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31 weeks and I have gained 30lbs! Holy crap, and I am only 5'2". I though I would gain the typical 25-35lbs total during this pregnancy, but apparently I am in store for a bit more than that. It scares me that only around 15lbs of this will go away after my baby is born... then I will have an additional 30lbs or so to lose on my own... Oh my good lord almighty... I feel SO huge!

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31w and 11lbs.

I was in the negatives until after 20wks. Typical for me to lose about 10+lbs in the first trimester.

My weight gain with others has ranged from 1lb-29lb, So anywhere from nothing to 30 seems a fine amount for me

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30.5 weeks and I'm back down to only gaining 20lbs. I was up to 206 (5'7") a few weeks ago, but dropped back to 204 this week. I'm eating like a horse though, so my midwife said all is well. My goal was to only gain 25, but I'll be ok with 30... Just need to slow down the ravenous food consumption lately...
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30 weeks and I'm 17 pounds up. 5 of those in the last week!

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32 weeks tomorrow. I am still down one pound.

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At 28 weeks, 4 days and gained 10 pounds. No gain for the past two months. I started about 60 pounds overweight though so I'm pretty much on target. I was told I shouldn't gain more than 20 pounds.

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31 weeks today, and I'm up to a total of 13 pounds.  I was negative until about 20 weeks.  If things keep on track, hopefully I'll stay around a total of 25 pounds, which is a good place to be for starting overweight.  I've never gained this slowly before, so it's new to me!  4 of those pounds were in just the last 3 weeks, however!  Need to start controlling my ice cream cravings right about now.  ;)

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32 weeks and 15 pounds. I was about 10 pounds overweight to start with, so if at all possible I would like to keep it around 20 pounds total. This past week I gained 2 pounds from eating crap, for some reason I had a major honey cruller craving!

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31.5 weeks and up 21 lbs....I started out 13 lbs over my pp weight with DS so hoping to keep the total gain under 30lbs but ideally closer to 26 lbs or so...we'll see.

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24 lb at 29 weeks.  Yikes.  Last time I was right on target all the way through and ended up gaining 29 lb total.  14 lb came off at birth and it took me a *year* to lose the remaining 15 (granted I wasn't trying really).  This time I am hovering at the upper edge of the max recommended weight gain.  (I started both pregnancies at a healthy weight - BMI 21.8 for DD and 21.4 for this baby.)


Honestly my biggest motivation to keep it down is I really do not want to deal with delivering a big baby - DD was just under 7 lb and that was hard enough, thank you.

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29 weeks, 12 lbs at my last appointment.  I started out about 3 lbs heavier than before my first pregnancy.  Heavier than I'd like to be, but not significantly so.  

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At 30 weeks I've gained 29 lbs. I gained a total of 50 with my first son, so I'm just hoping to keep it under 40 this time!
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I'm 30 weeks and now 18 pounds up.  It is feeling like a lot more, I can't breath!  I'm a bit worried that none of my winter clothes will fit.  I hate buying new clothes, but I suppose I will just have to suck it up.

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31 weeks today and I've gained 26 pounds. I don't actually feel very big anywhere but my very round belly, but obviously other bits of me are larger than I realize...I turned around yesterday and knocked a water glass off the table with my bum Sheepish.gif. DH of course thought it was hilarious. 

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