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My daughter has been narrating her life to song for the last four years. We recently watched 'Annie' and she said "This kid sings more than *I* do!!" (and I thought "Uuummmmm... no. Not even close.") My son can talk your ear off, but at a normal volume... unless we're out in public, where he has to be asked to speak up. SO doesn't know how to speak normally... even when we're talking in bed, it feels like he's blasting my ear drums out! DS and I are definitely the quieter ones... we're both usually in a hurry to leave restaurants to escape the noise! He wakes up early, and I think he likes having quiet time to himself. But we all have our moments... on game nights, we all get very noisy. Same with dinner time, that's always loud... we had friends over last night and one of the guys opted to eat in the yard by himself (oops!) Or the kids and I watching TV, will be hollering at it or killing ourselves laughing. SO has his fancy speakers on his computer downstairs and the floor will rumble when he's playing a game. The kids get noisy when they're playing, and occasionally I'll have someone pop their head in the kitchen and ask if I dropped something while I'm putting pots and pans away or something like that. I yell instructions from the other room at top volume often... I think we're pretty loud overall. 

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Our home is both. I HAVE to have some quiet, and DD does lots of crafts and is usually pretty quiet, except when she's singing. And boy does she sing and play the piano as loudly as possible. She also yells spontaneusly an Avatar like yelp. eyesroll.gif DH also has the t.v. on continuosuly. So I have to getaway to my room or reading nook to get some peace sometimes.
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my house is quiet when my kids are either napping or asleep at night, other than that.. i dont know the meaning of quiet..

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