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we were total ec devotees, with mainly a tri-folded prefold and sumo belt for back up...but once dd started teething around 8 mo it all fell apart. The potty pause continued on and on and on, and she was so so upset by being wet in the car or at night we switched to pampers. yes. I was dealing with ptsd/ppd stuff too and dd had reflux and really ec wasn't happening despite my best efforts. She is somewhat interested in potty now, but very hesitant to go on it...i think this will pass. she does ask to go.


Has anyone gone back to EC or at least EC-type approach after a logn pause? I was hoping after we are settled from our big move aug 1st to switch her to training pants and cloth except at night and hopefully lots of nakey time...and taking her to potty at regular intervals like after naps again, etc. Anyone find their tot takes a while after waking to need to go? what if they hold it? I don't want to "train" her...and she still ahs a strong natural awareness other kids her age don't have from the EC, but whatapproach would you take?