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Ballooning 3yr old

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Hi this is crossposted from my ask the experts question here:

So, I've read more about ballooning since I first noticed it this morning. I am feeling more confident that it is probably completely and totally normal but now I have a doc appt in a few hours so I'll let you know how that goes..my sons penis looks normal now and he is still peeing normal streams.

However, now I am wondering if I am supposed to have my son retract himself when he pees and bathes since separation is occurring?

All the men in my family are circumcised so I can't get any advise from them. My husband is not but he can't remember when he started retracting. HIS mother is hard to talk to, she gets embarrassed talking about penises. The only info I got from her is that my husband had his foreskin manipulated/stretched by a doctor has a newborn but never had any issues, it was precautionary.????. Very confusing but that's what she says.

My boys are 1 and 3 and didn't have that(or anything else) done as babies and neither have had any issues before now.
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Hi again
Also, is there any correlation between ballooning and UTI? Thank you!
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I have not read anything suggesting a correlation between balooning and anything else.


Your son should be the only one retracting.  There is no need to to push him to retract.


Ballooning is perfectly normal and nothing to be concerned about.



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Ballooning is a normal developmental stage and is not a cause for concern and does not require treatment, it is actually a sign that nature is doing it's job. Ballooning occurs when separation of the foreskin from the glans has started but the sphincter at the tip of the foreskin is still tight causing urine to pool under the foreskin. This is not harmful but it can be disconcerting to see it as the foreskin can balloon up quiet dramatically. It can last a short time or can come and go for months or years.

A child temporarily may report some discomfort or pain while urinating during this period. This occurs because the ballooning may tear at any residual connection to the glans. The discomfort will stop when separation is complete. The foreskin may still not be retractable at this point because the opening of the foreskin, sphincter, is still narrow. With increased growth and maturity, the ballooning will end when opening of the foreskin widens.


Spraying While Urinating

Many boys will spray at one time or another during the process of penile growth. If your son has entered a spraying phase, simply instruct him to retract his foreskin enough to expose the meatus when he urinates (if he can do so himself and without pain of course). This is a phase and generally wont last that long. But it might come and go several times during the separation process.



(Thanks to MCatLvrMom2A&X for this info!)

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I see everyone has it covered smile.gif
Ballooning = 100% normal part of development for some boys *check*
No one but the owner of the penis is allowed to retract *check*

UTI is not related to having a foreskin at all ballooning or not.

I hope that your Dr. is hands off since even he/she is not allowed to try and retract the foreskin.
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Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. The doc appt went really well. He said everything was normal. To just continue to leave his foreskin alone and not to worry. No referrals or circumcision threats, thank goodness. He even told us his son, who is now grown, experienced the same thing around our sons age. Its a relief to know our doc is knowledgeable about intact boys. Thank you again smile.gif
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My kiddo is 2.5 and has ballooned from day one. It has never bothered him (or me, consequently)! I think it's perfectly normal!

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If your location is accurate, you are in Canada, where they are much more knowledgeable about normal male anatomy!  I'm glad the appointment went well.

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