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ulcer like things innner lip

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I have been having these ulcer like things in my inner bottom lip.
They are like what a burn looks like on the skin.

Any ideas?
I brush 3 times a day!
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mouth ulcers? That's if it's on the inside wet part or your lip...on the dry part they're called fever blisters and often are a form of not-usually-sexually- transmitted herpes. Mouth ulcers just happen to me. I get them when I have too much sugar or citrus in my diet. One shot with anbesol usually clears it up...probably something natural I could use, I don't know.
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Try making a paste with tumeric and water to put on it. It always works for me. Citrus and tomatoes are what causes those sores for me, so I try to avoid them.
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Vit B tablet 2ice a day and a dab of iodine every 90 mins for 2 days (or whenever possible) will put this in the bin.

Hope this helps.

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Toothpaste can make them worse. You may want to go without it for a bit. And staying away from citrus till they're gone helps too, as others have said.
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Open up an acidopholous capsule & pat the powder onto the sores.
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i will try the accidopholis.
i got some Biologically active mouthwash by JASON natural cosmetics.
Hopefully that'll kill some of the germies.
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I only ever get them from orange juice and Tom's spearmint toothpaste. I can eat spearmint just fine, and can use their wintergreen with no problem. When I get them, I'm talking 5-7 at once. Whoo Nellie.

Intense stress'll do it to dh...last time he got this wierd numbing film stuff to put on them, which helped him eat. Once I avoid whatever is doing it, they go away fast.
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