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how much weight have you gained?

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And how far along are you? Just curious!


I am 22 weeks and have gained about 12 pounds.

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I am 23 wks and have gained between 12 and 15 lbs

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I'm 25 weeks and have gained around 16lbs.

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I'm 24 weeks and have gained 15lb since 7 weeks (this is the number my dr uses because 7 weeks was my first appointment). But from the week before I found out I was pregnant until 7 weeks I lost 5lb. So I'm up 10lb from my pre-pregnancy weight.

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24 weeks today baby number three and as of last midwife visit I am still down 15 lbs. I have plenty to loose, but we also found I have crazy low blood sugar so I need to be eating more!

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24 weeks and about 20 pounds!  I've always ended up with a total gain of about 35, and I'm just about on track for that.

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AT 25wks gained 17lbs with 7 of those just within the last month.  I had the same growth spurt with DS...2" growth on the belly in that time!

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LOL, I think I may get the record on this one... 23 weeks, and as of today, 23 pounds.  Yikes... it is scary to think that in a few more weeks I will outweigh my husband.


Yesterday at our prenatal, my midwives reminded me that baby is going through a huge growth spurt right now.  I'm still working out 5-6 days a week and eating really well, so I do trust my body to be growing exactly the way it needs to be, but when I think about the numbers, it is a little hard for me to swallow!


Also... last weekend we visited NYC and I saw a bunch of old friends and colleagues who all looked super thin (healthy thin).  Three friends who had each had babies within the past 2 years had all lost a ton of weight since I'd seen them (between 6 months to over a year ago), and all looked really great and super healthy.  A group of my old co-workers had all gone on this diet together and all lost huge amounts of weight.  I did have a little bit of a moment.  I love my growing belly.  But suddenly, I felt totally insecure... hello thighs!  hello hips & upper arms!  Where did you come from?!?!?!



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At 13 weeks, I was only up 2-3lbs.
At 22 weeks, I was up about 12.

Today, during week 24? I've gained 17 total, but it is ALL belly. I'm stretching so quick it's freaking me out (and hurting). So much for trying to keep my total gain under 25!
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Wrapping up my 24th week, and I've gained 20 lbs so far. I was a little concerned about not gaining enough since I started out a little underweight and had pretty nasty morning sickness for three months, but obviously it didn't have much of an effect on the scale! It's definitely not all belly though...I swear at least 5 lbs ended up in my boobs lol.gifand even if I didn't have a baby-belly, there's no way I could squeeze my rear end into any of my non-maternity pants. AKChix0r, my belly has been stretching a lot too and is pretty sore...I've been massaging it with pure shea butter (not just rubbing it in but actually kind of kneading it, KWIM?), and that seems to help quite a bit both with the soreness and with alleviating the skin tightness too. 

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21 weeks and 13 lbs

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I'm 24 weeks... 21 pounds. I just remind myself that I quickly lost the weight with DD!

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Ooh, interesting to see everyone's answers.

I'm 25 weeks now and up 9 lb from my first weigh-in at 8 weeks, but up 18 lbs from where I was at 12 weeks!
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I am in my 23rd week of pregnancy and have a total gain of 13lbs. I started out at 105lbs at 8 weeks.

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24 weeks and maybe 5lbs? I'm not sure really. I lost a pound in the last month. I know that because I just got weighed at my appointment today.

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I'm 22 weeks, and have gained about 25 lbs. Not too bad for having twins.
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At 23 weeks I've gained 19lbs. This is actually an accomplishment for me - with my first son, I had gained 28lbs by this point greensad.gif

I gained 50 lbs total in my first pregnancy. I'm hoping to at least keep it under 40lbs this time, especially considering I was still carrying an extra 14lbs when I got pregnant again.
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26 weeks tomorrow and I've gained 18 lbs.


Interestingly, 17 of those happened in the first trimester, when eating was all that kept the nausea at bay. I've gained a pound in the last 12 weeks.


I was hoping to keep the total under 20 lbs (9 kilos), but have now adjusted that goal to under 25 lbs. If I go to 30 lbs (what I gained in my first pregnancy) I will just deal with it, but I would rather not gain any extra weight that isn't necessary for the baby. I started the pregnancy slightly over my personal happy point, and don't want to have more to lose afterward. I'm 35 and, shockingly, it hasn't gotten any easier to lose weight as I have gotten older!  ;-)


Amy May, hugs to you. I know that, 'I'm know I'm healthy, but I feel insecure in this group,' feeling. Not fun. You are clearly doing GREAT and are creating a wonderfully healthy environment for your babe. Also, for what it's worth, I know not every women experiences this, but I certainly found that breastfeeding a voracious kiddo was fantastic for weight loss afterward.

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2 lbs at my 23 week appt. I'm 25 weeks now, but I don't own a scale.

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How are you people gaining 2-5 pounds???!!!$#@%^$

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