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help with strange symptoms

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OK, I'm trying to tell myself not to worry about this but....

Here's whats going on. I'm 29 and pretty overweight. I have been pregnant or breastfeeding for the past six years. My two year old just stopped nursing in February. My periods have been sporatic with off and on stretches of three or four periods where I will have one a month. I had a regular period in February and then a light but not abnormal one in April. That was the last period I had. I keep having these pelvic cramps (light) that seem like I'm getting ready to start my period and then I don't. I took a couple pregnancy tests last month but haven't taken any in the past few weeks.

Do you have any ideas what is up?

My worry wort brain is thinking something is serious!!!

I haven't had a year exam since I was pregnant with my two eyar old. I want to go in to do it, but I'm nervous at the same time and I know I won't be able to get in for a couple weeks anyway with the way my insurance is.

Should I be worried?

Has anyone else experineced strange cycles as they came off breastfeeding?

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Were you having irregular cycles while breastfeeding or is the irregularity something new since weaning?  If the former I can tell you that I absolutely had irregular cycles for well over a year after AF returned postpartum.  They started normalizing when dd nightweaned.  Your body could definitely just need more time after being pregnant and breastfeeding for so long.  At this point I personally would not be worried, but a checkup wouldn't hurt!  Follow your gut if something really feels off. 


Cysts could cause delayed bleeding and cramping, but they generally resolve on their own within a few weeks.  You could also start charting to see what's happening with ovulation and your luteal phase.  This could clue you in to potential issues as well, which could be helped with tweaks to your diet and exercise routines. You mentioned you're overweight and since progesterone and estrogen are both stored in fat, being over or underweight can affect the balance of these hormones.  If you haven't charted before and are interested in starting I recommend reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility.  And of course post questions if you have some!


Good luck!

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Thanks for your response Jaimee!

Two days after I posted this I started my period and it was normal and everything. I started charting so I can really see what is going on here if it happens. Again. Thanks!


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Great Emily!  You can log your temp and cervical fluid data on a free site like www.fertilityfriend.com so that you can share your charts online with us and we can give you tips or help you decipher anything that might be confusing.  To share your chart, just scroll down underneath it and click the "share" button.  Then copy and paste the url.


Glad everything turned out just fine!  thumb.gif

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