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Boots: We were seriously obsessed with names. We had it narrowed down to 6 from 42 as of the day I went into the hospital. It was REALLY HARD to pick just one! And none of them went together, so we didn't get to pick two. In the end  we chose a middle name that we never even considered before he was born, and which was inspired by the movie we were watching while I waffled as to whether we should go in.

Val: I'm so sorry you're in pain. I had a lot of hip pain but it came and went, so here's hoping yours just goes, and stays away!

Thanks all of you for being so supportive. This has been such a crazy emotional rollercoaster, I, well, I just don't even know.


I can't believe it's only been 4 days! I came home from the hospital yesterday; my incision hurts terribly and I am still feeling run-down and sleep-deprived, but I slept *so much better* in my own bed! I am sure I will mend quickly now that I can sleep.

My milk has come in now, and I had to get up midway through the night and pump because my breasts hurt too much, not just because I was 'suipposed to'. It's a lot more motivating this way!

Alaric is still in the NICU, and will be for a while yet...not sure how long. Another week?

Yesterday they took out his hand IV port, and today they discontinued the phototherapy for jaundice, so it's a little easier for us to get to hold him now (Only 8? cables?), and he can have his mask off and look around more. They're doing some tests this afternoon to try and figure out why he is breathing just fine and getting plenty of oxygen, but he isn't getting rid of CO2 properly. He had to have another platelet infusion last night (that makes 3 transfusions so far, thank god we are insured well!); dropping platelet levels are his worst problem right now. We spoke with the hematologist today, and both his best theories are things that resolve themselves with no long-term ramifications, basically antibody incompatibilities that will go away once he flushes out his body of all mama's leftovers--so we are very much hoping he is right! They are slowly lowering his glucose intake, and if they can get it low enough, he can have his umbilical IV removed--this is a huge deal, as this is the one we are scared to touch; if we pull it out he could bleed to death. quickly. I am trying not to be afraid to hold my own child, but that sort of warning gets to one!

We got to try BF today for the first time; he latched on for a few minutes and seemed confused but happy about it. He's still on tons of IV fluids and nutrition, so he doesn't 'need' to eat and isn't really hungry, but we are working on tapering towards that, and I really do think he felt great having a little something in his belly, need or not. (He prefers a pacifier for comfort right now, sadly, but I can't be there all day with him anyway, so I am trying to just be happy he has a source of comfort when we are not there.)

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I am so glad alaric is doing better.  Thank you so much for the update!

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Meander - Thanks for the well wishes about the pain!  I am actually feeling MUCH better now.  My back has healed, and my hips are only bothering me at night now, mostly.  I'm so glad to hear Alaric is doing better and slowly getting off all of the tubes.  And he got to BF today, so exciting!!!  It sounds like he is making progress, that's great.  You guys will remain in my thoughts and prayers - I hope you can have your little bundle of joy home by next week. 


How are our other ladies that are close to delivering doing?  LivingSky, Tear, and anyone else I may of missed?  You guys are in the short rows now! 

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Meander I'm so glad to hear that Alaric is doing well!  It's hard to have a baby in the NICU, but to give you some comfort I just spent a week with a friend who's baby was born at 26 weeks.  He's 8 months (gestational, almost 11 months calendar) old now and doing GREAT.  It was tough on his mom and dad, but they're all very much recovered now and you wouldn't know he had problems.  The only remanants of his ordeal is a small scar below his right shoulder where he had a port.  He plays and laughs and babbles and snuggles just like any other baby.  And cute as a dang button, too.  smile.gif


LivingSky, what's the update on your birthing situation?  Have you been able to find something you're okay with? 


AFM I'm 6w5d now and sick.  Sick and tired.  I'm happy to be sick and tired, though, since I know the fluctuting baby-growing hormones are what's causing it.  Yesterday I had my first honest-to-God craving.......pasta sauce.  Had to have it.  HAD to.  And once I got it, it was Katie bar the door.  I ate 5/8ths of a Freschetta pizza all by my lonesome.  I haven't been able to eat much other than oatmeal and Wheat Thins all week, though, so I didn't feel too badly about eating all of that.  thumb.gif

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meander: Glad to hear Alaric is doing better! I ccek his website first thing when I wake up and again before I sleep for updates on how he's doing. You guys are definitely in my thoughts, and I'm so happy each time I read an improvement. So glad you got to BF at least a little! I'm sure he'll figure out in no time at all just how wonderful it is to be fed by his mama and not a tube. Also happy that you got to go home and get some real sleep - hopefully your recovery will be quick!

ValH: Glad your pain has mostly gone away!! Just pluggin along here. About a week ago my body seems to have caved and started to swell - my feet are HUGE and now my legs feel swollen too. Baby is engaged and in perfect position, I've been having lots of mucousy discharge (no plug yet) and had a bout of contractions for a few hours the other night. I can pretty much only sleep in a lazy boy chair, not in bed anymore. So ya, I'm ready for baby to come any time now smile.gif On Tuesday (38 weeks) I'm going to start taking some natural induction concoction and see if it does the trick.

hokievol: Well, we're stuck with a hospital birth, and we've mostly come to terms with that. We don't have any other real options so all we can do is try to make our hospital birth as much like the natural home birth that we wanted as possible. So, that's what we're doing. As much as it upsets me, there's just no point in expending energy now in agonizing over something I can't change. I just keep telling myself that no matter how the birth goes, in a few weeks, baby will be here and HOW he was born will just be a memory - HE will be what matters smile.gif

Oh, and my good news from yesterday - my GBS test was negative. WOOT! joy.gif Now I don't have to fight to not have the antibiotics for that, at least smile.gif
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Val: So Sorry about your hip pain! You were doing so good as my role model for a decently comfy pregnancywinky.gif I've always had some joint pain from time to time and sleeping on our soft couch has been a great comfort to me.


Meander: Yeah more progress for Alaric. I can't believe all the things you have had to learn as far as the medical side goes. You can read all kind of books to prepare for birth, but there's not much you can do to plan for a medical emergency. I'm glad to hear you got to do some bf, I'm sure it's a comfort to him. I'm also glad that you're doing better with the pumping. We're planning on doing loads of pumping and I was worried since you were having a disappointing time with it.


Hokie: Yeah I think you're smack in the feeling like crap part. At nearly 11 weeks I've started feeling much better the last couple of days. Before I was living off granola bars and i ate about 1/4 of a small watermelon almost everyday. Now I don't really have any food aversions so I'm on overdrive for eating...now I'm think pizza sounds good for tonight!eat.gif


Living sky: Yeah for no GSB! One less thing to have to hear about!


AFM: Had meeting last week with the resident doc at my family practice. He's really cool and will be my only doc (at my other place it was a different one every time and just random who was on call to deliver). I really feel better about the same person following throughout. I feel he's really pro-natural too, gave me a long lecture on breastfeeding. Since he's a resident they can't preform c-section so they don't have a high rate of interventions, but they have a ob on call at the hospital in case we need one. I'm feeling much better now.

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Hokie - Good luck with the "feel like crap" phase of the first trimester.  I was lucky and missed most of the food aversions/nausea (only cilantro bothered me), but the exhaustion was a force to be reckoned with!  The good news is that it does pass, and then it just becomes a distant memory.  I think I started feeling better around 11-12 weeks, once that placenta gets done forming, so YOU CAN DO IT!  In the meantime, feel free to vent to us.  We get it.  ;)


LivingSky - Yay for the good GSB results... and for baby being in position and ready to go.  I can't believe how close you are, it seems to have gone by so fast!  I like the attitude you've taken about the hospital birth - you do what you can to make it be the way you want it in the hospital, and focus on having your little one in your arms at the end of it all.  I hope to be reading a very positive birth-story from you soon!! 


Ram - I can go back to being your role model for a decently comfy pregnancy again!  ;)  I just had about four days of back pain, but it's gone now.  My hips only hurt now if I sleep too long in one position, and it's easily corrected by changing positions.  Really, I'm very happy with how easy this pregnancy has been so far (knock on wood).  My sister just had a miserable pregnancy from start to finish, and a friend that recently had a baby said she was miserable for the last three to four months, so my expectations were for misery.  Instead, I've actually enjoyed it, a lot!  Now let's just hope I can eventually be your role model for a decently comfy natural childbirth... we'll see how that goes.  ;)    That's great that you've found a doctor that you're comfortable with, and that shares your views on bf, natural childbirth, low interventions, etc!  I'm sure that's a huge relief.  Also, glad you're feeling better physically as the pregnancy progresses.  The second trimester is SO much better than the first!



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Alaric will be discharged tomorrow! I am so looking forward to having him home with us--all this back and forth is just exhausting. By all means, ladies, have healthy babies that do not require any time in the NICU--I wouldn't wish this week on anyone, even though it is looking good for us in the end.

His platelets nearly doubled yesterday, after a week of steadily falling, four transfusions that did basically nothing, and finally a plateau yesterday...so there is a very good chance he did in fact have neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia. Great for him as he should never have any further effects from it. He's pretty much a perfectly healthy baby now, with no extra care needed.

(On the downside, since this is caused by an incompatibility  with DH's and my platelet types (similar to Rh incompatibilities but there's no Rhogam equivalent though there are better treatments if we know there is a problem), it has a 1 in 2 chance of affecting any future children we may have. We're getting tests done to prove this, just so we know what happened ultimately, and someday it may come into play. I'm not ready to think about that now, though.)

Also got some info back from the analysis of my placenta; not only did I have an infection of my amniotic fluid, I apparently had a large blood clot in the placenta. Kiddo is incredibly lucky to be alive!

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Meander - YAY!   I am so incredibly happy for you and your family.  I had checked Alaric's website this morning and saw that he was doing better, and my next order of business was to check it again to see if he continued to improve.  The blood clot and infection are incredibly scary - it's a good thing you followed your instincts and went to the doctor when you did.  At least now with the incompatability of blood, you know the issue and can hopefully do stuff to treat it earlier (if that's possible).  Or who knows, maybe they'll have some kind of simple shot or something for it by the time you guys are ready to try agian.  Again, congrats on your beautiful baby, and enjoy having him home, where he belongs.





How's everyone else doing?  LivingSky, any more contractions?  Tear, are you enjoying your summer?  You're incredibly close to being done now, too! 



All is well here.  I had my 1-hour glucose test yesterday.  I'm assuming I'll pass, so not stressed about it at all.  Plus, I managed to get my iron up on my own without supplements - yay for leafy greens!  Other than that, munckin is hanging out with his head down, just kicking and punching away. 

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birdie - That's great about your u/s, and the cervix not being in the way!  The u/s is so much fun - that's when I was finally convincing that there was a REAL baby in there.  I can believe you are already halfway!!!!!  ;)  As for the iron, mostly I've just been eating a lot of spinach, broccoli and baked potatoes (with skin), and snacking on stuff like raisins, dried fruits, nuts, and shredded wheat cereal.  And, I think this was your suggestion - I've been drinking a lot of OJ or eating other vitamin C fruits to aid in absorption, and I'm trying to stay away from milk when eating high-iron foods.  A little TMI - I don't think iron increase has been too kind on my digestive track (i.e. hello constipation), but at least I'm not so tired I want to cry. 

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birdie.lee, how wonderful to see your little mystery baby in u/s! I always called the alien shot "skeletor": fondly, of course. smile.gif You sound incredibly organized for already doing so much planning. Don't worry about head down yet! Babies flip around so much and don't really settle into a position until about 34-36 weeks.

Val, I'm so glad your iron level is up and you're not so tired! Constipation is no fun, though. I hope you find a happy medium. Good luck with your glucose test!

meander, I am just SO glad that your little Alaric is doing well and that such a potentially bad situation turned out OK because you got help when you did.

livingsky, how are you feeling? You're a week farther than me, so you're probably feeling a week's worth more impatient and uncomfortable...but then you're probably a week closer to being done, so...lucky! lol...

I know I've been a little quiet and lurky. I've been feeling pretty lumpy and lame lately. My feet/ankles are so swollen, and my eyes are starting to feel puffy too. I just want to lay in my air-conditioned bedroom all day long and do nothing. I emerge for short spurts to satisfy my nesting urges. I deep-clean dusted the house over the past few days, including washing down doors and doorframes (ew, it needed it!). The next project is the paint our small little hallway. We also bought a leather (erhem...17% leather) couch for our living room because we're both so darn sick of sneezing, and I don't want to give our little girl allergies. No matter how much we beat out/Febreeze our old couch, it just doesn't stop making us sniffle and sneeze. We're going to look at a used changing table this evening, and tonight is our breastfeeding class. Oh, and we found a new doctor for our baby, one that seems like a really good match and who didn't tell us we were crazy about encapsulating the placenta.

The biggest news that's been weighing on my mind is our last midwife appointment. She found protein in my urine for the second week in a row, and together with my impressive swelling she is going to be keeping an eye on my blood pressure/other symptoms to look out for preeclampsia. yikes2.gif She mentioned the possibility of induction if things progress, and she said she's not worried about our girl's size since she's estimated at about 7 pounds now...bigeyes.gif We have our next appointment tomorrow, so hopefully everything will look ok. I'm pretty ready to go into labor and have our girl out and safe.

Ok, enough about me. I'm thinking of all you ladies, even though I know I shamedly did not respond to you all. I hope those feeling nauseous/yucky are doing ok. I keep reminding myself: one day at a time, and yes...time IS moving even though it doesn't feel like it. thumb.gifblowkiss.gif
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Hey everyone, just a quick fly-by.  I woke up this morning with bleeding, so needless to say I'm freaking out.  I'm 7w4d.  It looked like my period was starting, but it stopped mostly now.  The doc told me to stay home and rest, hydrate, and call if it comes back.  Ugh.  mecry.gif

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Hey everyone, just a quick fly-by.  I woke up this morning with bleeding, so needless to say I'm freaking out.  I'm 7w4d.  It looked like my period was starting, but it stopped mostly now.  The doc told me to stay home and rest, hydrate, and call if it comes back.  Ugh.  mecry.gif

hug.gif oh honey, how scary! I know nothing will really make you feel better, but know that bleeding CAN be totally normal with a healthy pregnancy at this point. It's good that it has stopped. Did your doc mention any time that you can come in and get a peace of mind check? They should probably be able to see a heartbeat on u/s now. Definitely rest and hydrate. Hang in there, little one! goodvibes.gif
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If it comes back they want me to come in. I don't have any cramping so that's a good sign. I'm not as sick today, so that's either a bad sign or just because I'm not upright. Hard to tell, hopefully it's totally okay and will go away.
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Hokie - Sending lots of hugs, good thoughts, and prayers your way.  hug2.gif  Like Tear said, it can be okay - my sister had spotting/bleeding early in her pregnancy, but went on to carry to full-term.  Take care of yourself! 


Birdie - Thanks for the constipation suggestions - and I've learned that nothing is TMI during pregnancy.  I tried prune juice during the first trimester, I just can't get the stuff down.  Yuck.  Jalepenos seem to work wonders for me.  I swear, I had a stomach of steal pre-pregnany, not sure what happened. 


Tear - How'd your appointment go?  I hope your BP stayed down and all is well with you and baby. 


I never heard anything from the glucose test, so I'm assuming that means I passed.  They said they'd call only if I failed.  Not much else going on - except a nap is about to happen.  I know I'm not anemic anymore, but I'm still just tired, and hot.  This 100 degree heat is ridiculous. 





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It's not quite that hot here, but it hasn't rained in weeks and weeks. Like maybe a month? I feel hot and parched. I am starting to develop a complex...maybe from reading too many fantasy books...but I'm starting to feel like it won't rain until I go into labor. lol... We'll see. smile.gif My appointment isn't until late this afternoon, but thanks for thinking of me! love.gif
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