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Baby Levi is here!

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Our little baby Levi David joined us Wednesday evening at 5:58 p.m.!  He was almost 2 weeks early, which was a little surprising, but only a little.  I half expected him to come early.  My last baby was 9 days early and my dates were a little ambiguous, we went with the latest possible date just to be on the safe side and give us extra time if needed.


Anyway, I posted in the TMI thread that I was having lots of loose stools starting last Saturday.  And starting on Sunday I felt very period like crampy, for a solid 3 days.  Monday I started having excessive mucousy discharge.  Tuesday I had my 38 week check-up and told the midwife that I had been very crampy and had lots more discharge than normal.  She didn't make much of it, it could be soon, but could not be.  But I really felt like it was going to be soon and told her.  After my appt., we took the whole family (including my mom, who only came into town the day prior), to a hands-on science museum.  We spent the whole afternoon there and had a lot of fun.  But my stomach was upset the whole time, upper tummy upset, not lower GI stuff.  I kind of felt like I needed to throw up.  I wondered if it meant anything, I don't recall having that as an early labor symptom with my others.  When we got home in the evening, I noticed the mucousy discharge was now bloody and was nearly certain that we'd have a baby in the next 24 hours, since that's a certain indicator for me.  


My girls had a sleepover that night, some friends were moving out of town this coming weekend and had packers coming, so we were going to have their 2 older children over for one last sleepover.  Then in the morning, she was suppose to bring her 2 year old over for me to watch during the day as well.  I was very nervous about having them over, but knew it was absolutely the last chance they'd have.  So I jokingly asked the dad of the girls what he wanted me to do if I went into labor during the night, since we were planning a homebirth, I figured they might sleep through it all, or if they'd rather me call them to come get them.  I don't think he took me seriously and just said to do whatever I wanted to do.  


Before bed, I scrubbed both bathrooms very well, washed the diapers and a load of our clothes, cleaned things up a bit, and turned up the hot water heater.  My mom didn't catch on that anything might be up.  LOL!  I woke up at 4:30 a.m. after having several contractions wake me from sleep during the hour prior.  I couldn't sleep any longer, so I got up.  I would have a really hard contraction once every 15-20 minutes with very light contractions approximately every 3 minutes.  I had serious backache and crampiness going on the whole time.  I called the midwife at 7 a.m. to tell her I didn't know what to make of it since it wasn't getting any more intense or closer together, but I was fairly certain we'd have a baby that day, maybe 10 hours from then, maybe less, I just wasn't quite sure.  She said she'd check in on me later since another mom was doing the same thing and she was suppose to be doing appt's that morning.  


As daylight hit and kids got up, my contractions all but subsided.  I was still pretty crampy and had a bad backache, but the contractions came so infrequently I was almost disappointed.  I wondered if baby was in a bad position.  I called the mama of the girls who were sleeping over and asked to not watch the 2 year old since I wasn't feeling real great and thought I might be having a baby later that day.  Also asked her to pick the girls up by lunch time instead of later in the day so I could take a nap.  I felt a little bad since I knew they had movers at their house and needed help with the kids, but had to think about myself this time.  In the meantime, I made a batch of RRL tea and drank several cups worth.  After lunch I told my mom I was going to take a long nap.  In the privacy and quiet of my room I was able to sleep and began to have hard contractions again, about once every half hour between 1:30 and 3:30, they would wake me, but then I'd go back to sleep.  After 3:30 the very hard contractions came consecutively at 15 minutes apart, then 8 min, then 5 min., then 6 min., then I texted my husband and told him they were so hard but spaced farther apart than I was used to.  I waited through just a few more about 5-6 minutes apart, then called the midwife since she was 1.5 hours away and told her she should head this way since the contractions were SO very intense.  She was in the middle of an appt.  I also asked my husband to come home asap and finally told my mom and the girls that we were going to have a baby soon.  About a half hour later, the midwife and asst. called to say they were on their way.  By then the contractions were 2-3 minutes apart and I cried while I was on the phone with the asst.  They picked up their pace and apparently sped as fast as they could to make it in time, lol.  I was very worried that they wouldn't make it.  


My husband came home, never got to change out of uniform, put the pool up as fast as he could, the living room transformed into a birthing room quickly.  My mom busied herself helping with the kids and feeding them some food since it was dinner time.  Also, the older 2 girls had a birthday party they were suppose to go to at 6:30 p.m.  I texted the mom at 4:30 and said that I couldn't bring the girls.  She offered to come pick them up at 6 p.m., so I told her that was fine since one of them wanted to go for sure.  My oldest was undecided.  I was able to get in the pool sometime between 5 and 5:15.  It was heavenly, and contractions spaced out a bit, but were still very intense.  We banished the kids and my mom and a friend that came over to take pictures to a bedroom with the laptop and videos.  The midwife and asst. showed up around 5:20 I think and I felt so relieved.  She only checked me when she got there and only because I said I'd like to be checked.  I had a very bulging bag of waters and was 8-9 cm.  I started feeling pushy shortly after that.  She let me take things completely at my own pace.  My water broke on it's own during one of the pushing contractions, but before baby had fully descended.  After that I reached in and felt that his head very close, less than an inch inside.  Pushing felt a little longer than with my last baby and I his head was halfway out with a break in contractions which was super intense.  The midwife said not to push and just let it stretch for a minute.  The cord was around his neck and she asked me not to push again so she could get the cord unwrapped, which was also hard.  But then I reached down and pulled him up.  All of my kids, my mom and my friend came in during the last 5 minutes and got to see him be born!  He was born at 5:58 p.m., so all in all, active labor was 2-2.5 hours long.  We did not know the gender, but he was flailing around while they were trying to get him to breathe and cry.  He did breathe, but it was very shallow and gurgly for the first minute or two.  Anyway, it didn't take long for us to see that he was a boy.  We were all very excited to have another boy!  


The older 2 girls got to see and hold him for a minute before their ride showed up for the birthday party.  The dad of the kid whose party it was came in just after I had gotten out of the pool and settled on the couch with the new baby.  The pool was of course full of bloody water, but he's an anesthesiologist/Army medic and was not fazed in the least, lol!  Everything was pretty normal after that, cleaning up, nursing, getting to know the new baby.  He weighed in at 6 lb. 12 oz., and 19.25 inches long.  My milk is still not in and he's past the first 24 hour sleepiness and hungry now, so we've been on a nurse-a-thon since yesterday evening.  Hoping it comes in tonight, but that's still a little early as it will only be 48 hours this evening.


Here's a few pictures for you all:






And the best face picture so far, yes he has lots of big siblings who love and adore him already!



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This is so exciting!!!!




Mrs B

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Wow- congratulations! He's beautiful! Happy babymoon!

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Yay!!!  joy.gif

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That's amazing! I can't believe you managed to juggle so many people and schedules while labouring!!!  The little guy (and you!) look amazing - enjoy yourselves!

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Congrats! Your house sounds like mine, except my four are a lot older than yours! If they are here when I go in to labor, I envision that my labor will be a similar juggling act of trying to help them keep their commitments while also trying to focus on birthing!

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Congrats, mama!!

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hurray! congrats!

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How wonderful! Congrats and enjoy your babymoon!!
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SO happy for you and your family mama!!

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Wow!  Great birth story!  Congrats! 

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Congrats mama!! Super exciting and enjoy your babymoon!! What a busy household!!

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Beautiful birth story and what a gorgeous baby boy you have!  joy.gif  LOL @ the bunny ears too!  Totally something my oldest would do. 


Thanks too for the suggestion of Nature's Sunshine 5W.  I got my shipment in yesterday and am hoping that it brings my baby early like it did for yours! 

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DDCC.  Beautiful story! Thank you soooo much for sharing and congratulations!  What a little sweetie!

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Amazing story! I'm very happy for you--welcome Levi!!!
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Originally Posted by SuburbanHippie View Post

Beautiful birth story and what a gorgeous baby boy you have!  joy.gif  LOL @ the bunny ears too!  Totally something my oldest would do. 


Thanks too for the suggestion of Nature's Sunshine 5W.  I got my shipment in yesterday and am hoping that it brings my baby early like it did for yours! 

You know what's funny is I realized I was nearly out over the weekend and told dh if I didn't order more I'd be pregnant for 2 more weeks, but if I did, I'd probably have him before it arrived.  So I ordered more.  UPS delivered it while I was in labor Wednesday late afternoon, lol.  So, now to figure out what to do with it.  If it has a long enough shelf life I might hang on to it.  Otherwise, I'll return it or sell it.


Annie A., I so badly wanted to labor and birth during the night so that I wouldn't have to worry about all that.  And in fact, I told little baby that he was welcome to come anytime after the party Wednesday night, since I had several commitments on Wednesday and could not have him before I was through with all that.  He's a spunky little guy though and didn't obey very well.

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Congratulations!!! joy.gif He's absolutely beautiful! Great birth story as well smile.gif
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That is so exciting!! Makes me so Excited to know July Mamas are already popping! He is so cute and that was a great story! Thank you for sharing. I ma sure you have your hands are really full. So thanks for taking the time!! He is So Precious!

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Great story and I love the pictures.  I love that knitted little sleep sack thingy--it's adorable.

Congratulations and welcome Earthside little Levi

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