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I'm on bed rest :-(

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I'll apologize again for being so out of the loop. We finally got internet at our new house today after a month of trying to convince the company to come hook it up! I expect I'll be much more active now...


I had my regular appointment last Thursday afternoon (with the "big" ultrasound), where I learned that my cervix is "worrisomely" short and got sent directly to the hospital. I spent Thursday night there being monitored and got to come home Friday evening, but I'm on bed rest for the duration of the pregnancy.


Here's hoping these two girls stop trying so hard to get out! I think they are afraid their brother is having too much fun without them, and they don't want to miss anything...


Hope everyone else is well.

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Oh my, that's such a long time to be on bedrest!  I hope it does the trick for you, however.... and that you have some good friends and family to keep you company and give you personal support!

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glad you got internet on this looong road of bedrest! We are here for you!

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Awful greensad.gif! So sorry! It's good that you found out now for the safety of the babies though. Hugs.

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Oh no! So sorry to hear that. grouphug.gif


Have you signed up here yet http://www.sidelines.org/?  I have no personal experience, but I've heard good things.

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I am so sorry. I am glad you have internet again to help pass the time. 

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Oh no!

I'm so sorry Abbey. Hopefully you and Starlit can connect and commiserate. I am about to go in for my 24 week u/s and I'm hoping that it's super uneventful.  (Any other twin Moms doing monthly u/s now? They said it's standard, but it seems weird to me)


I'm so glad you have internet now at least! 

Wow- things aren't looking super fantastic for the twin Moms in our DDC- we've had some bumps. I hope your girls and Starlit's little ones stay in and come out nice and healthy much, much later.


Stay sane and strong!!

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I hope your baby girls stay put for a good long time yet hug.gif . So glad you got the internet for entertainment!

MBG - I don't know how often I'll have U/S's. I have one more in a few weeks, but after that, I have no idea.
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Oh, no. I'm so sorry you are on bedrest! Many good thoughts for your girls to stay in there for a while yet. Ditto the recommendation for Sidelines. No personal experience but I have heard very good things.

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Oh no!!  I'm sorry Abbey!  I hope you have a good support network- you and the babies will be in my thoughts and prayers! 


My cervix was 1.9 cm at my 20 week u/s and I was put in the hospital for monitoring too, turns out I was also contracting every 2 minutes as well.  I was put on bedrest and have been on it since then so I definitely feel for you!  Since that appointment, I've been hospitalized four times for preterm labor and shortened cervix, thankfully never more than 2 days.  Two weeks ago, my cervix was at 1.6, but this week it was up to 2.4 (yay!!!) so I feel that the bedrest DOES help!  (I'm also taking Procardia for the contractions).  Do you know what your cervical length measurement was?


How were the girls looking at your u/s?  I've been getting weekly ultrasounds (although I think they're going to start doing them a little less frequently if my cervix stays up past 2.0cm) and thankfully, my boys have been doing great so far.  It's funny that you say that your twins are trying to get out so they don't miss out on the fun with their older brother... I say the same exact thing about mine!  lol  =)



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Abbey, that sucks, I'm sorry. Lots of stay-put-vibes going out to your little girls! grouphug.gif

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Stay put babies!! hug2.gif

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Starlit, they said it was 2.0 cm. The contracting thing is so weird...I was not contracting at the hospital (except once, which I totally didn't feel) - it seems strange to me that we could be having regular contractions without being able to feel them. It's just so different from last time. I'm so encouraged that yours lengthened! That makes me feel like there's hope. :-)


MBG- here's to an uneventful ultrasound! I've been having them monthly since the beginning, but I guess they'll be more frequent now.


Thanks, everyone, for the stay-put vibes and the suggestions. I will check out Sidelines...and yes, thank GOODNESS for the internet. What did people on bedrest do before they could get online? :-)

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Thinking of you today... how are things going?

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