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Congrats to all the mommas!

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I will join you all and hopefully be able to stay if this babe is a sticky one.  We are expecting #7.  Our oldest will be 16 in January.  I've only told my BFF and sent a note to my former MW because they will be supportive.  My MIL will be fine with it, but my mother will not be thrilled. That's ok, she doesn't have to raise it, I just have to put up with her and her worrying.  Glad to be here with you all.

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This will be #5 for us. It will be nice to get to know other "lotsa" moms!

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I am pregnant with #7. :) My oldest is 8. SO exciting!

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thegalawayhouse: you and I are similar.  I'm expecting #7 and my oldest will be 15 in October.


momtoafireteam: whoa!  That's crazy...I DO mean that in a good way smile.gif


side note: I've noticed more queasiness with this pg.  A sign of something or maybe I'm just getting old.  lol - It's funny because I'm usually not the squeamish type about anything, but right now, some things literally, make me feel sick.  Strange.  I feel like a sissy.  eyesroll.gif

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just found out about an hour ago, I was really upset at first, but have decided to just be happy about it. I am still ad that I was so upset about my last baby when I found out and now I love her so much, I know I will love this baby, so I might as well start now.


We have 3 girls already, so like you michaelandkimberly, I am dreading the "still trying for that boy?" or "I bet you really hope for a boy this time". comments we will get, the ones we got with our 2nd and 3rd pregnancy.

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Courtney - I was where you are with my last pg.  This one I'm happy about.  I also had 3 girls and did have a son on my 4th, but that definitely was an issue as well.  People don't realize what it feels like to have those types of questions asked.  (((HUGS))) to you!

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Hi everyone. I am 7 weeks + 4 days pregnant with my fourth. I was kinda scared and excited when I found out. My family wasnt 2 thrilled but my boyfriends family is super excited. Its his first child. But I have a 10yr old boy, 8yr old girl, and a 6yr old boy. Of course my daughter is praying to god that its a girl. I caught her one night saying "dear god please, please make it fair" All I could do was laugh. The boys really dont care as they already have both. I was looking at several of the forums and women have posted their pregnant bellies. I am excited to get bigger so I can actually say I have a pregnant belly. Right now I just feel super bloated and fat haha. I have already gained 6 lbs!! I was really shocked by that and I hope I dont gain this fast the whole pregnancy! I am not a tall person (only 5'2") so I dont want to be like i was with my first.. a little butterball lol but I went from 120lbs to 126lbs already!!! anyone else going thru this? What do ya do bout it?? But congrats 2 all of yousmile.gif.....

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Hello ladies

I have not wrote in a while just took a break while working on my confidence. Expecting #4 in late March. Anyone else exhausted? I was never this tired with my other babies. Wow!

Sending great days ahead to us all. I am getting more excited each day. This will be my 4th home birth and possible 2nd unassisted. I really love birthing with women like a tribe and I am not sure which route I will take this time for my last baby.
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This is my third baby but she/he will be child #4.  We weren't planning on any more children but we're happy about it.  I would have 10 of them if we could afford it!  My dh is a little less enthusiastic but he loves me a lot and wants me to be happy, and he loves our children so I know it will work out.   It's all boys around hereEveryone we have told has been very positive (they might be talking about what dumbasses we are behind our backs but I don't mind).  In our area and amongst our friends 4 or more children is pretty unusual but I'm not sure 4 is really a "big" family. 


The only thing I'm bummed out about is we definitely have to get some big vehicle. I have a fun little Honda Civic that has been too small since ds#2 but we've made it work.  Now I'm going to have to get a mini van :( 


I'm  tired this time around too.  I am also already showing. I feel pretty sick until late afternoon.  I'm hoping that it's a sign of girl as I was never sick with my sons.

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Okay, I'm going to have to tell people about this baby soon, but as I mentioned before, I want to tell my SIL first so she doesn't find out from others since she normally is one of the first I tell.  She did say that maybe next month she and her husband were going to start trying again and I was thinking I could hold out until then.  However, since I am starting heavier than I've ever started a pg (usually I'm at least 10lbs lighter), my thickening midsection is going to get obviously real quick.  After meals, I can already see my belly through my shirt which I love except that I'm trying not to let the kids know yet. 


I was thinking of telling her today after my dr appt (I do want to see that everything is going okay first), but my appt got cancelled and rescheduled for tomorrow.  irked.gif


I am having to work on my patience today. 

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This makes #5 for us. Complete surprise! Honestly, I wasn't thrilled because I just gave birth 8 months ago. I'm sure it will grow on me, right?! LOL. Scared to death having 2 babies 16 months apart.

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#5 joy.gif We are excited but also got the "Sooo is this congratulations?....how do you feel about this?"  WTHeck?  We are happy about it...its another child!

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