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Sign up here if you want a spotlight thread!

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OK, as per discussion about how the spotlight threads are (not) working, let's move to a model where everyone who wants to be a part of those signs up to participate.


What does it mean to sign up?


Signing up here means that:


1) You will, at some point in the next few months, have a thread where you are in the spotlight. This means that others will ask you questions. You don't have to respond to everything, but if you are signing up here, that means you are willing to at least answer some of them. smile.gif


2) You are also interested in getting to know the other DDC members a little better, and will ask a question or two in some or most of their threads, pick up on things you think are interesting and ask more, etc.


Basically, you want to participate in these threads by asking questions, and, when it's your turn, answering questions.


What do I do to sign up?


Just post a reply here that you would like to participate.


We will leave this thread open and people can keep signing up as they like.


What happens after signing up?


I will start individual spotlight threads starting this coming Monday. We'll go down the list in sign-up order. Once we start to have an idea of numbers, I'll figure out approximately how often we need to start the threads. We may need to do two each week, or something like that.


What if I already had a spotlight thread?


Since a number of spotlight threads have been pretty low in participation, I think it's fair for those who already had a group spotlight thread to sign up for an individual one as well. However, if anyone disagrees with this, please say so.


What if I don't think I'm a "regular"?


All the more reason to have a spotlight thread so that we can get to know you! smile.gif  Please do sign up if you want to participate. All DDC members are enthusiastically and warmly welcome to participate.


Concerns? Questions?


Feel free to post here, on the other thread, or PM me.


Looking forward to getting to know everyone a little better!love.gif

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List of spotlight threads below. Although we could technically get through everyone who is currently signed up by October, that means that there is no room for anyone else to sign up, and there is a strong possibility that some DDC members will have their babies before they have their spotlight thread. So I doubled everyone up, I hope no one minds.


RosemaryS-F: June 27-July 3

Amy May: June 27-July 3

La Bruja: July 4-10
by-the-lake: July 4-10

theboysmama: July 11-17
nicolian: July 11-17
tank: July 18-24

hjdmom24: July 18-24

Poodge: July 25-31

Mainebirdgirl: July 25-31

Hykue: Aug 1-7

akayerich: Aug 1-7

dear abbey: Aug 8-14

Trinket90: Aug 8-14

livacreature: Aug 15-21

AtomHeartMother: Aug 15-21

Aprilmoon1: Aug 22-28

theboysmama: Aug 22-28

corrabelle: Sep 2-8

Teruterubozu: Sep 2-8

not_telling: Sep 12-18


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I will sign up.

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Me too! Thanks for doing this!

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Count me in! As a new member I think this is a great way to be more involved and get to know everyone better...thanks for organizing this, Pi!

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I'm game!

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Sign me up!
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Me, please! :)

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signing up

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I'm in :)

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Me! thanks pi!


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Count me in! I loved reading the spotlight threads and am sad they didn't take off!


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Ooh!  Ooh!  Mememememe!


And I'll ask lots of questions too, because if people are answering I won't fear overwhelming them!

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Joining in the fun!

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I'd like to sign up...sorry for missing the boat before.
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Me! Sounds like fun.

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First two threads are up!




Amy May

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I'm game. :)

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OK, list is updated to here! I may not be around much in the next few weeks; Hykue has graciously agreed to start the threads during that time.

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if it's not too late, i'm down for this.

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