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Hey Hykue!  I am glad your DH will be back for good very soon!  We are getting so close!  I have to learn how to do different things now that I can't physically do much too.  I am still working so I am pretty tired at the end of the day but all I do now is work, watch tv and sleep.  I know I am going to go crazy when I stop working before the baby comes.  I have a list in my head of things to do but it is going to take some adjustment.


I went to my midwife yesterday. Actually I hadn't told you guys but remember when I was saying that one of my midwives I wasn't really clicking with personally.  Well she moved and now there is a new one.  I clicked with her right away which is good.  So anyway I saw the new midwife yesterday (I actually took the appointment of the lady who went into labor lol) and she told me that the risks are generally for the 1st trimester and looking at how bad the poison ivy was and that it was around my eyes that I should take the steroids.  So I started them yesterday and it is already starting to look better.  I went back to work today and man it was tough.  I was all self concious because my face was all puffy and broken out in a rash and the steroids made my muscles feel weak.  I had to take lots of breaks but I got through it.  Then after work the DP and I treated ourselves to take out chinese food since I didn't feel like sitting in a crowded resturant looking like this.  So, all in all I am feeling much better.  Also during my appointment the midwife had my little dude in between her hands.  She had his head in one hand and his bum in the other at the same time so it was like she was holding him.  It was the coolest thing ever.  I can't wait for him to come out!


I hope everyone is feeling good!  Val you are so close I can't wait until I see you post that your little one has arrived!

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Val: Re RRL tea, exactly what Hykue said smile.gif Apricot nectar can be found in most grocery stores in the ethnic food section (Walmart superstores carry it) usually in little 125 ml glass bottles. Lemon verdana oil is harder. I wasnt able to find it at all but I got the herbs at a health food store and made really strong tea with it and used that.

Hykue: It HAS been hot here! Holy macro! Thankfully its supposed to be cooler this coming week. Glad your DH will be home soon!

tank: SO glad youj're able to take steroids for the poison ivy. I hope it clears up for you soon!
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LivingSky & Hykue - Thanks for the info on the RRL tea!


Hykue - So glad your DH is coming home for good next week!  I can't imagine how exciting and comforting it will be to have him there on a permanent basis.  


Tank - Glad you were able to get some steroids for the poison ivy!  I couldn't imagine having that on top of pregnancy - yuck!  


LivingSky - Hope you and your little one are doing well!!!  


AFM - I've just been absolutely exhausted, like to the point of tears.  It's been tough, but DH is trying to take care of me and keeps telling me not to do stuff... but it's stuff that needs to be done, like shopping, cleaning, etc.  I can't just stop living because I'm tired, plus I have a lot to get done before the baby arrives.  I really wish I could stop working before the baby comes, though, that would for sure help with my energy level... but financially it's just not feasible right now.  Blah.  But on a positive note, the baby's head is now in "perfect" position, according to the doctor.  So we went from transverse two weeks ago, to slightly oblique but moving in the right direction last week, to perfect this week!  Yay!!!  Now I'm just back to the waiting game... 

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That is so awesome Val!  I am so happy he has moved into the correct position.  It must be such a relief.  My lazy dude has been head down and on my right side ever since the midwife could feel where he is or the 20 week us. 

I have to work until I am full term too and am SO tired.  It sucks that this country doesn't have better maternity leave benefits.  There is no way I could afford to stop working early and it sucks.  I also wish I knew it would be this hard so I could have at least tried to save more or something.  We are so terrible at saving money because once we do we always need it for something!

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Hykue: No we didn't have water at all. We're on well water, but have an electric pump so no electricity, no water! We're stocking up on water for the winter since the electricity usually goes out once during a snow storm. Yay for DH coming home and making progress on the farm! We're trying to catch up on all the winterizing we need to do to keep baby from freezing!


Tank: Thank goodness you could take something for the poison ivy. I second better maternity (and paternity leave). I'm lucky to work from home, but that means I'm not covered by any laws so I get zero leave. Dh doesn't get anything either and with no family near I'm really going to need his help early on. I know his work is pretty cool, but it would be nice if he had something guaranteed.


Val: Yay for baby being ready to go! I keep checking in expecting to see you with a your little one! The extreme tiredness is kicking in for me, I barely make it through dinner before I'm ready to pass out.



So still don't know the gender. I'm getting desperate now. I want to make some things and even though most of our stuff is neutral I want to sew some customizable stuff. 

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I agree about the maternity/paternity leave issues!  I am getting six weeks paid, but it's only paid because I am using every hour of sick and vacation time I have saved with my employer.  After I return to work, I'll have no vacation or sick time at all, which is going to suck.  


Ram - I don't remember, are you having an u/s anytime in the near future to determine gender??  


So still no baby here.  I'm 38 weeks tomorrow.  I haven't had any symptoms or signs to make me think labor will be any time soon... no lost mucus plug, or bloody show... nothing.  Guess I'll be around for a while longer!

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Val: We keep trying to get an u/s scheduled but the doc hasn't ordered one yet. We have another appointment in a couple of weeks and we'll try to get him to order one then.

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Ram - I'm sure you'll get an U/S ordered soon.  I think docs like to do u/s around the stage you are now so they can check all the anatomy and make sure all is well.  I'd be growing pretty impatient by now if I were in your shoes, too!  

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ValH lurk.gif I am lurking and thinking of you daily! I remember from 30 weeks on I started to get really impatient, and each week felt like forever. You're already pregnant longer than I was! I'm rooting for you to have an easy, smooth labor whenever you're both ready. dust.gif

birdie, I hear you on needing to block out those "helpful" birth comments. Build that bubble of peace!

Anika had her first immunizations today. Oh, I felt like such a bad mommy betraying her trust - she was all sleepy and cuddled up, and then...OWWWEEEEE! It was pretty quick though, and now we're watching and hoping she doesn't feel yucky afterwards. Poor little one!
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Anika had her first immunizations today. Oh, I felt like such a bad mommy betraying her trust - she was all sleepy and cuddled up, and then...OWWWEEEEE! It was pretty quick though, and now we're watching and hoping she doesn't feel yucky afterwards. Poor little one!

I bawled (BAWLED) after Nell's first vaccination.  I had to run out quickly avoiding everyone's eyes...  shy.gif


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birdie:  yah all my midwives have been able to feel where the actual head is and tell that it is the head. 


my poison ivy is pretty much all better but.... last night I tried to swollow my vitamin and it went down sideways I think and I immediatly spit out the water.  Then I sat there for a minute feeling like I was going to puke.  I ended up puking in the sink (and peeing at the same time shhhh!) a lot!  DP helped me into the shower and that felt really good.  He also cleaned out the sink while I was in the shower, man I love him.  Then when I got out I looked at my face in the mirror and all the places where I had poison ivy had broken blood vessels!  Now I look awful again.  It doesn't hurt or itch or anything though.  I swear I have had the worst luck.  My shower is in a couple of days and I am going to feel so self concious anyway and with all the pictures... ugh.  Luckily a lot of people can't make it.  We only gave people one week notice so I had a feeling it would end up being small but now I am glad it is.

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Originally Posted by Carlyle View Post

I bawled (BAWLED) after Nell's first vaccination.  I had to run out quickly avoiding everyone's eyes...  shy.gif


awwww hug.gif I bawled at the first heelstick test we witnessed. She is feeling lousy. Her little eyes are all tired and kind of glassy and she keeps waking up whimpering. greensad.gif She doesn't feel feverish though, and she just nursed ok.

tank, I'm sorry you're having a rough time! I peed my pants royally when I had my good heaves. hug2.gif
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birdie - Hey, good to see you around!  Good idea to block out the "helpful" birth stories.  I'm getting those all the time now.  I just kind of nod and say "uh-huh," and try to forget whatever they said.  People just don't think.  I hope I never do that to a pregnant lady later down the road!  


Tear - Thanks for thinking of me!  I've been having my really impatient days, too... a lot of them... but the past two days have been better.  I'm not quite as tired as I had been being, and walking is a little less painful.  Plus, my doctor yesterday essentially told me not to expect anything before the end of the month, so now I'm just kind of resigned to the fact that I'm going to be pregnant for probably about two more weeks.  Glad to hear you and Anika are doing well (minus the vaccination experience - not looking forward to that... hopefully she'll get over the post-shot lousy feeling soon).  


Tank - Glad to hear your poison ivy is better!  Sorry to hear about the vomiting/peeing experience.  But that's great that your DH is so supportive and helpful!  I hope you have fun at your shower, and enjoy all the attention!  


I hope everyone has a great weekend!  Yay for Friday!


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Hi ladies!

Just wondering if anyone wanted to start a new thread in the near future?  Summer technically comes to an end on Friday.  Would someone like to start an Autumn thread??  

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I can start a thread since I'll be around and childless through the winter. Heeheee. Val, any little cramps? Is he giving you any signs he's coming soon? 

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