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Ovulation took over my brain!

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Ok, maybe the title is a little much, but looking back, I'm just a little surprised at what happened.  Just curious if this has happened to anyone else...  

So, I'm not charting right now, not TTC, totally convinced on 3 year child spacing.....but this cycle when I ovulated...it was crazy.  I got good ewcm, wanted to attack anything that was male, felt super strong O pains on both sides, tiny bit of brown O spotting the next day, had a bunch of unprotected "getting fresh" time with the hubs......knowing full well that I was fertile and could get pregnant...and that I don't want to be pregnant......but the rest of my body was like "shut up you stupid brain."  I could not get myself to care.  It's seriously like ovulation just took over my mind.  It's not typically me all.  Usually the most that happens is I get a couple days of ewcm and might bd once during that time.  might.  ...but O pain, spotting, insane libido, and reckless abandon IS unusual for me.


I know this is the TTC forum, and everyone here is trying to get pregnant, but I find this stuff all pretty fascinating, and just wanted to shoot the breeze about it and see if anyone's btdt.

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sounds like it was meant to be!

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Yes, that was me for a few months before conceiving ds.  We were not TTC and had in fact talked about perhaps not even having a second child.  But after dd night weaned it was like boom!  My fertility returned with a vengeance and the ONLY time I was at all interested in DTD was when I was obviously fertile.  And I was definitely interested!   Dh was so excited about the increase in BDing that he didn't seem to care about the risk either. 

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I saw this article last night and wanted to pass it along when I saw your thread. It's amazing what our minds will do, whether we want them to or not! http://healthland.time.com/2011/06/24/is-he-gay-ovulating-women-can-tell/?hpt=hp_t2

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My son is just a few weeks younger than yours and I just went through the same thing not too long ago. Luckily nothing happened! I'm still torn about a 4th, but I know DH is definitely a no go with that right now.

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That has been totally happening to me the last few cycles. I don't think that I want a fourth for the majority of the month, then bang, ovulation hits and I am totally willing to take the risk, and obsessed with taking a risk, too. I feel like I am under the influence of hormones. I haven't become pregnant, but I think that I only because I am nursing my 2 yo a lot and have too short of a luteal phase.
I sooo get where you're coming from!
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