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getting titers??

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so for those that don't vax, do you ever check to see which diseases you child has a natural immunity to? I am wonder if that is a good thing to do if in public school, as my ds will have to stay home and be quarantined if there is any outbreak of a VPD...But if i can proove he is immune he may not have to be home, although talking to the school nurse 1 or 2 cases isn't considered an outbreak so he wouldn't have to stay home for that, but would for a larger outbreak...



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Yes, if you have the money and your kids can handle the blood draws, it is worth doing. Be sure to find out which diseases proof of immunity is accepted for. It's not everything. I think just measles, mumps, rubella, and chickenpox. I'm pretty sure pertussis proof of immunity is not accepted. And all this will depend on state law.


If your doctor won't order the tests, you can order them yourself through http://www.directlabs.com/

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While I can understand wanting to do this to plicate the school authorities, I don't see it's worth the expense because the information is pretty much useless in terms of health and well being. I personally believe that high antibody counts merely shows that a body has a large amount of certain virus and bacteria stored in the body, which could be termed that it is in a diseased state. I actually don't believe in the immune system at all, I understand the body to have a healing support system and the symptoms of so called disease are the indications a body is in a healing phase. The body stores the "program" in its memory cells.



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