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6 weeks.  Pardon the scowly baby in the background, lol. 



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Originally Posted by Harmony96 View Post

6 weeks.  Pardon the scowly baby in the background, lol. 


That is a SERIOUS scowl!! lol.gif


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Originally Posted by JunebugsMom View Post

With my first I didn't need maternity clothes at all until 18-20 weeks.  This is my third and at 7 weeks DH is telling me that we're going to have to tell people soon because it is "pretty obvious".  eeek!


You are not alone! I will be 7 weeks tomorrow and am already starting to show.  For the first time in my life I hope everyone just thinks that I am gaining weight at an alarming rate and if they think anything else they are just too polite to say anything. 


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Dandy Lion you inspired me! I used Picasa's editing program Picnik for mine. Super easy ladies. I can't believe my belly is so round already! I know its all fluids, but still a little crazy.

2011-07-20 16.25.30.jpg

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I made one yesterday for 5 weeks :)



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Here's my 4 week picture :) technically I think I could call it my "before" picture since it's so early not much is going on lol.


The uploader won't work for me. It keeps saying that a temporary error occurred and to try again later. It's been at it for weeks though. ARGH! Here's a link instead: http://i1217.photobucket.com/albums/dd387/tlynn20/photo1-2.jpg

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Originally Posted by tantylynn View Post

Here's my 4 week picture :) technically I think I could call it my "before" picture since it's so early not much is going on lol.



Yeah, that's why I'm waiting to post.  I took a 6 week picture, and planning to take one every 2 weeks.  But I still (7.5 weeks) look completely normal, so I'm waiting to post.   

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I unfortunately still have some pudge from my first kidlet still, so I do have a bit more of a belly than would normally be the case. Here are my week six and week seven pics...with no fancy editing done, just cropping out my cheesy grin and messy hair!!

Profile 7-19.jpgProfile 7-26.jpg


Obviously, I don't have even cute roundness, much less a flat tummy starting out...so I just look lumpy at this point. I will probably not be posting these early pics to Facebook...and will wait till 12-16 weeks to post regular belly pics there!!

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8weeks.jpg Thanks for the tutorial, Dandy Lion.  You inspired me even though I'm not petite or artistic.  I am still excited to document this pregnancy.  I never have before.

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Okay, I played around with Picnik and my pics are a teensy bit better now...still not all that, but you work with what you've got!!


Dated 7-19.jpgDated 7-26.jpg

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Six weeks today!



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Bit late, I'm almost 9 weeks now. But here's my belly at 8 weeks.

8 weeks.jpg


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I'm at 7 weeks and the roundness just was there when I woke up yesterday. It really seems like it happened over night!!!! (this is my second pregnancy)5127d258-17a5-d8e8.jpg
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I'm 9 weeks this Thursday...not the best picture, but I'm huge! I'd be worried about twins if I didn't know better.

IMG_0208 by JJordanPhotography, on Flickr
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Cameragirl: LOL bloaty fart baby! LOL thank you for the laugh, I needed it my boys have been difficult today and I'm exhausted. 

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9 weeks

9 weeks.jpg

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Yay, some of you are starting to show! My 5 week and my 11 week photos are basically identical (I did my 11 week a day early because I won't be able to do it tomorrow). In the evenings I have a good bloat baby going on though.

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I think I may have a little tiny bit of change. In the evenings I always look pregnant, but I always take my photos in the morning to get a more accurate picture. This photo is supposed to change, so hopefully it does that :)


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Looks great! You're definitely looking a little rounder on bottom. :) After I take my 12 week photo on tuesday I will post a comparison...definitely no hiding it now.

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Here it is....how is it possible that this is my first baby and I'm showing as much as you experienced mamas? Here is my "before" (4 weeks) and "after" (12 weeks).




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