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Hooray! I'm here!

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I got a faint bfp at 10dpo. I'm now 12dpo and they're getting a bit darker. I'm still really nervous as I've miscarried twice before. This bfp was 18 months in the making.


Beta at 10dpo was 17,

Beta at 12dpo was 36.


EDD march 4th!


Hope to be able to stick around and get to know you all!

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ive taken 4 poas tests this week and all have shown a faint pink line!

so excited!

edd march 5!

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Woo hoo, congrats! How are you feeling? I was so nervous the first day I made my stomach all in knots and couldn't eat, which only made me feel worse. I'm feeling great now though. I never had any morning sickness with past pregnancies so I'm not really expecting any, but if it happens it's alright. Proof of bean. lol.

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I got my midwife today. Her name's Cara. Well I sorta still had her from when I miscarried in nov. She said I could just call and do the intake and she'd take me. :) I'm happy that's set but I'm super scared I'm gonna have to call and cancel. :(

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so excited for you...us!

i had a mc a few years ago as well :( but here we are!

ive just been really moody...eeek! and sick!



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Good! Sick is good lol. I love how most  of our sentences have exclamation marks. :D

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Hi mammas! Excited to be here with you all! I got my BFP yesterday! I'm going to POAS again tomorrow because it was still pretty faint but it showed up right away! Yesterday checked 500 times to see if the March DDC was posted and then when it finally was I was too nervous to post lol. I'll probably start a March 2012 roster tomorrow if that is ok with you all! Let's keep us organized winky.gif


EDD March 2. Only a few days before my birthday! I'm definitely having "symptoms" over here too GEEKLOVE redface.gif

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Congrats Sila! My birthday is in march too! It's funny because my DS was born teh day after DH's birthday, and now I might have a baby close to my birthday.

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Originally Posted by bcblondie View Post

Congrats Sila! My birthday is in march too! It's funny because my DS was born teh day after DH's birthday, and now I might have a baby close to my birthday.

How fun! I'm secretly excited to add another Pisces to the family Sheepish.gif

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I'm an Aries. March 21st. :)


Dang. I had a little cramp just now. I know it's totally normal but that was the first one for me. Dislike.

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I was so excited to see that people started posting here!  I just POS yesterday and again this morning to make sure, and it probably won't be the last time I do it either.


My EDD is March 3, which is the day after my birthday... which seems to be a trend here.  As with others, I have had two miscarriages and one long, bad pregnancy, but resulted in my wonderful twin girls who are almost three.  I had no problems getting pregnant before, but this one was a year in the making... so being cautiously hopeful.


Looking forward to 9 healthy months with you all.



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Hi guys!  There are a whole bunch of us.  :D :D  I'm so excited.  I'm on a few other message boards, too, and nobody else has fessed up for March yet, lol.  So it's SO nice to have so many people to go through the early part of this journey with. 


I called my MW yesterday and set up my first appointment - August 24.  She is also going to send me a booklet on the science of how blood sugar is related to "morning" sickness, so hopefully I can avoid it this time, or lessen it a little (though it wasn't TOO bad with either pregnancy).


And my best friend found out that SHE is pregnant, too, and she told her family and also chose to tell me right away, but is waiting to tell others.  But I haven't told DH yet so I didn't share my news with her, lol.  It was HARD though b/c she called me on the phone and we were talking about it and then she asked me, "So, do you guys think you'll start trying soon or anything?"  or something like that, lol.  Umm well.... lol.  I quickly changed the subject.  lol


And bcblondie, I don't have many exclamation marks... but I do say "lol" a lot more than normal instead, lol. 


And another few just for good measure.  lol, lol, lol.

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I say lol a lot too. Lol. I actually think lots of lol's are a great t hing. Because sometimes it's hard to hear tone when you're reading. Lol proves you're not trying to be a jerk. lol.


Gah! My tests are still so faint I hate it. Praying so hard this bean sticks. (And I know what you mean about "people to go through the early part of the journey with" because that's exactly where I am right now. Scared!)

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Blondie - my test still seemed really faint this morning too redface.gif I'm as much as 16DPO (maybe 1-2 days more or less). But I know I am definitely prego! My hormones got the best of me yesterday when DH said he wanted to wait to call the midwife and maybe even interview other midwives. I got really upset and bawled my eyes out.


TwinMommy - Welcome!!! Yay March birthdays!


EVERYONE - I have started a roster thread for us! Please let me know if there is anything you think we should add! Now go join it! joy.gif


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Bahahah I'm emotional too. And really moody. Because one minute I'm thinking "I'm pregnant. It's gonna stick, this is awesome" and the next minute I'm sure I'll miscarry... And you can tell what  I'm thinking by lookin at me.

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Bhahahah my SMU test this morning has nice lines!! What a relief! I feel about a million times better now.

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I am starving already!  Isn't it too early for an increased appetite?  lol.  I mean, if I had a 14-day LP then my period wouldn't even be due until Wednesday, LOL.  This is bonkers.

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Hi ladies, I'm just going to lurk here for a little bit.  I think I got faint positives yesterday and today but honestly they might be evaps.shrug.gif

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Blondie - YAY!!! 


Harmony - hmm not sure lol! But if you are hungry eat!


JuneBug - I hope this is it for you!!! I have never tested early and thought I got an evap and pulled it out of the trash 500 times that day to check! The next day I got a clear line on a FRER. Keep testing! Pictures? Hope you get to stay with us!

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Harmony I was starving with my 3rd pregnancy.


Junebugs I hope it's the real deal!


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