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Houston Pediatrician - Non-VAX

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My husband and I are choosing to not vaccinate our baby due in January.


Does anyone have any advice on finding a pediatrician? We will also not be circumcising if we have a boy, and I am NOT interested in being harassed for my decisions.


We are in the Pearland area.



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Dr. Cassandra Dickerson here in Sugar Land has been great for us on both those counts, but that's a drive. If you search this forum you'll find other names - Injac, I think, is one. I believe he's more central but may be wrong. Dr. Krenie Stowe won't give you any trouble, but she only takes insurance at a clinic in the Woodlands. She has an office more centrally and does home visits, too.
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We love Injac! He is in Houston and is about 45 minutes from us, but since we rarely ever go, it is worth the drive.  We have been with him for just over 2 years, and he has been 100% supportive of all of our decisions to homebirth, not vax, not circ, extended BFing, co-sleeping, etc... 

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Dr. Louis Pottkotter is also in Sugar Land is generally very AP-friendly.  His office is very small and he doesn't have a full-time nurse but a couple ladies that rotate through but he also answers his own on-call calls.  :)  He's called us back himself several times late on a Saturday night.

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