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anybody else not do well baby checkups?

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I quit doing well baby checkups when my second child was 2 months old. i was just reading another post about someone who was being investigated for medical negligence or something like that, because they didnt take their children to checkups and didnt vaccinate. i don't vaccinate either and i dont know any pediatricians around that support anti-vaccination claims so i dont bother going to checkups.. plus i think they're unnecessary. of course if one of my kids gets sick enough to warrant a trip to the doc, i take them. anyway now i am freaking that they might think i'm being medically negligent..

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Me,my midwife,and her asst.never have except to a nautropath for any illnesses.I believe there are quite a few people in my town that don't.We have nautoropaths here in town that do well baby checkups.I took my ds into a Dr. a few months ago for a bad cough and the Dr. freaked on me for not vaccinating.Never again,i say.
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We don't do well baby check-ups either. I would if I had a doctor that was understanding about not vaccinating. I just try to make sure ds is developing on target and pray he does not get sick - ( at 9 months he still has not been ill yet!). I worry about where I would take him if he did get sick! I guess I really need to look harder for a doctor, just in case!

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I do them, but to be honest, only because I enjoy them. I don't really think they are necessary, and I don't think you are negligent for not doing them. I love my doctor, and she is always a great resource for information like feeding solids, developmental issues, etc., and spends a lot of time with us during visits, so I really get a lot out of it. If I wasn't crazy about my doctor, I wouldn't go unless necessary.
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I went to one well baby check up and haven't returned - dd is 21 months old. I do sometimes wonder what kind of response I will get when I do take her in some day when she's very ill.

I have made it my business to know what is developmentally appropriate for each of her stages and so far she's on target, so I've seen no reason to go to these appointments.

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If it is something that we cant dela with, or if we are overly anxious, we have taken our son to the MD. He has been about 6 times in just over 2 years (once for stitches).
My daughter, who is 10 months has never seen anyone but my husband or me.
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I took dd when she was 2 weeks old, haven't been back since. she is 22 months old now. I am in the process of trying to find a holistic MD that I can establish a relationship with. I'm sure eventually she will need a doctor. Any idea how to find one? No listing for "Holistic MD" in the phone book :P
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i dont either, ds is 3 mos. i am avoiding vaccine conflicts and am on medicaid so my choices are limited. looking for a new doc seems overwhelming sine i have had very negative experiences so far and cant afford to see an acupuncturist, which would really be my first choice. that post about the person being investigated freaked me out too. a monnth ago i was being called several times a day by the county health dept nurse cuz i had a question about jaundice one day. suddenly she is calling and calling... freaked me out. WIC freaks me too, i havent had to deal with vax arguments yet there.

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I don't take my children for well baby or child hood check ups. I used to and now I just don't think they are worth it. I have found they cause more problems then they prevent.
We do use a homeopath if someone gets ill.
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wow, its great to know that i'm not alone. i wish we had a naturopath in my area.
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I've never done well baby checkups. I made sure I did lots of studying on natural healing, and that's what we've always relied on. Breastfeeding, massage, herbs when needed, homeopathics when needed, flower essences, whole foods, etc... I only go to doctors for emergencies.
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