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Lamb Liver?

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I'm getting some lamb liver this weekend, anyone have any experience with it? I assume it's a lot like beef liver, and I plan on just cooking it up the same way, but I'd love more info on the vitamin content (is it as heavy on the B vits?) and some cooking ideas, if you have any. :)

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I've seen that in the store and am curious about that myself. I'll be eager to see any suggestions people people might have as well.
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I have been wondering about the nutrition content of lamb liver as well because there seems to be sources near where I live that are selling it for significantly less that the source I have for beef and buffalo liver.  Hopefully someone can fill us all in :)


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Ok, I ran it through cronometer, just to see.


In one ounce of raw lamb liver, there is:

39 calories

5 grams of protein

.5 carbs

1.4 grams of fat


Nutrient breakdown:

You'll get 912% of your RDA of B12! yikes.gif

And 161% of your RDA of Vitamin A!

152% of your RDA of copper


Also significant amounts of:

B1, B2, B3, B5, Folate, Iron, Phosphorus, Selenium, and Zinc


I don't know how that compares to beef liver, or chicken livers, actually, but it sounds similar. Your B complex, vit A, etc...

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Thanks for the info :)

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