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As to me saying that Im only concerned because she is and you not believing it. That is your choice. I don't care for being called a liar either but what I said is ABSOLUTELY the case and is very true.  Believe it or not. I don't really care.  I know what is true and I know what the deal is. 


As to why to delete it?   Because its my thread. I started it. And on any other forum I have ever been on, one had the ability to delete ones own threads.  So by Friday, I will delete all my answers and just give up on this thread. Thank you to those that participated but this is at an end. I did, finally get some useful information so will leave it at that. Thanks

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Originally Posted by Adaline'sMama View Post
Can you see how your first the bolded could make people think that you are saying she is fat?
oye vey. i certainly did not come to that conclusion. to me it sounded like she was telling "us" the reader. 

No one attacked you, no one said anything out of line, so why would a mod delete it for you? There is nothing here that is against the UA and it doesnt seem that you have shared personal information that could be dangerous to you IRL. One of the things that disappoints me about the forums recently is how many people seem to delete everything themselves or ask for something to be deleted just because it didnt go their way. Does not make sense, and is actually against the UA. Did you PM a mod, or did you just ask on the thread?

this is NOT good. i absolutely do not like this line of thinking. so just coz it helped others Rani has to give up her rights for the masses. i dont care if she has or hasnt given info IRL. its her absolute right to want HER OWN thread deleted. i personally think she has shared enough personal info that she doesnt want to be seen anymore. yes people change their mind. and they have a right to. i am sure she wouldnt have asked for thread deletion if her original post had not appeared quoted elsewhere. 


people on this board have shared some intense personal issues which they change their minds about being public. i see this as one. but that doesnt matter. this is rani's thread and absolutely she has the right to ask for deletion. everyone has the right to ask for deletion and acted upon.


where i am concerned - if i was in rani's shoes, i would not want it up coz "I" would not want the chance of dd reading it. "I" would only do this if i was struggling to find an answer and needed help with that. the amount i share and talk about dd is just the tip of the iceburg. i dont say a LOT coz she doesnt want me talking about her in public. 

so who owns the intellectual property rights of what one says at MDC? if its spelt out in the UA pardon my question. i havent read it in quite a while. 


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It's the internet... and just because one thread is deleted does not mean it's gone.  It's never gone.  So for future reference all... don't put up something you don't want out there.


Sorry Rani if you were hurt by our comments.  However I think quite a few of us found this helpful for our own situations.  We need to remind ourselves that our daughters get their image issues through us and if we want to help them we need to find a healthy way to do it.  I imagine that's what you were looking for.  And the picking at your words did not help your search.  Sorry. 

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