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Ouch to the Bose stereo there... 


mostly books, torn the covers off of paperbacks and stuff. my first cellphone got drooled on once too much and fried, while my husband was gone for six months.. sigh. lots of bouqets and stuff. Scrapbook paper

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The Wii. Twice. 

Dog crate. 

Cabinet doors. 


Countless toys. 

Garden hose. 


Two armchairs. 

Airport Express. 

Two DVD players. 


Set of outdoor solar lights(you're right, these are a bad idea). 

Countless wine glasses. 


Oh, geez, I could go on and on. 

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Wow, my son was/is evidently amazingly undestructive!


He did make one snip with scissors into my mom's Navajo rug.  That was probably the worst thing he did.  He chipped the bathtub when I gave him metal measuring cups to play with in the tub when he was in the banging stage.  He accidentally made a scratch in my eyeglasses, once.   Dh has broken more dishes than he has...

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full grown sunflowers





a bed frame 

disney figurines

countless CDs and VCR tapes

perscription glasses (at least twice)

freshly baked cupcakes that were meant for the class

one kid cut her hair a lot and badly

one kid ended up breaking the others arm


the list could go on 

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Love this thread, aww the memories it bring back!


My list;

My carpet

my couch and recliners

DD2 recently "painted" herself, bathroom cabinets and floor with a very pricey lotion-that was fun to clean up!

DS once took sharpie to my couch and himself

All our babies have writing on them

my sister made a beautiful quilt for her cradle and she took scissors to it

green acrylic paint on our rental's carpet!

sugar (whole bag) on the said rentals carpet

Dh was holding baby DD2 and she had just had a bath so was naked. He had her in the crack of the rocker next to him and she shot breast fed poo through the crack into the chair and onto the floor beneath!

DH was "watching" DS while I was a a LLLI meeting and he pooed and "painted" the end table and side of recliner with it.


I know there are more but I can't think of them

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So many things! DS1and DD didn't do much, but the twins? Oh my!

Most impressive? At 15 months, the figured out how to open the baby gate at the top of the stairs. Then they both stood on it, swung out over the stairs (which it wasn't supposed to do) and jumped on it until it ripped the giant expansion bolts straight out of the wall. Huge, gaping holes in the wall.

Subsequently, they have pushed each other down these stairs and gotten to ride in the ambulance to the hospital. Loss of consciousness and broken noses all around!

My sanity and nerves are broken.
And they are only 2.5 yo.
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Originally Posted by 34me View Post

um, I know you said to keep it light, but my house....  Lost everything in a fire but on the flip side I didn't have to pay to remodel/update  my 30 yo house!

How scary but I can relate only in a minor sense. 


DH used to drive truck when he first graduated high school and so all his clothes and special items to him was in his truck. I mean he lived in it Sunday to Saturday. We were out doing wedding stuff. And our nephew(3 yrs at the time) started his bed on fire left. Went asked grandma for something to eat and said oh yeah Uncle's truck is on fire. and went back to go eat. This had been his 3rd fire he set. 2 others being the house. And 1 after being the camper. DH smokes so he had tons of lighters on his dash. Rule was he was not allowed to go into the trucks at all. His mom left and didn't tell anyone she was leaving him either so MIL had no idea he was still around to watch him. DH lost everything.



As far as stuff DD has ruined. I would have to say my cell phone while still works its on its last life and I am praying it holds out till next summer when my upgrade is here. 

And the TV remote. We have to bang it on our hand to get it to turn the channel or pull the guide up. Its all from drool too

She also destroyed her mobile in protest to taking a nap. 

Everything else of value I have up at this point. But she is also only 9 months so it has yet to really begin..lol 


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I might add something an older neighbor did. This was several years back, they could not get the VCR to work. Tried and Tried. Took it in to repair. The reason it did not work- the poptart in the carrier their grand daughter who was 3 at the time put in. They think it was there about a week before they discovered it was broke....

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So tell me, what have your kids destroyed?


My body and my mind.


And, lots of other stuff.  Furniture.  Window screens.  Curtains.  You name it, they've destroyed it, or part of it, or are likely to any day now.  


But, it gives me an opportunity to learn to fix something new, or dispose of something else that is cluttering up my very cluttered home.  And, while they may have destroyed my body and mind, they keep my heart full!

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My daughter just used her little crummy kid super non sharp art scissors to cut the curtain in our hotel room.  :(  This is going to be expensive.

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Um,let's see.

Many posters.

every single wall has writing or drawings on it.

many,many clothes.

4 rooms of wall to wall carpeting.

floors under said carpeting(they were pretty bad anyway)

kitchen floor(all our floors are ruined.whoever bought the house to fix it up before we bought it did a really crappy job)

all kinds of toys.

the front of my big gas heater.ds threw a thomas wooden train and it shattered the glass.the gas company fixed it for free,as it was a rental at the time.the man who came out to fix it knew all about autism and was very understanding,thankfully!

many,many dvds,cds,and game cds.


a brand new laptop.I don't know what ds did,but it wouldn't boot up again.Best buy has fixed it twice so far.luckily it was under warranty!Now my dad has it.Ds just is not ready.

sattelite dish remote.a few times.

sattelite dish recievers.a few times.directtv must love us lol!

my desktop vista computer.i don't know what they did,but it has a major virus.


I know there is more,but I think that is enough lol.


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See, at least all my stuff was covered by insurance :-)

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3 wiis, yup 3.

white rug (yup wasnt thinking when i bought that)

my boobs :(

my walls ( crayons, markers, paint, sharpies)

toddler bed frame mattress all of it

more pairs of sneakers then i can count (i don't know how they just ruin them, doesn't matter what brand)

clothes mine and theirs

laptop keys

cameras (2 or 3 not sure)

dvd player

the younger one HAS to take the wheels off of every toy car he possibly can (autism thing, he's not happy unless he can take`things apart, especially wheels)

speaking of which, i fixed it but one of my kitchen chairs were taken apart with a toy screwdriver in 10 mins at age 2)

closet doors (fell through them playing mario. not the video game they were "being" mario and luigi)

bikes/skateboards (again with the wheels)

my garden (they were planting a car tree)

a swing set (the neighborhood kids gave them a hand with that)


i think thats about it.....................for now




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Originally Posted by ollyoxenfree View Post




My waistline


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Originally Posted by Zan&Zav View Post

my garden (they were planting a car tree)



ROTFLMAO.gifNot sure if you're an Eighties Baby; if not, you'll be too young to remember all of the hype surrounding the Smurfs.  My brother and I once destroyed our mom's garden by sowing Smurfberry Crunch cereal in it.  We truly believed that it would yield a substantial Smurfberry crop.....


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A big screen tv and the cable box.  Blue flames are apparently very interesting.  The company made me pay for their melted cable box.

Carpet - lots of gum.  I don't give them gum!

Kitchen table and a dining room chair.

wooden blinds.

The lab lost all the hair on his back and tail due to a hair cut gone wrong.  So embarrassing to walk him after that!

One broken window, barbie can break a window with one toss from a toddler

Two beds  Don't jump on the bed!

Antique rocking chair.

1 tower, fried the motherboard with milk... another blue flame.

Dented the top of my mustang and van.  I have a friend who will fix them both for free thank GOD!



I have girls by the way!




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Two laptops.  The first was dropped about 6 feet (off a porch) on to concrete, DS was trying to show a relative something and down it went.  The second was fried when DS spilled juice on it.


A cell phone or two.  (Cell phones don't last long in our family.)


Portable DVD player

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A laptop or two. My current one is still going but with many dents and a few keys that do not work well. Just with DS1 alone in a 6 month period we went through 4 power supplies.


Too many cell phones to remember, before I needed a smart phone, I used to go to the store and ask for the phone they gave the construction workers knowing it was very durable!


DVD player, all the stereo equipment, what feels like a dozen remotes over the years


A new iPod touch bit the dust over the weekend. eyesroll.gif


Just about all the furniture in the house. Another couple years and we say we are just going to go out and buy everything again. 


Interior of the cars. DH never understands how this happens, um you try spending hours a day in the car with kids. Really. 


Any carpeting in any house we've bought. Our current cork flooring as well. 


And I'm sure there are many, many more! 

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DS1, to the best of my recollection only destroyed one couch (one piece of a sectional, and two cushions). He spilled red nail polish all over it.


All of the kids, in a joint effort with my ex-husband, have destroyed my dining suite. We're keeping it another year or two, until dd2 is past her toddler years, and then we'll get something that's not quite so trashed looking.


Let's see...


A pair of prescription glasses (oh - that was ds1, as well - he pulled them off my face and threw them, when he was about 9 months old).


More toys than I can remember


The bunk beds (several broken slats, as well as mulitple tooth marks, and they were brand new when they started using them).


Books (mostly dd2 - she's the one who loves books, but she also tears pages sometimes)


Quite a few dishes.


Multiple VHS tapes, and a few audio cassettes


Three crystal figurines (I collect Swarovski figurines)



I know there's a bunch of other stuff, but I can't remember what. I've been amazingly lucky with electronics, though. I've got 34 "parenting years" (ds1 is 18, dd1 is 8, ds2 is 6, and dd2 is 2) under my belt, and I don't think I've lost any electronics to the kids. (And, yes - I'm knocking on wood as I type!) The kids may have broken the CD player in our old minivan, but it was getting old, so it's hard to say what happened to it...just wish I'd remembered to salvage United Abominations from it when we traded it in.


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The utmost things that come to mind,


DD jumped on the bathroom scale and it brooke the travertine stone floor it was on.  Our brand new home.  But that was the contractors fault for not putting a backing in that spot.


DS wound the antique, swiss music box that plays Brahms lalabye less beautifly now.  I want to get it fixed some day.  he felt so bad


toilett paper holder is looser because of them changing the roll.


PLANTS IN THE GARDEN!! drives me nutty




stains on clothes


cup holder in back seat of car

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