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circular knit needles and dpns

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For 16" circular needles, can I use the same size but in dpns instead?? Or do I have to use the 16" circular needles in the size the pattern asks for?

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Yes, you can use the same size dpn's.  I find circular needles easier to use, however-- esp. when knitting with little helpers and frequent interruptions. I think you have to be more careful about the knitting sliding off the needles on dpns. 

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They are so darn expensive in the stores though! I'll have to buy a set on ebay. You're right. With everyone running around me and wanting to "feel" what I'm knitting, and the littles messing with it when I get up... I do need the circulars.

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Do you have a JoAnn Fabrics, Michaels or AC Moore store near you?  I know those places have weekly 40% off coupons (you can probably find them online).  If you use a coupon for the circular needles, they are not so expensive.  Although they are a little more pricey than the metal, I prefer the bamboo needles because the yarn doesn't slip as much.  I knit a lot, so I've built up a collection of needles in various sizes over time.  Good luck!  What are you making?

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I'm wanting to make baby longies for cloth diapers and hats.

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If you have long circulars (32" or more), you can use those too. Here's a video on Magic Loop knitting

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In my experience with knitting woolies of all sorts, I use the following (assuming you are using worsted weight yarn).....

#5   16" long circ  (ribbing at top)

#8  16" long circ  (body)

#8    double points  (legs)


I recently purchased a #8 9" long circ--it's a little fiddly to learn but it's a ton quicker than DPs.  Of course, I bought it at my LYS so no coupon. 


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I keep an eye out at thrift stores and pick them up when I see them. I can get a pair for $0.50 - $1 depending on the thrift store. I do end up with some doubles in sizes if they aren't all marked but I'm okay with that as my kids like to knit and then I have spares.


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Have you tried knitpicks? They are cheap and super awesome. I have a set of interchangeables and several DPN's and 16"length ones (16" are not included in interchangeable sets). I also really like Bryspuns for needles on the cheap. Plastic, yes. But bendy and smooth.



edit for listing the wrong needle company. D'oh!

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