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Baby Levi is here! - Page 2

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Congratulations, what an exciting birth story, especially doing it all while trying to schedule the other kids!!!

Enjoy these special days!

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Yeah! Congratulations!


I love the little knit pouch too!


This is my 2nd child, but I never went thru labor before so it's good to hear positive birth stories.

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Congratulations!!!  joy.gif


Sooo precious!!

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Originally Posted by scheelimama View Post

You know what's funny is I realized I was nearly out over the weekend and told dh if I didn't order more I'd be pregnant for 2 more weeks, but if I did, I'd probably have him before it arrived.  So I ordered more.  UPS delivered it while I was in labor Wednesday late afternoon, lol.  So, now to figure out what to do with it.  If it has a long enough shelf life I might hang on to it.  Otherwise, I'll return it or sell it.


Oh man, it figures!  I was worried about mine coming too late because the delivery date was a 3 week window.  Lets hope they do their thing now!


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DDCC  Congrats, What a great birth story. He's so cute.

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Thanks for sharing and congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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