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30 weeks with Baby #4

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I finally gave up on the pre-pregnancy under belly jeans.  I think I will wear these sweats the rest of the pregnancy!  Plus they are warm and we finally have snow on the ground and cold temps here in Iowa.

33-ish weeks.  I think I am angled so that the belly is understated =).  Self portraits are harder than having DH take a quick picture!


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I'm carrying a lot like you.   I'm almost 32 weeks now but I went through a growth spurt from 30 to 31.  At my last appointment with my midwife I was saying, "I just don't feel as big and uncomfortable this time around.  I still feel great, blah, blah, blah.  Then less than a week later, it all changed!   The same thing happened with my first but a little bit earlier.   I thought maybe it would be different this time around, but nope. Baby just sticks out in front.   And my belly button is literally sticking straight out.  I think I probably have an umbilical hernia leftover from #1 because it has started to hurt quite a bit at times. :(


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mecry.gifI just came here to look because I'm only 29 weeks now and sooooo HUGE. I wanted to see what other mamas look like at this point because the moms around here that are due before me are all much smaller. I feel like I'm having twins, but there's only one in there! (I HOPE there is just one in there!) praying.gif





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32 weeks 2 days!


I feel so little..


32 2.jpg

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Gorgeous bellies! 

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Goofing around while doing photo shoot with my SIL =)  36 ish weeks.


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ha ha, cute!!

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36 week belly and a finished birth skirt ~



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You ladies look gorgeous. I love seeing everyone's growing bellies. smile.gif
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