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Beginner's question re: temps and LH surge

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Hi ladies,

This is my first post here, but I've been reading posts for a few weeks--what a smart, great group of women! 


I have a question: I'm on CD 14, and this morning got a +OPK test, but had also woken up with a temp rise.  Usually my temp is 97.33, but today it was 97.53.  So, it's not a huge rise, but I'm usually at the same temp.  Also, took a OPK test yesterday afternoon that was neg.

This will probably sound like a silly question to you all, but is it possible that I already O'd? No, right?  

Maybe my temp rise is due to stress?  I have to fly for work this weekend, and am not a great flyer (to put it mildly wink1.gif).  


Well, in any case, BD this morning before my flight, for sure!


Thanks, all.  Really excited to have found this community!


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Like you said, it's not a huge rise and minor (even relatively major) temperature fluctuations could be due to all sorts of things.  This most definitely includes stress as you may not have had as restful a sleep so your temps didn't dip as low as usual.  Because you plan to BD this morning you're still in the game as the timing is right.  Have a safe flight :)

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Welcome to MDC!!  wave.gif


I agree with the pp, lots of things can affect your temp slightly (illness, injury, stress, travel, strenuous exercise, disturbed sleep, etc.) and I wouldn't call that much of a temp rise- yet.  How long have you been charting?   Do you know your typical O temp pattern?  Some women have slow rise patterns where their temps slowly climb after their peak day.  This could be the start of that type of pattern-  indicating that you did already O or it could just be a slightly higher temp.  Keep in mind that one temp does not a pattern make.  Wait to see if the next few days bring higher temps.  Though also keep in mind that travel can mess with your temp, especially if you're changing time zones.  What is your CF like?  Eggwhite CF would be a good indication that you're gearing up to O soon, but that you have not yet.  Often women dry up the day after O.  Can you share your chart with us?


As for the OPK, are you using the strips that gradually darken or the straight +/- kind (or smiley face kind)?  If the OPK is working for you, generally you will O 24-36 hours AFTER your peak reading.  So definitely DTD today.  Sometimes it's hard to know if you've caught the peak reading so it's really best to keep DTD through your temp spike and a day or so beyond.   Good luck!

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I've also seen a reference to a study that showed that in some cases, temperature begins to rise before ovulation, so you could be ovulating today, and that's why your temp is up.  Best wishes.

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I don't think you already O'd.  I think the temp is off/ a fluke.

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Thanks, all--I really appreciate your insight!


This morning I took another OPK test, and it was negative.  However, it was a different brand.  The one I got a pos on was a smiley face one (CBE?), this one was a Target cheapie.  Also, my temp today was the same as yesterday.  I am traveling, so I know that can affect everything.  Do you think it's possible that I O'd yesterday afternoon/night?  I had abundant CM yesterday, but with the same temps this morning, I don't know...


I'm so frustrated that I'm traveling this weekend.  Argh!  Isn't that just the way!?


Here is a link to my chart--I hope it works:



Thanks again!


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To me, it's hard to tell because it's only one chart and it's missing the first week+ (so it's hard to tell what your baseline is).  For example, if your temps tend to stay in the 96 area pre-o, you may have ovulated EARLIER than you thought on about day 9 or 10.  

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More information would be helpful to make a good guess at this point, but if I had to guess I would say that you have not yet O'd.  Your temps are fluctuating and there is no obvious set of lower and higher temps.  The OPK doesn't mean much b/c something else could  have caused it to turn positive, but more likely you were gearing up to O with the day of eggwhite and didn't quite get there. 


Are you tracking your CF daily?  Can you fill in observations for any of the past 3 days?  Even if you were dry, mark it as dry.  Your CF is likely to be a better indicator than the OPK's.   Are you traveling to a different time zone right now?  If not, your temp may not be affected much.  If so, definitely mark these temps with the different time (if you did take it at a different time).  Usually it takes 2 days (2 temps) to adjust to the new time zone.  So those two temps should be marked as disturbed so that you can draw on that information later if necessary.

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