. 

Scheduled my first prenatal appointment for 8/8, I'll be 10 weeks so we should be able to hear the heartbeat that day.  It seems really really really far away!!!


I went maternity clothes shopping this weekend.  Premature, I know, but everything I will need is on sale now since I'll be biggest in the winter.  I found some GREAT deals.  I was also really excited to be encouraged to pad my belly.  When else in this culture is it cool to have a big ol' belly???  How liberating! 

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hokievol I remember feeling the same way about my first midwife appointment.  It seemed so far away.  But once I started going to them I felt like I had nothing to talk about after that big one where I heard the heartbeat.  I have one coming up on the 5th and I know it is going to be another quick boring one because nothing new has come up that I already haven't found answers for.  I am glad my DP gets to cdome with me again and meet this midwife. He met the 1st one but I don't like her as much and I was a little dissapointed that he met her first.  I feel like a jerk saying that.  Really there isn't much I can really say is wrong with her.  I just don't click with her as much.  I have a hard time socially anyway when I first meet people.  Once I am comfortable with them I can open up fully but most people who meet me the 1st and 2nd time think I don't like them so I  am kind of self concious about that.


Anyway it's my day off today and I already dropped DP off at work and went to my chiro and now I have nothing important to do.  It feels so good to have nothing to do.  I haven't had that in a while so I am just going to relax and play on the internet all day, yay!  Oh yah and the all important watch crappy tv all day.

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Tank I would think it would be pretty crucial to click with your midwife, particularly if you lean towards the shy side.  I hope the hubs and I click well with mine.  We have three others to choose from if we don't, so that's good.  I haven't given birth, but from everything I read it's pretty important to be able to relax around the people who are with you, so go with your gut if you have the option! 


I ordered "A Child Is Born" by Lennart Nelsson for my stepdaughter and "Ina May's Guide to Childbirth" for me, they're coming from Amazon today.  I'm so excited to get them!!!  Any recommendations for book for my DH about natural birth?  My stepdaughter was a classic cascade of interventions baby, so he doesn't have experience with the natural way.

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hokievol: I absolutely adored Ina May's Guide To Childbirth. I originally bought the Bradley Method book for DH to read (I think it's called Husband Coached Childbirth) and he hated it and trying to get him to read it was like pulling teeth. I finally gave him Ina May's book and he is enjoying that one way more and is actually reading it. I'm doing HypnoBabies as well and he's reading the workbooks for that too.

Funny thing for me was, I realized a few weeks back that I was reading all these books on childbirth but that I really knew NOTHING about what to do with the baby once he is actually here! So I asked for some recommendations and was sent after "The Baby Book" by Dr Sears. I found it and am reading that now and loving it. It has tons of sections in it just for DH as well.

tank: Well, you know my vote on how important it is to like your midwife! lol.gif Glad your DP has a chance to meet the midwife you really click with.

Hykue: Very sorry about your garden greensad.gif So far mine is doing well except for the fact that I just can't manage to get on my hands and knees and weed the stupid thing. Have to convince DH to tackle it soon or else all the good plants are going to be overrun. That or maybe they'll be tall enough soon that I can weed the garden from a standing position redface.gif

AFM: Nothing new here really. Hoping to hear from our new midwife today so we can set up some appointments.
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Hokie - I remember how far away that first appointment seemed, and on top of that how slow the first trimester went by.  But don't worry, after that first few appointments, it seems like the appointments are coming too close together, especially when there's nothing going on (now I just go in, hear the heartbeat, get my belly measured, chit chat, and I'm out the door).  The second trimester also goes by so much faster than the first trimester, so make sure to enjoy it! 


Tank - Enjoy playing on the internet and enjoying crapping TV... that's what I did yesterday.  And knit. 


Hykue - I know what you mean about the weeds.  I don't have a vegetable garden, but my flower garden is looking pretty bad.  Technically, I can still manage to get down there, but I'm just too tired and too hot to do it.  Doing anything outside when it's near 100 is no fun, pregnant or not. 


My third trimester starts tomorrow - unbelievable!!!! 





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Wow it's gotten busy over here!


Val: I just wanted to add that lots of breakfast cereals have iron too. My Dh's family has an iron overload disorder so I obsessively checked all foods for a few months. I especially remember having a hard time finding cereals that didn't have loads of iron.


Birdie: People calling you little house on the prairie made me laugh. We always said we're faux Amish. Some people used to call my younger sis Amish just b/c my parents didn't have cable.


Ah Hykue: That is a bummer about your garden. I had kind of left ours to fend for itself while I wasn't feeling great. The beans never got supported an decided the zucchinis would be good support so now I have to untangle them all.


Hokie: Yay for 1st appt even though its so far. I've been surprised how fast the weeks have flown by.


Livingsky: Do you really like the "The Baby Book"? I was thinking about that one too and Dh could really use something he could read as well.


AFM: So we have a mold issue here. It is really wet out here all the time and with only window box a/c we have some mold issues. I'm really starting to get concerned about a baby's little lungs in here. I opened one of our a/c and there is mildew all on the inside, just spewing stuff out into the air. We have a dehumidifier but it rains every few days so its a loosing battle.

Edit to add: Oh and the family docs have agreed to see me. There place is nothing fancy but that works for me. I know they're pretty open to natural births and they also can do the pediatrician stuff. So hopefully they will work out.

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Ramzubo: Yes, I'm really enjoying The Baby Book. It was expensive, though it can be found cheaper on Amazon or ebay, I wasn't willing to wait for it to ship. It has tons of information on baby pretty much from birth onwards, including bonding, breastfeeding, diapering etc. It doesn't go in to much detail abo9ut birth stuff (I believe Dr Sears has The Pregnancy Book that covers that, but I havent heard whether people have liked it or not). But it seems great for everything else! LOTS of tips for breastfeeding and pumping and how to overcome common BF challenges, which were some of my biggest concerns. And I really like the sections about and for the dads, to help them with bonding with baby. I like that the book is very specific to make sure that "Dad" isn't a second-class caregiver but is really a part of things.
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I have both the baby book and the birth book by dr sears.  I really like them so far.  I got them on amazon together so they weren't that expensive.

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Books:  I read The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth, Ina May's Guide to Childbirth, and The Birth Partner (subtitled something about a guide for dads, doulas, and someone else).  I LOVED The Birth Partner.  To me it seemed to offer the most information without being scary.  It gave a clear description of each stage of labor, what's happening at each point (cervix thinning, baby's head moving, etc) and suggested possibilities to try (for the woman but also for her support person) to help manage pain.  It talked about pain medications, discussing side effects of each, how well they typically work, how long they last, etc.  (That part might be more important for me than anyone else, since I'll be in a hospital).  I found it to be a really realistic actual GUIDE.  Personally, I really enjoyed Ina May's Guide, but I didn't think it fulfilled the role of a "guide" in the way that I wanted.  I'm glad that I read it, but I'm glad it wasn't all that I read, or I would still feel unprepared.  The Thinking Woman's Guide was useful in that it gave evidence about interventions.  It talked about nearly every intervention, and any studies that have been done on their efficacy and necessity, and had a lot of useful information.  That book is the reason that I KNOW I don't want an episiotomy - there is evidence that it INCREASES your chances of a higher-degree tear.  (Shudder).  BUT, that book had two downsides:  It is fairly old (1998, I think?) so it doesn't have up-to-date information and studies, and quite frankly, it made me feel afraid.  Which is the last thing someone needs when they're going into birth.  I'm glad it has the information, but it made me fear my doctor.  Since I don't have a choice, and I'm in a different medical system altogether than the book was written for, that wasn't helpful.  Whew.  I have strong opinions about books, don't I?


I also liked Birthing From Within, although I haven't finished it.  It's more about your emotional journey and the psychological side of birth.  I think it's a good companion to a more physical, practical guide.  What I like about it is that it asks questions and encourages you to explore the answers yourself.


As for baby books, I just read The Happiest Baby on the Block, and it seemed like it had some good ideas.  I don't know if they'll work or not, because I couldn't try them out yet, of course, but I've heard good things about it from others who did use its techniques on their babies.  The tone of it was a little . . . I don't know how to put it.  I didn't like the tone, it seemed falsely cheerful, I guess, but other than that I really liked the book.


And then I read a baby signing book, based on American Sign Language (which I took a couple of classes in in college).  I'm really excited about signing to Baby!  My sister planned to do this, but then my niece started saying words at 8 months (she had two words in her first week! . . . ok, I'll stop bragging on my niece now).  Anyway, I think it's an exciting idea, it gives the kid a chance to communicate before their little tongues and vocal cords are very coordinated, and it gives them a basis in ASL, which could come in handy later.  Yay!


Livingsky:  Just to see what would happen, I left a part of my garden unweeded last year.  I wanted to see if any garden plants were tough enough to still produce.  All I got were radish seedpods.  However, if you leave it long enough, some of the weeds WILL be tall enough to pull from a standing position.  At our place it would be the lamb's quarters, the tansy mustard, and the stinging nettles (yes, which charmingly grow in my veggie garden).  Get that hubby out there - it's dead easy to weed when they're big, if you've got anything other than a prego belly. 


Ramzubo:  I might just leave the beans and zucchini tangled.  Whenever I try to untangle beans, I end up breaking them into tiny little pieces.  But you might be less clumsy than me!  And I hope you can get that mildew issue figured out, that can't be pleasant/healthy for anyone!


AFM:  It finally stopped raining today.  It's been raining every day since the hailstorm, and my neighbor's raingauge read 4.5 inches after the hailstorm - and he said the top was too small for most of the hail!  That's MORE than 1/4 of our average annual precipitation, and it fell in no more than 45 minutes.  Holy BLEEP!  Then we got another inch since then.  Anyway, today was clear, so I finally got out and replanted parts of the garden.  It looks like the carrots might actually recover, and the hail thinned my parsnips for me, and more of the peas than I thought look like they'll make it.  I did plant a bunch more peas in between, because I'm sure that a lot of them won't make it, but some will.  I replanted snap beans, because they were all dead dead dead, and zucchini, although I left the previous plants because they *might* make it.  I also planted out my winter squash and my herbs (the ones that lived through the lack of watering I put them through in my despondency after the hailstorm).  And now I'm friggin' exhausted!  Seriously.  I am not even sure I'll walk my dog, I'm that tired (she has the run of the farm, so it's not that cruel).  I do, however, have to come up with something for supper.


Also, our water pump in the well wouldn't turn back on after the hailstorm.  So we don't have running water at all.  I'm hoping that the pump guy will come this evening.  Fortunately, we drink town water anyway, so I had some bottles here already.  I just have to use that water for everything now, cooking, washing up, etc.  So the dishes have been getting neglected.


Whew.  I hope that the summer gets LESS interesting from here on out.


Thanks for all the hugs and garden condolences, guys.  You're nice.  grouphug.gif


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I don't know what I've done wrong, but it must have been a doozie.  There's now 1/2" of water in much of the basement.  It was just a skim on the floor a few days ago.  And when the well guy came, I almost fell down the well.  It's about 30 feet down to the "floor" and then there's a smaller hole to the water.  I forgot that it had washed out beside the well housing, and I fell in the hole with one leg.  Up to the hip.  And when I caught myself with my other leg it hurt.  I think I'm okay, things certainly aren't all that bad (it's big enough around that I probably could have fallen all the way in, so I'm not complaining too much), but it scared the crap out of me (and the well guy, for that matter), and my leg is still pretty sore.  And there have been other things going on that are not great, friends having really hard times, my stalker-ish guy emailed me again.  I'm feeling a little discouraged right now.  I'm sure I'll get better again, but it would be nice if every bad thing didn't happen at once, when I'm here by myself.  I don't even know what I can do right now about the water in the basement.  Pretend it's not there and hope it goes away?  Sigh.  My MIL is coming tomorrow, maybe she knows.


Also, it's raining again.

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Wow, Hykue, you do a lot of reading!  I'm making a list from your list! 


I found out yesterday that my insurance won't cover the birth center.  I'm really devestated, and terrified to go to a hospital.  mecry.gifI have no doubt that the level of my emotions around this is somewhat hormonally-driven, but still.  The language in my benefits book SAYS midwives.......it does not differentiate between CPMs and CNMs except, apparently, in the fine print. 

The Center recommended a CNM/OB office in a neighboring town, so I have an appointment with them tomorrow.  The hospital they deliver in has a 22% primary c-section rate and a 35.5% overall c-section rate, compared to the 2% c-section rate at the birthing center.  I'm so angry and disappointed and just sad.  I'm going to have to fight everything now, right when I should be enjoying my little family.

DH is very supportive and thinks we should get a doula, so I'm in the process of finding one.  I'm taking recommendations if anyone happens to know good folks in Charlotte!

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hokievol: I'm sorry your insurance isn't going to cover what you want for your birth greensad.gif I hope the CNM/OB office is a pleasant surprise for you and that you have a really great appointment with them.

AFM: I got similar news today. Our midwife practice called and they can't switch us to another midwife because they're all fully booked around my due date. They're also expressing concerns about my plans to birth at the birth suite. So not only are we stuck with the midwife we don't want and don't trust, but I think they're going to risk us out of any tpe of homebirth.

36 weeks today and our options are vanishing really fast Cuss.gif
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Poor Hykue: you just can't catch a break it seems. We had to put a sump pump in the basement to help with the constant water down there. I would have been petrified of falling in the well. Growing up we had an old open well at my grandparents and my mom was always petrified that we'd fall in. We have two at our property but they are both sealed well. I hope you don't hurt to much from your fall.


Hokie: I'm sorry about you not being able to use the birth center. It's good you checked it out early though. The hospital I'm going to had as of 2007 a 37% c-section rate yikes.gif. I'm pretty much a "I do what I want" kind of girl so I'm still hopeful it will go ok. I had to be hospitalized there when I had surgery to remove a tube and they were really good about not pushing any drugs. We are definitely getting a doula. I just think that will be helpful support plus a few are pretty well known at the hospital and have a good relationship with the staff.


Livingsky: Oh my gosh I can not believe your are having this much trouble this far along! It must be so frustrating to not know what the heck is going to happen.

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Okay, I just had to update with good news for once!  I get to go see my husband tomorrow!  I'll be able to see him for a few days, so that will be fantastic!  Yay, yay, yay!

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