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I started having some spotting and cramping this afternoon mecry.gifI'm starting to suspect this is a chemical pregnancy and not the real thing. Or possibly the start of a very very early miscarriage. Hoping for the best but trying to prepare for the worst...I appreciate your thoughts...

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Oh no! Praying for you. I know how terrifying it is. I've miscarried twice. :( In my pregnancy with my son I bled from 7dpo until 8 weeks pregnant!! Anything from a very light pink spotting at first, to brown, to the occasional day of red which was actually more like a light bleed and sent me into a panic to the ER. I had tons of cramps too. They terrifed me. But they all eased off and the bean was fine. Praying the same is true for you.

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Oh no!  greensad.gif

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I am so sorry!  really hoping that it's nothing.  I too had 2 m/cs, but I also had a little bit of spotting/bleeding and cramping with my 2 successful pgs.  hugs!

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She took her name off the roster :(

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I'm so sorry Sila :( My thoughts will be with you. hug2.gif

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Thank you everyone. I will miss you. Best of luck to all of you and a happy and healthy 9 months. I hope to be back in a DDC soon...

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