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Red dots on toddlers tummy

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This morning I noticed faint little red dots on my toddlers tummy but didn't think too much of it because it was barely noticeable.  Now before bed, they are really red and have spread all across his chest, tummy and a little on his diaper area. Does anyone know what he could be?  I am freaked out.  I am going to take him to the doctor but I know I am going to drive myself crazy worrying about it in the meantime.


Diet wise he's grain free, dairy free, corn free and the only thing that has changed in his diet is that I introduced digestive enzymes on Monday.  Would that cause this?

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My DS had something similar to this over the winter & it freaked me out, but it was related to his dry skin/mild eczema that flares up when he skin is dry. Does your DS have any skin sensitivity or eczema issues?

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Has he had a fever?  It might be roseola. (Even maybe without the fever.)

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No fever, he seemed to be doing great.  He had eczema up until 6 months go but it completely went away once we cut out all gluten, dairy and corn.  I am hoping he doesn't have a new sensitivity :(


Would starting digestive enzymes cause this?

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I was thinking roseola too. My DS is grain, dairy, soy, corn free, and his eczema is also gone now. He broke out in to the same rash yesterday. He had a very high fever this weekend so I'm relatively sure it's roseola. It is almost entirely clear today... hope your little man's disappears just as easily.

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It could be strep or heat rash.
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Thanks everyone for the replies!


I went to the doctor today, she said it's a virus.  She said he must have had a fever at one point but I didn't notice it and the rash came once the fever broke.  It could very well be roseola, she didn't give me a name.


I could not be any happier that this is a virus that will pass versus a food sensitivity!  I feel like I finally have everything under control and would have cried if I had to start guessing all over again!

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