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I'm still nursing my 2 year old and I was wondering if my breasts will engorge and swell to the size of my head again when I have this baby if I've already got milk and am already nursing?  

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Your milk will turn to colostrum at some point in pregnancy. So there will be colostrum for the newborn, and then the milk will "start over" so its newborn milk. For me, it was just like the first time! But the great thing was my 2yo was there to rescue me from engorgement! So for a couple weeks, around 5-6am I would be super engorged and I'd look at that tiny baby with his marble sized tummy sleeping peacefully (Since I'd just nursed him back to sleep) and then give dh a shove "go get dd!" she'd come in and drain them both in just a couple minutes. It rocked. I did notice that my supply leveled out much quicker the second time around than the first time, and I wasn't so prone to getting randomly engorged for nearly as long. I had a few months of engorgement the first time. 


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I tandem nursed.  I did get engorged again at times but having a toddler who loved nursing actually helped with that somewhat :)

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After my 2nd was born, I was still nursing my 1st, but even with tandemning I still got very engorged...just thankful to have the older child there to help with that! ;)  After my 3rd was born I was nursing all three of them, and again, still got just as engorged!

Ohhh, I am curious how nursing two was for you while you were pregnant, and how nursing 3 went!  I am still tandem nursing but I do try to limit my two quite a bit because it gets to be a bit much sometimes.

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I was nursing my first when my second was born, and had very little engorgement.  I got full, but it was nothing like when I had my first.  I'm about to have my third, and am not breastfeeding anyone else, so I'm nervous about going through all that again!

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