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Our Night Weaning Story - Daily Progression

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I'm going to document our daily progress on our night weaning journey in a hope that it might give me some clarity and possibly help another family.  Input and support are always welcome.  :)


Background:  Our DD is 22 mos.  At 15 mos she was diagnosed with severe anemia and we immediately started her on various iron supplements trying to improve her iron levels.  She has been a horrid sleeper.  We have only had one night where she slept for a 5 hour stretch and I woke with a start fearing that she was dead.  On rare occasions, she has slept for 3 even 4 glorious hours at a stretch.  Those were usually few and far between.  Our current waking schedule is her waking to nuzzle/nurse every 45min-1 hr.  We cosleep and I am physically and emotionally breaking down, depression set in a long time ago and I battle it every day.  I also have a son (almost 12) from a previous life, and do not have the energy to spend time with him.  My marriage is suffering.


DH and I have decided that we must do something.  It is possible that a food sensitivity is causing the wake-ups, I cannot physically function and so we have to try night weaning.


I will update this thread after each night, posting our progress and setbacks and ramblings, as they come to me.


Night 1:  DD is not interested in sitting still for books so we turned down lights and quieted the house, brushed our teeth and wiped down our faces, got dressed in pj's and walked around with DD on my hip saying good night to everyone and all the animals.  I was talking to DD about how now it is dark outside and that soon we will all be going to sleep.  Daddy will sleep, Mama will sleep, Harley will sleep, doggies will sleep, kitties will sleep.  The moon sleeps too.  K will sleep and so will ner-ners.  In the morning, when it is light out, K can have more ner-ners.  DD nodded in agreement like she understood but I'm sure that she was just going with the story.


I nursed DD down to sleep and she was out by 9:30.  I stayed up reading on night weaning, discussing our plan of action with DH, and looking for other inspiring success stories.  Bedtime for me was around 11:30 but I had a hard time falling asleep because I was nervous about what was to come.  Finally drifted off around 12:15 or so, I'm guessing.


DD wakes at 12:30.  I tell her no, ner-ners are sleeping.  She goes into full meldown hysterics, screeching and screaming, arching her back, kicking my legs, flinging her arms around, for over an hour.  I work my best calm voice telling her that it's night and ner-ners are sleeping, like doggies are sleeping and daddy is sleeping.  Do you want some water?  No!  This is repeated over and over again.  Somewhere around 1:30, DH says that we might as well put away her sippy cup since she's just flinging it around and puts it up on the nightstand.  DD melts even more screaming for her cup.  After a few minutes, DH gives her the water, she takes it, starts sucking on it and starts to quiet down a bit.  She finally aquiesces around 2, lays still enough to calm herself, occassionally taking sips of water.  She drifts off.


DD wakes again at 4, I think.  I'm thinking that there were 2 solid hours of sleep in there.  This time, the hysterics aren't nearly as severe and she quiets in about 10 minutes, sipping her water and gluing herself to my side.  She drifts off again. 


DD wakes again at 5:30, I think, but it's still dark out.  She asks only a couple of times and doesn't go into hysterics, just a little bit of whining/crying.  She's back out in a few minutes.


DD wakes again at 6:30, it's light out, so she gets ner-ners.  I talk to her, telling her that the sun is out so the ner-ners are ready to give her some milk.


Night 1 was both worse and better than I was expecting.  DD has been a bit more subdued today.  Not quite as fiesty but with huge bags under her eyes.  In spite of the huge amount of sleep loss, I actually feel not horribly, if that makes any sense.  Although last night was not good, it was better than being woken up every 45 minutes.  All. Night. Long.


Stay tuned.  redface.gif

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Good luck.  It gets better from here. But then there are some 'relapse' nights.  Hang in there.  

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Just wanted to share some long distance support to say it took about 3 weeks of doing exactly what you've done, and we've made some progress. DD is 2 years old and we co-sleep for half the night. Hang in there!

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WHoops, I should add that we introduced a lovey, and we use a rocking chair or a yoga ball for bouncing, to help soothe her in other ways. We've broken the nurse-to-sleep association (in the middle of the night) but she does rely now on the rocking chair or bouncy ball. So, we're slowing moving away from those as well.


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Thanks for the words of encouragement, mamas!  I'll take all that I can get!!!!  love.gif


Night 2:  Bedtime was surprisingly easy...  DD was out in about 25 minutes, after nursing she rolled over and fell asleep by herself.  It could be that she was as worn out by the previous night's drama as I was, but still, I'll take any little tiny improvement.  We had our little "Ellie" the elephant and our non-drip sippy of water nearby.  Bedtime was around 8:15 or so, but I don't remember exactly.  I came to bed around 9:45/10 and she stayed asleep for a little while longer.


I remember that she woke once maybe around 12 or so but settled back down by herself with a minute or two without too many loud protests.  The next wakeup was at 2 and that was much more forceful but not nearly the Greek tragedy that the 1st night was.  I think total was maybe 15 minutes of arching back, kicking me in the legs, flailing her arms, and crying.  This time, there wasn't as much screeching screaming.  A touch more sedate.  We did the same routine:  "shhhh" it's time to sleep - it's dark out - doggies are sleeping, ner-ners are sleeping, do you want some water? etc.


I think there was one more sedate wakeup and then she roused again around 5:30 and I wasn't sure how to proceed.  It was starting to barely break dawn outside so I let her nurse.  In retrospect, I should have waited a bit longer since this would have been short of the 7 hours that Dr. Gordon recommends.  We'll see how tonight goes - if the slip up on my part made a difference.


Around 6:30, she roused, I let her nurse while quietly telling her that it's light outside and now the ner-ners are awake and ready to make her some milk.  I said this very quietly and only repeated once or twice but I'm sure she heard me.  She ate up and then went back to sleep.


I got up at 7:30 because I couldn't sleep.  Had to pee, again.  duh.gif  DD stayed down until 8:30/8:45 - a full hour after I was out of the bed!!!  This hasn't happened in sooooooo long!  It made for a 12 hour night for her!  OMG, I can't even begin to hope out of fear of jinxing myself.


During the day, she was more perky, less whiney or cranky AND took a 2-hour nap!!!  That makes for a 14 hour sleep for DD in 24 hours.  We've not had that since she was a tiny newborn!!!!


Bedtime tonight was a little more difficult but I suspect it had to do with the copious quantity of watermelon she insisted on stuffing herself with at dinner.  LOL  Tomorrow night, I'll update with the results for tonight - night 3.





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Oh, and I had an appointment scheduled with a pediatric sleep specialist for Tuesday but I think I may cancel that.  She has no breathing issues that I've been able to observe and I have no idea how in the world we would do a sleep study since the sleep study clinics all have tiny twin beds.  I don't think they'd look kindly on me nursing her down and expecting to stay in the same bed.


I think our first course will be to an allergist to see if there's an underlying reaction to something she's taking in.  She has only had one physical allergic reaction and that was to apples.  She broke out in a rash around her mouth.  We cut those out and the rash went away and didn't come back.  She has had apples since then but only in very small quantities.  I think it's worth investigating if there's a sensitivity that's causing her sleep disturbances.  I'd like not think that it's just my bad habit of jumping to her every peep except that that's what feels right so I'm not even going there.


Ok, off to bed for me.    orngbiggrin.gif

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Talked to the Ped's office today and they said that pediatric allergists require that toddlers be 2 before they'll test them for allergies.  Um, that doesn't really make sense so I'll be calling one tomorrow to ask directly.  Cancelled the sleep specialist appointment until we see if the night weaning works or doesn't.  Need to take this one approach at a time to make sure that we're getting accurate answers.


Last night - Night 3:  Bedtime was around 9:30 by the time DD finally fell asleep.  There was one or two mild wake-ups in the early hours and then big upset wake-up at 4.  That one lasted about 20 minutes split into 2 - 10 minute sessions.  She calmed herself for a few minutes, started falling asleep, and then realized that she didn't get what she wanted/needed and roused up again.  After that, she woke briefly at around 5 or 5:30, and then not again until almost 7 when the ner-ners were awake and ready to make milk for her.  She finally got up at 7:30.  So - that makes 10 hours of bedtime-ish sleep-like something-or-other.


Today, we had a drive across town so she was awake on the way there in the morning but slept on the way back from 11:30-12.  She got sleepy again around 2, and we both napped for about 1.5 hours.


Total sleep in the last 24 hours - 12 hours.  Not too bad.  Not as good as 14, but I'll take it.


Really, I'm looking forward to her not being a car napper.  Those dang quicky naps tend to mess her up for her regular nap and then she's off the rest of the day...  dizzy.gif


Tonight's bedtime (Night 4) was a little later than I preferred but it's all in the routine.  DD fell asleep at 9:30.  It's hard to start the bedtime quite as early when she starts screaming "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!" the minute DH walks in the door and she wants time with him.


The saga continues...  biglaugh.gif

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Originally Posted by Mama_of_1 View Post

Talked to the Ped's office today and they said that pediatric allergists require that toddlers be 2 before they'll test them for allergies.  Um, that doesn't really make sense so I'll be calling one tomorrow to ask directly.  Cancelled the sleep specialist appointment until we see if the night weaning works or doesn't.  Need to take this one approach at a time to make sure that we're getting accurate answers.

We were told this by our GP and 2 pediatricians. Apparently the results are not very accurate so they don't bother. Have you tried an elimination diet at all?


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We haven't tried an elimination diet yet.  Still trying to wrap our brains about what to do first and then in what order.


Last night was meh.  DD woke just as I was coming to bed at 12 so I went ahead and nursed her figuring that I'd shift the "7 hour window" to last till 7 this morning.  She wasn't sure what was happening and thought that I was telling her no so she had another screaming fit.  It took me several minutes to get her calmed down to realize that I was offering the breast.  Or, maybe she was having a dream.  I don't know.


The next wake up was at 4.  I guess 4 hours is a good thing.  DD proceeded to go into another fit, pointedly kicking me and flailing her arms trying to hit me.  Luckily, it only lasted about 15 minutes.  She drifted off on her own.  After that it was closer to 5 for the next wake up.  Same scene.  DH had to get up for work anyway within a few minutes so DD was his alarm clock.


The next time she woke was at 7:30 and it was light out so the ner-ners were making milk.  I left her in bed after that and she finally got up at 8:30.


Not too bad, overall, considering everything.  Though my resolve is wavering slightly, feeling like I'm being a terrible mother forcing her do something she doesn't want to.  On the flip side, it's either this or the loony bin for me.  I can't be much of a mother to her if I'm locked away in a padded room drooling on myself.


Today, the nap was about 2 hours.  So total sleep for the past 24 was about 10+2 = 12 hours.


So, um, how long does this screaming phase last?  Anyone been there, done that and got the t-shirt?  I could really use some words of encouragement.


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I have to say I just read your posts eagerly! Please please keep them up!


I have a feeling that I will be in your shoes at some point - my 1-year-old DS nurses every 2 hrs 'round the clock and at some point I'm going to be losing my mind. I know he won't just give it up on his own.


I would have to say that as an outsider it seems like it's going quite well. You've gone from waking every hour to two or three wakeups. The screaming fits have gone from 1 1/2 hrs to 15 mins.


You are a *great* mom, you're still supporting your DD and helping her make a transition that you and she needs to make!! Good luck!!! 

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Thanks for the support, whozeyermamma!  I'm freaking out wondering if I'm scarring her for life by letting her scream in the middle of the night when the primary person she depends on to feel safe is just laying there and not giving her what she wants.  Then again, it's all my paranoia and I know that kids are very resilient and that this is a minor thing compared to the many other wonderful experiences I hope to leave her with.


Night 5 - Last night was an average bedtime lasting about 40-45 minutes.  We've had better and we've certainly had much worse.  lol.gif  DD was out about 9:15 and I didn't come to bed until 10:30.  I tried to rouse her to get her to nurse but any gentle nudging and coaxing did nothing.  She wanted to sleep more than she wanted to respond to whatever words of mine made it through her sleep haze.  I braced myself for another midnight wakeup screaming in hunger, or just habit?, but it didn't come.  Lo and behold, Little Miss wakes me at 4:30!  Yes, that's right.  4:30 for her first wake up!  I couldn't believe it!  From 9:30 to 4:30 for a solid 7 hours of sleep in one stretch.  Holy Cow!  joy.gif  Now, I know that the second I have just put those words to print, our pattern will reverse since I have just jinxed myself.  ROTFLMAO.gif  This wake up at 4:30 only lasted about 15-20 minutes.  She definitely caused a fuss and was aiming hard with her kicks.  Ouch.  I'm still surprised that I've yet to wake up without bruises in the morning.  She eventually drifted off and then woke up again at 5:30.  It was still dark so we had another 10 minutes or so of kicking mama, arching, flailing, and such.  At 6:30, it was light out so the ner-ners were open for bidniz!  We both fell back asleep and finally got up for the day at 7:30.


So, rough estimate of last night's sleep hours:  9:30 - 7:30 = 10 hours, 7 of which were solid!  joy.gif


I have to say, though, that DD is a very opinionated and headstrong child.  At 22 mos she definitely knows what she wants and what she doesn't want.  Some of her biggest fits have to do with us not letting her do something on her own that she has deemed necessary and we as unsafe.  LOL  I certainly didn't expect this to go easily, nor tremendously difficult.  However, I would certainly appreciate it if the kicking were to stop.  orngbiggrin.gif


Today's nap was meh.  She passed out attached to the nipple and then woke during her light sleep phase, a mere 45 minutes later.  I had stuff I needed to do so I didn't get into bed before she entered the light sleep phase and couldn't get her to go back to sleep.


It's 8:15 here now and I'm hoping that tonight's bedtime will be easy breazy because I'd really like to spend some "awake" time with my DH.  winky.gif


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Thank you for sharing your sleep journey with us! I think you are a great mama for making sure your DD gets what she needs, even if it's not necessarily what she wants at the moment!


I have a just turned 2 year old who is dropping naps and still nursing a lot at night and I'm begining to think that something has to change. Night weaning is beginning to look like the next step for us too.

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I am also enjoying reading along with your experience. I'm on night 6 of night weaning my 18 month old. Well, I'm actually only trying for a 6 or 7 hour stretch. We have also struggled with 30-60 minute wake ups all night since about 7 months.


Good luck to you and your DD!

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I think you are doing a great job. I know its difficult initiating something that your lo is fighting so hard but you are right about needing to get the rest YOU need in order to be the mom you want to be. On another note, I think the fact that you are so concerned about how your actions are affecting dd are a testiment to being a good mom :)


We also night-weened DS when he was 18 months old. I was sleeping very little at the time due to his constant waking up every 45 min. I thought I was going to go crazy so I did a bunch of research and decided along with DH that it was time to take the plunge. We took a little different approach and decided that I would sleep on the couch for one week and DH would be responsible for soothing DS when he woke up during the night. The first night was rough. DS woke up and cried for 30 min but DH just did his part and was a loving father until DS was done fighting and fell back asleep. He woke up a couple times that night but nothing as dramatic as the first wake up. I told myself I would nurse at the latest 11am and then starting at 6am I would nurse again. It was hard for me to listen to from the couch, but I knew that DS was not alone and I just kept reminding myself of why we all needed DS to sleep better. We went into this with the mentality that if its to tough for us all then we would wait and try again later, and I think that helped because I knew I could throw in the flag if I needed.


However, the next night was progressively better and then from night 3 on DS slept the whole night and never asked to nurse again. After one week I returned to the family bed (well-rested for the first time in a long time) and he had no relapses. It was such a pleasure being able to sleep next my lo w/out feeling tortured :) He did wake up sometimes for a drink but unless he was sick he would sleep. Now DS is 2.5 and sleeps all night but if sleeping in his own bed, he wakes half the time to come into our room. If DH sleeps with him then he rarely wakes at all.


My point is, it will get better. Just keep doing what you need to do and read your DDs cues which it sounds like you are doing very well!

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Thanks for the support, mamas!  I still have my doubts sometimes, but then I'm pretty infamous for second-guessing myself.  LOL  Everyone always tells me that I'm too hard on myself, and perhaps they are correct, but I think nothing is worth doing if not to your best ability and in earnest.


Last night was another meh night.  Just as DH and I were going to bed, DD woke and wanted to nurse.  It's 10:55p so ok.  Then again at 12 but this time no ner-ners with the predictable anger, flailing and kicking.  Midway through she launched herself over me to DH and then proceeded to kick him.  Sharing the blame, I guess.  After settling down once, she roused 10 minutes later and kicked DH again.  Yea!  I'm not the only one she's mad at!!!  lol.gif


The wakings continued more frequently - again at 4, 5, 5:30ish, and then at 6:30 when the milk was again a-flowing. 


My head is pretty fuzzy today with a headache so I'm not sure I remember correctly what time she went to bed originally but it wasn't real early.  Today, she didn't really get a nap other than the 20 minutes in the car on the way home from Costco.  We got home, DS comes home from camp, eat lunch and then have to run errands so it was a sucky day for keeping things calm, cool, and collected.  Tonight, she passed out at 9:15 so I'm pretty confident that she'll be up again in a few minutes.


DD is starting to get congested from the nasty seasonal allergies we have down here in Texas but I'm thinking that consistency is key.  She may wake up more often tonight but I need to maintain my "mean mama" stance about no snackies at night.


Dinner is put away, the sink is in reasonable condition, and DH has work to do so I'm going to try to go to bed before it's too late.  I'm going to ignore the laundry tonight!

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Originally Posted by Mama_of_1 View Post


Midway through she launched herself over me to DH and then proceeded to kick him.  Sharing the blame, I guess.  After settling down once, she roused 10 minutes later and kicked DH again.  Yea!  I'm not the only one she's mad at!!!  lol.gif

ROTFLMAO.gifI love this! I have bruises all over my thighs from DS kicking at night, and we're still night-nursing (he's 8 mo). At least he's long enough to not kick my C-section scar anymore, but I kinda wish he's "share" with DH once in a while...


Sounds like it's going well. I'm taking notes and hoping I can find this thread when we're ready to night wean.


Good luck!!



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Sorry for skipping a night.  Yesterday was just too jam packed and I couldn't find 5 minutes to sit and collect my thoughts.  Here's a quick update:


Night 7 (Thursday night):  DD was not having any of this weaning bidnez!  She fell asleep around 9/9:15 and then proceeded to wake up every 45 minutes for the next 3 or so hours.  The upset level was about the same but the duration was shorter.  I guess that's progress.  At some point, she skipped to every hour then every two but was not any happier.  Oh, and she kicked DH again.  lol.gif  Poor Hubby doesn't know what to make of all this right now.  Breakfast milk at 6:30 and on with the day.  So, not a very restfull night for any of us.  The nap was pretty sucky too.  I guess it's true that naps and night sleep go hand in hand.


Night 8 (last night):  Yea!!!! MUCH better!  DD was out around 8:45 from being tired and slept until 4!  When she woke, it was much milder and the duration was shorter.  She drifted off and then roused again a couple minutes later, then drifted off for another 2.5 hours!  Ok, so on night 8, she got 7 solid hours, followed by 2.5 more = 9.5 hours overnight + 1 hour nap and still going now.  Normally, she'd be up by now but I'm not going to broadcast that too loudly since she'll probably take in my keystrokes by osmosis and be walking out pointing at my boob within the next 30 seconds.  surrender.gif  When I came to bed, I didn't rouse her for a feeding.  I would have before but for some reason, I didn't.  Maybe it was because she seemed in a deep part of sleep and I didn't want to interrupt that.  I don't know if it helped or not.  Still, I can't imagine that it hurt since she slept so reasonably well.  Or maybe it was because she stuffed herself with 2-1/2 whole pieces of pizza for dinner and was in a food coma. 


Now, something else I've been mulling over is clothing selection and body temperature during sleep for babies/toddlers who don't cover up.  I generally keep the house pretty warm (79/80) because we live in crazy hot Texas and our house isn't very energy efficient.  If I try to keep the house cooler, our electric bill goes through the roof and we top $500 for the month just for electricity in the summer.  Ouch.  Big fat ouch.  We have a ceiling fan in every single room of the house and that's the only way we keep the feel reasonable.  At night, since she sleeps with us but not under the sheet (I don't use a blanket, just a sheet in the summer), I dress her in a short sleeve pj shirt, and long pj pants.  The last several nights, she's felt a touch too cool so I've started putting on some mid-weight socks on her feet.  With that addition, her skin - mainly her palms - has felt more warm but she still doesn't sweat.  Now, it could be my imagination because she didn't ever try to curl up in a ball or crawl inside my skin when she didn't have her socks on but it's still something that makes me go "hmmm" like that bad 80's song.


So, no answers today, just more questions.


Till next time...

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The last two nights have been on the "good" side.  DD is waking for the first time somewhere around 4.  I can deal with that.  The second time has been coming around 5:30.  Meh.  Definitely could skip that one.  The "sun is up" wake at 6:30 is fine and we've been sleeping in for another hour or so.  Last night, the 4:00 a.m. wake was less good as she was really angry about not getting her ner-ners at night.  There was some serious kicking going on and I didn't really appreciate it.  She roused enough to aim pointed kicks to the point that I had to more strongly assert the "no kicking" and let the focus stray away from no ner-ners.  Not sure what the difference was, though, so it's hard for me to draw a conclusion.  She was so vocal, actually, that DH woke and was asking if he could help.  luxlove.gif  Naturally, she wanted nothing to do with him since he's not lactating but still it was nice to have a diversion.


Tonight's bedtime was totally messed up with going out to see the nearby fireworks.  DD fell asleep in under 20 minutes once she layed down.  She crawled across the bed, pulled up the sheet to cover herself with (she'd kick it off in the night because she'd be too hot and not know how to navigate the "covered" feel) and just lay there for a minute while I caught up to her and put her "in position" to begin the bedtime nursing.  OH, but this was AFTER she chomped down 3 large pretzels the minute we got home.  I'm hoping that the pretzels will satiate her desire for nutrients and maybe push the initial waking to 5.  A girl can dream!!!  lol.gif


Till next time...

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Ok, so last night sucked.  At least it did in my perspective.  DD kicked the heck out of me.  Really.  tired. of. the. kicking.  Maybe I'm being wishy-washy in my sleep-daze and undermining my effectiveness???  DD went to sleep pretty easily seeing as it was 10:30 and we came home from watching fireworks.  She was dead-beat tired and pretty much was out within 10 minutes.  LOVED that part!  joy.gif  But then she woke at 5:15 and stayed up for a total of 30 minutes thrashing and screaming and kicking at me.  Not DH.  irked.gif  Where was the sharing of the anger?!?!  Sheesh!


Ok, so then at 6:30, she's up again, it's time for the sun to come out so the ner-ners are making milk.  She's all happy smiling people with this.  Then she's up for the day.  GAH!  dizzy.gif


Today's nap sucked because she fought hard at falling asleep.  Even attached to the nipple, she didn't want to give in to sleep.  I suspect it was the catch-22 scenario of the lack of sufficient hours overnight.  She went down screaming and finally passed out.  Stayed out for 1.5 hours so I'll definitely take that.  Naturally, I said to myself, "let me just take care of x and then I'll go lay down." HA!  Never happened.  You know the drill - one thing leads to another and next thing you know the time's up and you're rest time is toast.  nut.gif


I've been doing a lot of thinking today about whether nursing in bed is perhaps more detrimental to my sanity, overall.  DD is a very strong willed girl and doesn't take "no" or redirection well.  While that will be an awesome thing in about 20 or 30 years, it's rather sucky for me, the mama of said strong willed girl, right now.  What if I stop nursing to sleep while laying down?  What if I nurse in a chair, or on the couch or, anywhere else but in bed?  Yes, the bedtime would be a little longer because she wouldn't have her "milk drunk" state to woo her to sleep but would it be better in the long run?  This does bring back some nightmare scenarios of sitting by DS's side for 2+ hours every night while he flopped around on the bed until he was passed out enough to not hear me leave the room.  This left me thoroughly and completely exhausted and a complete waste of space for the remaining .3 seconds to clean up and shut down the house.


Maybe DD sleeps with DH for a couple of weeks and I sleep in her "big girl" double bed?  While this is far from ideal as DH and I are pretty strongly of the belief that spouses should be sleeping in the same bed, if the arrangement is a temporary one to get to where we need to be then it'd be worth it.  Or, maybe I put her to sleep in her big girl bed in her own room - in which she's never slept a night, just naps during the day and that only recently since we put it in a week or so ago - and then sneak out and let her wake at whatever hour and either come find me or I go to her.  The worry that I have with that is that she'll rile herself up and it'll take longer to calm her down and get her back to sleep.


Oh, where is my toddler manual?!?!?!



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OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG  DD went to sleep around 9:30 last night, woke up at 10:55 so the milk was on.  Then slept solid until 6:30 this morning!!!!!!!  OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG  joy.gif


Uh, ok, what's the bomb that's going to fall today??? om.gif


More as our day progresses...

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