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Due tomorrowish, name dilemma!

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Name narrowed down, finally.

My 6 y.o. daughter named this baby Grace, from the day we knew we were preg.

My husband named this baby Nick, that same day (after my dad).

I'm not a big fan of Nicole, but variations have grown on me.

Finally down to Grace Jasmine, dh likes it, but his vote is Nicksomething Jasmine (nicole, nicolette, etc.)

Both dh and dd nixed have 2 middle names.

So, I like Grace Jasmine, but would still really like to name this kid after my dad. Any thoughts?


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My name is Nichole. Slightly different spelling, but I think gives the name a whole different "look." HTH!

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I am totally forum crashing! But I saw your post and thought I would reply...what about Grace Nicksomething? Maybe Grace Nycole? Grace Nikoleta? Congratulations, BTW!!

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Crashing, what about Nika? (Neeka)

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Okay, this may not be what you are looking for, but I grew up with a girl named Dominique. We called her Nika, Dom, sometimes just Nick. I always thought it was beautiful and went with so many things! Good luck:)
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following presslermom's idea: in that vein, domenica, giannica or nicola would work too.
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Nicolette makes me think of Nicorette, the nicotine chewing gum.  :(


I wonder if you would feel like Colette was too much of a stretch?  (Was/is his name Nicolas?)  That's a name I LOVE.


I also like just plain Nikki - like Nikki Grace sounds sweet and spunky to me. 



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i know so many nicoles, and have my whole life. they have always ended up being closely linked to me, in one way or another. that said, i feel like nicole is a very common name, but i love the beauty of "nicola" though it is close, it has a very different feel. it just sings so beautifully to me. sorry to ddcc...my babe is coming more near august, i just lurk to see your sweet brand new baby faces. :)

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Still no baby....

And today she had her feet in my solar plexus ahhhhhh

Does anyone like Nickalyssa? (Alyssa is my middle name, Nicholas is my dad's name). I'm not sure I can get dh to go for it.

Jasmine (the flower) has special meaning for me and dh, but apparently either Nick, Grace, or Jaz is going to have to go....

Not sure which one I'm willing to give up. All three are special to me. Sometimes I think I just do not care argh!

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Jasmine Nicole is lovely.
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Was thinking NickiGrace Jasmine (really thinking today NickiGrace Sunshine, my daughter's middle name, that's what she wants to middle name her sister)

But is NickiGrace Jasmine or Sunshine too long? DH maybe thinks it is (but really, Nicolette Jasmine is only one syllable less)

I just fell in love with the name Gracie Sunshine (I don't know if DH will go for shared middle names, but in a way I like it, her sister loves it, I think it could be a lovely shared thing)

I already told this baby we'll name her when she comes out, but I'm worried she's holding out. What else is holding her up? I mean other than my cervix  ;)

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I vote Jasmine Nicole. Sorry for the crash.
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Just to follow up... G race Ni cole S unshine was born 7/1/11 :)

My 6 year old dd called her Grace from the moment we found out I was pregnant. When she was born, so did I. And then she was fully named on July 5th. My dd's middle name is Sunshine, and she wanted to share it with her sister. I love the thought that they will always share that name, my sunshine girls. dh wanted to name her Nicole for my dad, and some how I loved the name after she was born. So my dd gave her 2 names, dh gave her 2 names, so I gave her 4. Welcome, my sweet Gracie Gracie Grace, Nikki Nikki Nick, Sunny Sun Shine, I love you.

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Thank you! She is.... :)


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