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Nausea getting worse not better

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As if it weren't miserable enough to be queasy 24/7 for a 9 weeks, now at 12 weeks I'm actually starting to feel super nauseous and I've been retching over a bowl a couple of times a day. I feel dizzy and tired when I feel nauseous.


What gives? I thought it was supposed to get better? It seemed like it was...it was like 4-5 days on (no queasiness as long as I ate every hour) and 4-5 days off (queasy 24/7)....but now I'm actually retching and it feels horrible. The anxiety that comes with it is really hard. Is there something I should be doing that I'm not? Sometimes it's better from eating and other times, it's worse from it. 

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Oh, god, I'm so sorry to hear this.  That feeling of just wanting to puke to end it is the absolute worst.


I have no advice, but sending loads of empathy!

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I think doctors can prescribe something to make it better? At least that's what I've read..haven't needed it though. But you've got my sympathy as well..I very often to sick feeling (though haven't puked since about 8 weeks or so) but my mother says 'you should start to be feeling better!' thanks mom, for the advice but I'm not!! lol

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 Have you tried unisom/b6 combo? Or zofran? I can relate as my nausea has not abated either but the unisom/b6 combo is keeping me sane. I will be 13 weeks on Wed.

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Ahhh I feel you girl :(


I am 39 weeks now and had the WORST morning sickness, starting at week 6 and going all the way to week 16-17... I couldn't keep anything down,, not even water  and was throwing up constantly,, eventually blood.. That's when my MW said I had to do something...


I was eventually put on Zofran (Ondansetron) which helped immensely!!! I am so grateful for that drug!! It literally was like the nausea was switched off,, and allowed me to get throughout the days till it eventually stopped altogether..


It will stop!! I know it doesn't feel like it ever will but it will!! Stay strong!! 


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I'm dealing with the same issue. I had constant nausea up until this week, and now that queasy feeling is gone, but whenever I get a whiff of any strong smell, bend the wrong way, etc., I have to gag. It happens about every few minutes. No vomiting, but this dry gag. I can often hold it in by covering my nose and plugging up my mouth, but sometimes this horrible cat-choking-up-a-hairball sound comes out. It feels awful.


I wish I could say how to make it better, but I don't know myself. I believe I had a similar experience last pregnancy (though maybe not as strong?), and it was gone early in the 2nd trimester. After that, I just had to avoid long car rides and winding roads lest I vomit.

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Originally Posted by music.mama.pdx View Post

 Have you tried unisom/b6 combo? Or zofran? I can relate as my nausea has not abated either but the unisom/b6 combo is keeping me sane. I will be 13 weeks on Wed.

So glad to hear I'm not alone. I just thought at 12 weeks it should be getting better.


How does the unisom/Vit B work? How often and what dose? 

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Unisom and Vitamin B6 work to combat nausea.  I can't remember the dosage exactly, but it has never worked for me.


My first pregnancy i was sick for the ENTIRE time.  Awful.  I lost a drastic amount of weight and was in danger of kidney failure. But the baby was just fine the whole time, because he was taking everything he needed from me :o)  I was diagnosed (eventually with hyperemesis).  I hope and pray that you do not have that because it was one of the worst things I ever went through.  I am very nervous that it has returned for this pregnancy.  When my nausea started really kicking in, my doctor quickly got me a prescription.  It worked, but now that I am closing in on the 9 week mark, i have been getting that sickly feeling back again.  Fingers crossed it is not the hyperemesis returning!!



On a side note, if the nausea gets too bad, some doctors will give you a prescription to help.  Depends on the doctor.


Silly as it sounds, sea bands help too!

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 I take 1/2 unisom tablet and 25 mg of B6 at night, about 30 min before I go to bed. I've heard you can take a full tablet if the 1/2 is not enough. Be sure to get the tablet, not the gels. The Midwife suggested also taking 25mg of B6 in the morning and the afternoon but I'm doing well on this combo so I have'nt really been doing that.


This combo is a prescription in Canada, made just for m/s.


I hope you feel better and it may it fade completely for both of us soon!

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Just throwing it out there, but are you getting enough sleep??  I found my nausea was way worse when I was tired or had to get up too early.  Now it's worst from about 7 pm onward, when I start to get tired.


I'd see your doc/midwife and talk to them about hyperemesis.  I don't know how it's diagnosed, but it seems like it's better to find out sooner rather than later.


hug2.gifto you and so sorry you're going through this.

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No advice, just lots of sympathy here. So very sorry that you're having to deal with awful nausea!!

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I ended up having to take Zofran with my first pregnancy :( I didn't want to, but I had lost 7 pounds (I know it doesn't seem like that much but I was at my lowest adult weight ever when I got pregnant and I am short so 7 pounds was a lot for me) Even that didn't totally resolve the problem. It helped a lot with the vomiting, I was down to 2-3 times a day instead of 8+ but I still had nausea most of the time. Pretty much all I did was lay on the couch and try to sleep. It was HORRIBLE. I was so mad when I reached 12 weeks and everybody was telling me "oh you'll feel better any day now." Well, I didn't. I was very sick until about 18 weeks. I think I finally stopped throwing up around 20. Just because you hit 12 weeks doesn't magically make you feel better. Sorry!


Don't feel guilty about asking for medication if you need it. Also, when I finally started to feel better sucking on peppermint altoids helped with my oversensitive gag reflex.

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Im with you , sister!


Im almost at 12 weeks and started feeling awful a few days ago. Cant eat anything other than rice w miso.

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Kindermama....i'm so sorry you're going through this! My nausea with PG#2 lasted until 20 weeks. It was sooooooo unfair! Zofran helped me with that one a lot but it was so expensive I would only take it on the days I worked. If you do get a prescription for that watch out as it can be really constipating! I'd consider take a stool softener like colace with it because being plugged up makes you feel 10 times worse.

I've also had pregnancies where zofran didn't help at all, so it seems to be different with every one. This time around I'm planning on my morning sickness to last until 20 weeks, but it's not as severe as PG#2 so I'm hopping it doesn't go on that long. For me my mental state is really important. If i'm expecting something to happen (like my nausea to be suddenly cured at 12 weeks) and then it doesn't I'm a wreck. And I agree with Diana, this time around I feel way worse when I'm tired. My worst days are ones that I have not slept well the night before.


Hugs to you mama! I won't tell you it will get better, but it will end someday! That's a for sure.

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Me too. 12 weeks, still puking.  Last pregnancy, m/s didn't go away until week 17.  But second trimester was awesome! And third was easier than first, compared to being sick all the time.

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I'm still sick, too (13wks).  With my first I had hyperemesis for 6 months so this is nothing compared to that nightmare!  I usually puke 0-3 times a day depending on the day.  I take Unisom/B6 daily and have Zofran for days that I must really function.  Over the past week, the nausea seems to be resolving, but I'm still vomitting just as much.  I much prefer it that way.  What's new are these horrible headaches that are just as miserable as the nausea/vomiting.  I never had that with my first.  Anyway, things are much better overall than my first pregnancy, although taking care of a 2 yr old is the new challenge while being sick.  No matter how bad it gets, it's all worth it - I promise!  Feel better soon!

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I was going to start this thread if it didn't exist already. I'm 12 w 4d and I'm feeling more nauseous than ever. I just want to be able to eat a big, satisfying meal. I guess if this keeps up, I'll contact the mw to see what she has to say about B6, etc.


Glad to know I am not alone. I keep waiting for the magic second trimester switch. irked.gif Although, technically I need to wait another 1.5 weeks before I'm truly out of the first tri.

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Hey Writingglove, im 12 weeks and 4 days too! My nausea/extreme insatiable hunger, has begumnto wane in the last week. Ive actually had moments, mere moments, where i feel good. But its still there. I feel particularly nauseous after i eat a meal, and have to lie down. I seem to feel more nauseous after than before. No vomiting thank goodness. Some sources say the 12th week is the last week of the first trimester, and others say  its the 13th week. Why cant they make up their minds???

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contactmaya, so glad to have an end-of-DDC buddy. Glad to hear you are starting to feel better. 

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I should update this thread and say that soon after I wrote the OP, my nausea subsided completely! I was a day shy of 14 weeks when it never came back! I feel like a million bucks....well I *felt* like that for a bit...now I'm just a tired, moody, impatient b*tch. I can't decide what's worse! 

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