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Anyone else past their EDD and just letting nature take it's course? - Page 2

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I'm 40 weeks and 4 days...not nearly as far as all of you, but since I am with an OB I'm facing an induction next Monday if nothing happens.  Two nights ago and night before last I had contractions all night 10-20 minutes apart, but I'm having nothing during the day.  We've been doing sex, walking, spicy food, pineapple.  I have an OB appointment tomorrow and I think I'm going to let her strip my membranes.  I did it last time and ended up with my water breaking before I had contractions, but this time I would know to stay home longer before heading in to the hospital.  I don't really want to do it, but if I'm going to get full-out induced next Monday I feel like having her sweep my membranes is worth a shot.  Luckily at least she's not making me get induced exactly one week past my due date, I get a few more days.

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I'm 40+1 and seeing an OB tomorrow about induction. I discussed it with my doctor today and she is more than happy to induce me because of PUPPP and a blood condition that I have (when I go into labor they have to prepare specially washed blood in case I hemorrhage. Washing the blood takes about 12 hours my specialist said so they have to know well in advance).


I'm feeling guilty about wanting this induction though. I know logically it is probably the safest for me due to the blood issue, and it would be nice for me because of the PUPPP (i cant sleep or do anything i'm so itchy and swollen, every minute i'm awake is spent trying to get rid of the itch and being angry/miserable), and since it's in the hospital baby would be well monitored but still feeling very very guilty about wanting it. I don't plan on taking an epidural or painkillers during labor if I can help it at least. =/

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I'm 40 + 5 and waiting.....No medical interventions just a midwife recommended sonogram to check  fluid levels and fetal monitoring twice a week. I personally would like to forgo that because any intervention and monitoring can lead to further intervention.


Hang in there Mamas!! & post those pics when baby is out!!!!

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41+3 here and desperate for baby to come out.....so many factors are working against me I just cannot believe I am waking up every morning still pregnant.  I have fought tooth and nail throughout this whole pregnancy for a VBAC and unless this baby is out by Monday it looks like it wont be happening.   So far tried walks, stairs, castor oil, sex, nipple stimulation, EPO....seriously thinking of 'unweaning' my 2 year old to see if a good nursing session wont bring on proper labour (and not the kind that fizzles out after 2 hours).  


I think if I get another email asking me if I have 'had the baby yet' I am going to scream.......

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40+3 here too, hanging in there...Baby still feels very high so trying to go for walks & have a little sex when we can, but otherwise I'm not going to start worrying about taking things up a notch myself until 41 weeks. I just don't want to risk out of my free-standing birth center.

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Barefoot, my baby was -3 station when I was admitted in labor--5 cm 100% effaced and ctx every 5 mins 90 sec long.  I really don't think he did much, if any moving down until the last 30 minutes of labor when I was complete and stood up from the tub. He had a big head that did NOT want to move down on it's own LOL  The only good thing was that, while I had that late pregnancy pressure, I really didn't get to that bowling ball between the legs can't move stage at the end.


Hugs to all the mamas still waiting! We'll be reading your birth stories before you know it, and you'll be holding those gorgeous babies soon!

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I'm 40+2 and my doula goes out of town tomorrow (Friday July 1-Sunday). So I'm hoping for either tonight at dinner or honestly not until after she gets back. I mean, I have two backups from her for this weekend, but I spent the big bucks for her and she knows us, you know? And our hospital is the sort of hospital where you really really want a good doula on your side. I guess we'll just see...

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40+5 here. My midwife offered to do an internal exam and/or sweep my membranes at my last appt., which was at 40+3, but I declined. I don't know if I'll feel differently if I'm at my next appt., which will be 41+3. The nice thing is that I don't automatically risk out of my home birth at 42 weeks, but I will have to go for a BPP. That's part of the agreement she has with the OB who oversees her. Personally I think baby will come before then on his/her own. I have started inserting EPO at night, but that's it as far as trying to do anything to move the process along. I keep going back to my hypnobabies scripts when I need a reminder that my baby will come in baby's perfect birthing time when baby is ready.

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Just wanted to say that I'm thinking of all you "post date" mamas.  Sending lots of labor vibes out today.  joy.gif

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Thank you imalego. All labor vibes are certainly welcome and appreciated!

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Thanks for the labor vibes! So far, they're not working, but there's still time for a July 4th baby, right? My doula called to check in; she was going to either drive or take the train (easier) downtown with her husband for the evening. I told her to do whatever she likes, as there is nothing happening here at the moment. Some tightening and painless contractions, but nothing to write home about. I guess it's time to see if the pineapple is ripe enough to cut; may as well have a bunch of that tonight. *sigh* 40+6...

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Vibes vibes vibes!!! Comin out soon!


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42w 5d. had a u/s set up for last friday, but had total pg brain and missed it (it was 1 hr away and we left too late). so trying to reschedule on a holiday weekend wasn't going to happen, so we are set up for tomorrow (when i set it up on friday, i didn't think i would actually need it). we went to see our midwife on saturday and me and the baby look good so far. i'm lucky that she won't risk me out just b/c i'm a certain # of weeks. the midwife made me feel much better about waiting until our baby is ready (she was 3 weeks late with her 4th baby). she felt my cervix and said that it is softening, but closed too tightly for a sweep. so i'm just waiting... using epo orally and suppository, drinking rrl tea, walking, swimming, yoga, resting, eating tons of pineapple, seeing my chiro 2x a week, acupressure, sex (basically almost everything that you have ever heard of). i even tried spicy food, but that kept me up all night with heartburn. hoping to hear/share birth stories soon!  

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