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I just found out today, I'm pregnant!!! But I'm due march 4th and apparently no such forum exists yet. Can I hang out here a few days?

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Congrats! I'll be moving over to March too. I'm technically due the end of February, but I went 42 weeks with my dd, so I figure I'll deliver in March this time.

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Thank, you too! Haha I delivered 6 days early, so I figure I'll deliver in feb ;)

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I'm an end of Feb, so I could also be March...can we leave this thread up and just kind of check in here, maybe for those of us on the cusp?

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The March forum is up now.  I'm flip flopping too.  :)  If I deliver similar to my last, this will be a leap day baby!

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I'm not even about to predict this! lol. I think I'm just going to check both and find threads that interest me and go from there.

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