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ISO: Pediatrician in Portsmouth, VA

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We are adopting a baby who will be born in Portsmouth, VA.  Our agency told us yesterday that it would be best for us to find a separate pediatrician from the hospital.  We will have to get a letter from this doctor saying the baby is healthy enough to fly home.  We are non-vaxers and I don't want to be given a hard time by a doctor we will only be seeing for one visit.  TIA for any suggestions.

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Did they say why you needed a Dr separate from the hospital one? Is the baby being born at the military hospital in Portsmouth?

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They said it was best so that we don't end up getting charged for all of the baby's bills in the hospital.  They have had it happen where medicaid will not pay if there is another insurance on file with the same doctor.  I guess we're just going to end up going off of someone on our provider list in the area.  Hopefully it won't be a big deal.

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hmmmm I can see if anyone I know knows of a good ped in that area. We are on the other side of the tunnel so I am not to sure. I just put it out on my facebook to see if any of my friends knew of one that wont give you a hard time.

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