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Okay, I don't get it....

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I can usually follow homeopathy pretty well. I use it the majority of times I am ill. However, this I don't get.

I went to the health food store yesterday to get yeast infection meds. I was definitely looking for something homeopathic so that I wouldn't have to get the gross stuff at the store.

I ended up buying a seven day treatment by Bioron, the folks that make the flu treatment that I swear by. I got home and read the insert and read that it actually had Candida Albicans in it.

I know that homeopathy theorizes that "like cures like," but how does that work with parasitic infections like a yeast infection? Doesn't that just introduce more parasites.

I used it anyway, though.
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The homeopathic philosophy is that the remedy produces symptoms of the illness in HEALTHY people. This is called a proving. The remedy, when given to a person who is ill, will heal. The remedy does not make the person more ill. There may be a healing crisis but it will pass.

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There would have been most likely, such a diluted potency of the Candida Albicans that it would work only energetically. It wouldn't be giving you the actual organisms. It doesn't work that way.
But if you have candida albicans, then a remedy containing it would probably work best, homeopathically speaking.
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Ahh. I see. Well, it seems to be working well, so I'm glad I got it. Thanks!
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