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Hi Mamas

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Hi Everyone,

have loved Mothering from the time I first read it at my midwives clinic. Was sad when I subscribed, just as the print edition stopped being...but now I'm here and glad to start being part of the community. Unfortunately, not around too many mothers who make the same choices as me. I'm glad to find the support here. 


Looking forward to being part of the community.



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joy.gif  Welcome to the Mothering boards!

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Welcome Eco Ima! I had the same experience of subscribing at the same time they stopped publishing. I was sooo disappointed. I have found lots of good info and like minded people here though and I'm sure you will, too!

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Thanks a lot for the welcomes!!!joy.gif

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Welcome! This is a great community for those of us who don't quite fit in elsewhere.

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Hello and welcome!


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Welcome.gif Welcome to Mothering!
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Glad you're here!

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